What qualifications do you need to become a paralegal– this article shall help you understand to decide on your career path, it is time to visualize the steps needed to reach your goal. Your determination to become a paralegal is an important one, and this article shall help you understand. Some of the important more details related to law school are provided here, please visit.

What Qualifications Do You Need to Become a Paralegal – Definition

Not only can you be armed with a bachelor’s or associate degree, but there is also an assortment of specific paralegal degree courses to choose from if you are not in the mental space to donate time and finance for a four-year degree course. To hold a proper level in studies, paralegal specialists may present for clearing your doubts for what qualifications do you need to become a paralegal.

This article shall guide you to navigate the academic qualifications and degree requirements to get certified as a paralegal, thus allowing you to make an informed choice.

What qualifications do you need to be a paralegal

What qualifications do you need to be a paralegal

Paralegal Qualifications  –The minimum qualifications to become a paralegal

The National Association of Legal Assistants (NALA) sets some specific guidelines on the minimum required qualifications one needs to meet to become a paralegal. Following is a comprehensive list produced by the NALA that includes the required qualifications to become a paralegal, of which you should have satisfied at least one or more.

  • You need to have graduated from an American Bar Association (ABA)-approved paralegal program.
  • You need to have completed the NALA Certified Paralegal (CP) examination.
  • You shall have at least two years of work experience as a paralegal.
  • You shall have at least six months of training while being supervised under an attorney, followed by at least three years of work experience.
  • You shall have completed graduation (3 or a 4-year course) on a specific paralegal course from an accredited institution with at least sixty semester hours of classroom study.
  • You shall have at least six months of paralegal training with a bachelor’s degree in any other field.

These are the steps for to have a quiet information about what qualifications do you need to become a paralegal.

Types of paralegal degree courses
Types of paralegal degree courses

Types of paralegal degree courses – Kinds of degrees and tuitions

Once you know the minimal qualifications for what qualifications do you need to become a paralegal, you need to choose a degree course that fits you right and allows you to move a step further towards your dream. There are many courses to choose from, but you might find a four-year course unsuitable for your mental or financial background. Including that, here are some other relevant courses you can look for that help achieve your qualification levels:

  • One/two-year diploma: This short course can be completed within two years and one of the fastest ways to achieve legal knowledge and complete your paralegal education on time.
  • Associate degree: This degree is usually completed within a little over two years and offers flexible study schedules.
  • Bachelor’s degree: This is either a three or four-year degree course intended for intricate and extensive paralegal education and involves semester examinations and exposure to the job theories.
  • Master’s degree: you can opt for a master’s after your bachelor’s in paralegal studies, only if you want to pursue extensive research and prepare hard for your examination. Additionally, masters can help you go into a specific course inside paralegal studies.
  • Online paralegal courses: These courses in isolation may not add to your qualification advancement help, but you can take short courses online for extra knowledge and preparation.
Paralegal Salary
Paralegal Salary

Paralegal Salary –Finding Paralegal Internships

You can increase your fieldwork experience and fulfill a required qualification by working as a paid paralegal intern in different organizations. A paralegal intern earns an annual salary of $51,332 as well. Hence you have a safe financial situation as well. Remote paralegal jobs were may also available for internships procedure.

Prepare a proper resume and a cover letter to present to your desired organization. It is usually beneficial if you are currently enrolled in a course and can demonstrate good workability. Make sure to put in specific legal skills that interest you or those with which you can work effortlessly—tally with what the firm wants in its interns and prepare your resume accordingly for what qualifications do you need to become a paralegal.

How to become a paralegal
How to become a paralegal

How to become a paralegal- NALA certified paralegal

Remember that certification is voluntary, but it involves additional benefits and security if you are a NALA certified paralegal. To be so, you need to clear the NALA CP examination talked of in the minimum qualifications. The assessment tests your federal procedural knowledge, and you can find many relevant study materials, online courses, online mock tests, and guidebooks to help you prepare. Once received, the credential will be valid for five years, after which you can renew it. You will be also guided on how to get a paralegal certification, visit here.

To be eligible to sit for the examination, the requirements you need are quite the same: you need to have been enrolled in an ABA-approved graduate program, a bachelor’s degree with at least a year of relevant experience, or a high school diploma with at least seven years of relevant experience as a paralegal. For experience in practicals, you may also look for paralegal career for dummies for their queries. 

The CP examination has two parts: the Knowledge part and the Skills part. The first paper consists of 120 multiple choice questions administered year-round, and you must pass this part to partake in the second one. The skills paper is an essay to be submitted electronically during the four month-window of February, April, July, and December through examinations of what qualifications do you need to become a paralegal. 

All applicants must pay an examination fee as follows:

  • Members- $250
  • Non-members- $275
  • Paralegal student member- $125
  • Paralegal non-student member- $150

A rejected application and a withdrawn application will be charged a $75 processing or cancellation fee, respectively. If you fail in any part, you shall have to wait 90 days before retaking that specific part of the examination. Any retake shall cost $60 each for two parts. Hence, prepare your best before you sit for the test. It is hefty spending but ultimately a worthy one.

What Qualifications do you Need to be a Paralegal : The conclusion

By now, this article what qualifications do you need to be a paralegal has helped you become aware of the required qualifications to become a successful paralegal. With this information, you can make an informed choice on how to proceed further. Whether it is a certification or an internship, your dream and decision shall be achieved if you follow the rules accordingly.

Suppose you find a time-consuming degree intimidating. In that case, you can always opt for different paralegal degree courses for a shorter time or gain relevant work experience under any paid paralegal internships. This will help prepare a base for your examination and ground-level job experience that will make you be certified as a paralegal. We have provided all the illustrated stuff related to what qualifications do you need to become a paralegal through online colleges.