Why do you want to be a nurse?”, Many face the question when there are numerous well-paid jobs to choose from. While many choose to select different career paths after their years in medical college, nursing is overlooked and underexposed. For your better understanding, we have equipped more stuff related to medical school.

It is time to find an undergraduate degree that would lead you one step ahead to complete your dreams with an informed choice.  For your better concern and knowledge, we have indulged with more details about what nurse practitioner specialty is the highest paid, visit here.

Why do you want to be a nurse
Why do you want to be a nurse

Why do you want to be a nurse – Preface

what inspired you to become a nurse is like it shall lead you to make an informed decision that, affecting your career. This article shall help break down these much-believed stereotypes and correctly show what is inspiring to become a nurse. It shall lead you to make an informed decision that, affecting your career.

Once you are familiar with the benefits of a nurse’s career and the courses required to achieve the jobs, you shall realize what you find rewarding about nursing is valid as well as financially helpful.

Why do you want to be a nurse practitioner
Why do you want to be a nurse practitioner

Why do you want to be a nurse practitioner – Description

The fundamental identity separation of a nurse and a doctor is probably because the doctor has an additional MD that legally allows them to get a license and pursue treatment. A nurse has an undergraduate and/or a postgraduate degree. Doctors can write and give instructions, but nurses can identify patients’ immediate needs and treat them when doctors are not around. 

The nurse is in charge of taking care of the patients’ medicinal needs and physical & mental care. A professional nurse can give medicines or injections as per their discretion if the doctor is unavailable and the matter is urgent. For that process, they are taught as much as doctors. Hence, a professional and responsible nurse can very well turn in more dimes than most doctors. There is also a statement related is a nurse practitioner as good as a doctor, if anyone wants to know related to it, please visit here.

What inspired you to become a Nurse
What inspired you to become a Nurse

What inspired you to become a NurseNursing Courses

Here is a short list of what to look for in a nursing course that you want to enroll in. Creating a list will benefit your long-term goals, as well.

  1. Accreditation
  2. Entry requirements
  3. Scholarships
  4. NCLEX success rate
  5. Internship experience
  6. Specialized Postgraduate
  7. Course fees
  8. Location
  • Accreditation: Check to see if the college course you are applying to is certified by the National League for Nursing Accreditation Commission (NLNAC.)
  • Entry requirements: Make sure your academic qualifications match your intended course. If that is unfulfilled, then it might not be suitable to apply to the course of why do you want to be a nurse.
  • Scholarships: Try and apply for course scholarships where you have fair chances of being accepted for one. This way, you can continue your studies along with financial support and/or a reduced fee.
  • NCLEX success rate: The NCLEX is an examination you need to pass after graduating from college. It determines whether you are fit to begin ground-level practice. Check the percentage of NCLEX clearance from that particular institution and decide accordingly. 
  • Internship experience: The course should provide you some form of internship and/or fieldwork experience training while studying. This prepares you further for real-life situations, along with theory assessments and practical lessons.
  • Specialized Postgraduate: The undergraduate should also make way to pursue a specialized master’s in a specific field if you wish to shift/continue studying more for why do you want to be a nurse.
  • Course fees: Do not go for excruciatingly large course fees or scour for a scholarship if the ideal course demands the money.
  • Location: Search for different schools abroad or in your country’s various states if it is financially or mentally viable. They might provide you with better opportunities.
Why do you want to be a nurse Reddit
Why do you want to be a nurse Reddit

Why do you want to be a nurse Reddit –Career opportunities after finishing your degree

What career options can you indulge in after completing your undergraduate degree in nursing? 

Here is a comprehensive career list, along with the financial perks that can help you select one.

  • A Licensed Vocational Nurse (LVN)

An LVN has a lesser salary because the academic requirements expected from them are more secondary. If you do not want to pursue further studies or vocational courses to enhance your professional skills, you can opt for being an LVN. 

Median Salary: $47,480

  • A Registered Nurse (RN)

An RN is expected to have professional higher academic requirements and fieldwork experience. They work with more significant healthcare institutions and take on many more responsibilities as nurses. They also have the option of promotion to higher clinical authority. If anyone has queries based on how to become a registered nurse, please click this link for better knowledge.

Median Salary: $70,000-120,000

  • Certified Nurse Midwife

Nurse-midwives deal with delivery and childbirth, including post-delivery intensive care. They are also required to be specially trained in the above processes leads to clarify why do you want to be a nurse.

Median Salary: $103,770

  • Nurse Educator

Nursing educators teach and prepare other fellow nurses to be ready for their necessary examinations and get a valid practitioner license. However, this salary varies for different educators depending on how much they want to charge. For more ideology opinion on salary, please visit how much does a nurse make.

Median Salary: $73,026

  • Internship + Continued education

Nurses who want to continue studying a unique postgraduate course but are ready to gain professional practice can look for paid internships in international healthcare institutes or individual chambers. This way, they can earn as well as continuing education.

Advantages of being a nurse
Advantages of being a nurse

Advantages of being a nurse – Points to remember

If you are still confused, here are some additional benefits of being a nurse in today’s world.

  1. Recognition
  2. Financial security
  3. Working environment
  4. Flexible work time
  5. Innumerable opportunities
  1. Recognition: Nurses are respected everywhere as healthcare practitioners. It is an exceptionally valued profession.
  2. Financial security: Nurses earn a stable salary to support their families.
  3. Working environment: Nurses work in a professional work-suitable environment with other colleagues and doctors.
  4. Flexible work time: Nurses can select their work shifts either during the day or during the night as per their discretion.
  5. Innumerable opportunities: Every day is a new challenge for a nurse, and it is nothing like a monotonous 9-5 desk job. Accepting and solving challenges improves your work experience.


Once you have figured out what inspired you to become a nurse, your selection work is half done. When you move forward with the passion for achieving what you encourage yourself to be, you shall be successful. Above were the pointers that have possibly strengthened your take on nursing as a valued and respected career opportunity. 

Given the pandemic situation in the world, the career has lately been intimidating. On the flip side, it must also encourage one to take up a genuinely life-saving job. Let us know your thoughts on pursuing nursing professionally or why do you want to be a nurse. Comment down what inspires you to this career option. If anyone still has any queries, feel free for asking and clearing your doubts from our website page by visiting Online college Near me.