What type of paralegal makes the most money? Before discussing this, you should get more familiar with the different types of paralegals and their primary job roles. Before taking up any job of your interest, it is vital to know about the remuneration and other privileges. For a diverse professional like that of a paralegal, a common question to arise is- what type of paralegal makes the most money? We are also providing you in depth about all the available law school as well.

Once you are aware of what to expect from a paralegal profession, you must also carve a career path heading up. As you gain experience in the industry, you will learn how to make extra money as a paralegal .You may also look for how long is law school .In this article, we will give you a quick overview of how to earn a better paralegal salary and also some extra income. If one have any queries about paralegal supervisor, please visit what is a paralegal supervisor

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What type of Paralegal makes the Most Money

What type of Paralegal makes the Most Money– Specialist & Types

As you train to be a paralegal and take up a job, you can easily demarcate your area of interest. There will be different kinds of cases and similarly various types of paralegals. But a paralegal specialization is not about sitting on your desk and continuing to do the same sort of work. One may also search for paralegal job description along with What type of paralegal makes the most money

According to a salary survey by NALA, conducted in 2016, the specialized paralegals only spend 20% of their day on their preferred area of law. One can also check what does a paralegal do and clarify your queries on What type of paralegal makes the most money. This means that you have ample time to devote to practicing in a variety of cases. One may ask, then what is the point of specialization?

  1. Specialization can get you started in established law firms as an expert in that field.
  2. An advanced level of knowledge in a field appeals to a potential employer.
  3. It ensures that you keep getting promoted to your area of interest, based on your performance in a particular type of law practice.
  4. Specialization, when combined with experience, results in a great paycheck.
  5. For your personal growth and future security of independent work in that legal area, head for a  specialization.

Types of paralegals– Qualifications

There is no hard and fast rule of carving your specialized niche. You can gain expertise in any legal field by either getting a degree certificate or by taking up projects related to that sector. So, the two defining factors of any specialization are:

  1. Education
  2. Experience
Paralegal specialties to consider
Paralegal specialties to consider

Paralegal specialties to consider – Classified in section

While looking at the specializations, it is very natural to wonder what type of paralegal makes the most money. Before we delve into that, let us get familiar with the specialties that one can choose in the paralegal industry.

  1. Corporate paralegal
  2. Estate planning and probate paralegal
  3. Family law paralegal
  4. Government paralegal
  5. Immigration paralegal
  6. Intellectual property paralegal
  7. Litigation paralegal
  8. Real estate paralegal
  9. Municipal Law paralegal
  10. Energy Law paralegal
  11. Tax Law paralegal
  12. Intellectual Property
  13. Personal injury
  14. Criminal law paralegal
  15. Bankruptcy
  16. criminal justice definition

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Types of paralegals and salaries

As we have listed down the different areas of practice for paralegals, now let us know what type of paralegal makes the most money. The Bureau of Labor Statistics says that the paralegals made $50,940 on an average in 2018. The top 10% of practitioners earn more than $82,050. When putting down separately, you can easily understand what type of paralegal makes the most money. To get more info about salaries of paralegal, please visit paralegal salary

  • Federal Government Paralegal

They work on legal matters for the federal government and organizations like the Central Intelligence Agency (C.I.A.). Their average annual salary was about $67,340 in 2018.

  • Legal Services Paralegal

They work with people and groups and take up cases like accidents, car insurance, etc. They can make about $48,880 annually.

  • Local Government Paralegal

These paralegals help the district offices with taxes and other regulatory enforcement procedures. They can earn an average of $50,400 annually.

  • State Government Paralegal

With a median salary of $46,970 in 2018, these paralegals work for the state government like public defenders.

  • Finance and Insurance Paralegal 

The finance sector includes medical, home and auto, insurance providers. Their mean annual wage is about $62,020.

Why do paralegals make so little
Why do paralegals make so little

Why do paralegals make so little– During Internship

The distribution of the paralegal salary depends on a lot of factors, like: 

  1. Training and education
  2. Experience
  3. Employer
  4. Geographical area
  5. Market condition

Keeping these criteria intact, one can earn a reasonably good payment for paralegal services. However, if you want to know how to make extra money as a paralegal, the answer is straightforward. By freelancing, you may also visit how much does a paralegal make. Following are some of the common ways to earn extra while practicing in your specialized paralegal branch:

  1. To get started as a freelance paralegal expert, check the validity of your certificate, gain more knowledge about specialization, and have practical exposure to earn credibility. To know more about certification, you may visit paralegal certification
  2. Start your own paralegal blog to help the younger generation get some insights into the industry. If done effectively, this can translate into a good amount of money.
  3. Write more and try getting your articles, opinion pieces published across different media platforms to generate revenue.
  4. You may also taught paralegal aspirants to help them get familiar with industry-standard software and legal norms. To know more for the tips for becoming a paralegal, please visit how to become a paralegal
  5. Learn a new language to diversify and expand your services.

This way, you will soon start making extra money, along with your practicing salary. Always make the best out of your situations, and if you can earn money while doing that, you are an expert practitioner of having knowledge of What type of paralegal makes the most money.

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