What jobs can you get with a criminal justice degree is an important question which every student ask who are willing to pursue career in that respective field. Students with a flair for analysis and rational thinking do well in the Criminal Justice Sector working with law enforcement or social work organizations. If you have been wondering about criminal justice degree jobs – you are at the correct place as we tell you of great degrees and career paths post completing a Bachelor’s or Masters in Criminal Justice. One can also check details all about law school if you are stepping into legal profession.

What jobs can you get with a criminal justice degree
What jobs can you get with a criminal justice degree

What jobs can you get with a criminal justice degree – Detailed analysis

Though many criminal justice careers in the past needed little or no academic training, the fast advancements in technology coupled with national and international events created the need for experts in the subject. If you are thinking that what job can I get with a criminal justice degree . Most Bachelor’s Degree Programs are enough to get you into a career of your choice in the Criminal Justice Field. Further you will get to know more about jobs you can get with a criminal justice degree.

A Master’s in Criminal Justice provides the foundational knowledge – both sociological and theoretical – that this branch of law enforcement entails. Pick and choose your program carefully before analyzing jobs for criminal justice students. Purely practice-oriented programs do not help in future doctoral studies. And for a strict professional career, you’ll need to eliminate programs that don’t serve that purpose.

Certain dual programs are also available, that focus on both research and practice which helps you in making final decision about what jobs can you get with a criminal justice degree.
If brick and mortar schools are not for you, there are a number of high-quality, accredited online Masters in Criminal Justice Degrees to choose from.

What Jobs Can I Get with a Criminal Justice Degree

Careers in criminal justice cover a huge range of sectors and jobs at the federal, state, county, and local levels. Master’s degree graduates often go on to work as criminologists in police & court administration, correctional institutions, government service, or in academia. One can also check top 10 colleges criminal justice if you are starting off your career in the field of criminal justice. Here are some examples of what can you do with a criminal justice degree along with the average salary.

What jobs can you get with a criminal justice degree? How can you be successful? 

Commitment, stamina, and enthusiasm are required for a good, satisfying, and long career in law enforcement. However, the most competent law enforcement officers understand that there are other qualities and characteristics that are also needed for long-term performance and advancement in the field.

Here are the five top qualities that any law enforcement officer can develop and exercise in order to have a long and successful career in the criminal justice field.

  • Continue learning and improving
  • Be ethical
  • Be reliable
  • Integrity should be your strength
  • Great understanding and knowledge of the law

Continue to learn and improve yourself

Technology is evolving at a faster rate than ever before, and the law enforcement landscape is changing dramatically in terms of how it works and communicates with the public. As a result, it is important that those in law enforcement take responsibility for continuing to practice and improve their expertise.

  • Officers who want to have a long career in the field must cultivate a passion for learning. 
  • Keeping up with the new developments in law enforcement, as well as policing procedures and tactics, will significantly improve an officer’s effectiveness.

It doesn’t matter what jobs can you get with a criminal justice degree instantly. Remember, building a career is a long-term thing. Higher education is needed for those who are passionate about the discipline who want to advance to managerial roles or simply have a long and rewarding criminal justice career. A bachelor’s degree will get you a long way, but a master’s degree will set you apart.

Particularly now, when law enforcement agencies are facing a leadership challenge and need experts who can excel in a wide range of fields and have a remarkably diverse skill set. A good master’s degree program will teach the following skills, all of which are essential in today’s departments.

  • Practical skills
  • Strategic thought tactics
  • Legal knowledge
  • Financial acumen, and 
  • Excellent leadership skills

Above everything things, place an emphasis on ethics, reliability, and dignity

No matter what jobs can you get with a criminal justice degree, as a criminal justice professional, you are expected to show great responsibility. This is particularly valid for law enforcement officers who wield authority and must exercise it ethically and in compliance with the law. The integrity of law enforcement officers is critical. It is important for good law enforcement.

A policeman with the strictest ethics and the highest degree of honesty will reap tremendous benefits in the profession, paving the way for a long career in criminal justice.

Make sure you’re well-versed in the law

In high-stress environments, law enforcement officers must be continuously alert and capable of making split-second decisions.

  • This necessitates a level of decisiveness and assurance that can only come from a thorough understanding of the law. 
  • Officers who are well trained and understand the complexities and consequences of the law will make smarter and easier choices, defending themselves, the people they’re working with, and the city as a whole.

Law enforcement officers’ role in the field is often the first step in bringing criminals to justice. As a result, considering the legal system’s complexity, officers must keep current on court rulings, legislative reforms, and how legal practices can apply to emerging technology.

Continue reading below to know more about what jobs can you get with a criminal justice degree.

What kind of jobs can you get with a criminal justice degree

Criminal Justice Bachelor Degree Jobs

1. Federal Air Marshal

Average Salary: $50,000

  • Sit aboard random flights – to monitor passengers, evaluate potential threats against aviation, and deter hostile acts when necessary
  • Protect passengers and crew aboard commercial flights
  • Participate in multi-agency task forces, land-based investigative assignments

2. CIA Analyst

Average Salary: $75,000

  • Develop analysis methods, analyze weapons systems & economic trends in the US and abroad
  • Track international crimes & narcotics trafficking
  • Analyze world events to assess the risk of war

3. CIA Officer

Average Salary: $105,000

  • Evaluate National Security intelligence
  • Perform undercover surveillance, implement high-level “spy” technology to collect intelligence
  • Work in 5 sectors – science, technical, and engineering; national clandestine service; language opportunities; analytical opportunities; support services.

4. Computer Forensics Investigator

Average Salary: $68,666

  • Recover data from damaged/erased drives, trace hacks
  • Write & review investigative reports
  • Work with police officers and detectives

5. Correctional Treatment Specialist

Average Salary: $54,080

  • Identify and refer eligible offenders
  • Help inmates prevent re-offending
  • Formulate release plans

6. DEA Agent

Average Salary: $54,460

  • Investigate major drug crimes
  • Collect & prepare evidence, conduct surveillance, arrest suspects, seize assets
  • Work with local, state, federal, and foreign drug intelligence programs

7. Emergency Management Director

Average Salary: $73,750

  • Part of Homeland Security
  • Assist in quick recovery from natural disasters
  • Create and enact policies to enable agencies, first responders, and the public to work effectively

8. FBI Agent

Average Salary: $65,307

  • Intelligence – Gather information to categorize criminal activities, help build a database
  • Counterintelligence – Investigate foreign operatives
  • Counterterrorism – Investigate suspected terrorists/terror groups planning activities on US soil
  • Criminal – Investigate major crimes
  • Cyber – Protect government data from foreign/domestic threat

9. Forensic Accountant

Average Salary: $75,280

  • Assess losses, potential damage, research, and report, apply tax law knowledge & financial accounting practices
  • Conduct & assist in internal/external investigations, work with law enforcement officers
  • Provide courtroom testimony

10. ICE Agent

Average Salary: $79,620

  • Conduct investigations – civil, administrative, and criminal.
  • Infiltrate criminal organizations, work undercover, perform surveillance.
  • Apprehend and deport illegal/criminal immigrants

11. Information Security Analyst

Average Salary: $93,250

  • Monitor computer networks
  • Detect and investigate security breaches
  • Install security measures to combat security issues, and protect information infrastructure systems

12. Juvenile Probation Officer

Average Salary: $54,080

  • Develop, recommend, and implement rehabilitation & treatment plans
  • Interview probationers, evaluate progress, administer drug and alcohol test, initiate court action upon probation violation
  • Maintain case files, inform inmates of release conditions, arrange for post-release reintegration facilities

13. Parole Officer

Average Salary: $50,160

  • Supervise parolees, provide counseling, monitor, communicate the conditions of parole and help comply with the same.
  • Investigate parolees, keep records on progress
  • Make court recommendations on duration of supervision

14. Probation Officer

Average Salary: $ 54,080

  • Assist in the rehabilitation of offenders
  • Investigate offenders, prepare reports for court, give judge information for him to administer appropriate sentences.
  • Conduct random drug tests, monitor clients’ whereabouts, interview family, friends & employers.

15. Secret Service Agent

Average Salary: $43,075

  • Field officers carry investigative and protective duties 
  • Special agents work in training or Washington DC headquarters
  • 3-5 years protective assignments include providing personal security to political & government figures, govt. buildings, National Special Security Events
  • Carry safety plans & protocols, investigate frauds, money laundering, implement security strategies, etc.

16. US Marshal

Average Salary: $50,000

  • Safeguard federal witnesses, protect federal judges, oversee seized assets
  • Transport federal prisoners to and from the court, arrest fugitives or assist other agencies in apprehending fugitives
  • Complete assigned tactical missions in the US and abroad

17. Victims Advocate

Average Salary: $49,670

  • Help victims cope with stress following a crime/abuse through one-on-one emotional support or by leading a support group
  • Create safety plans, find a safe place for the victim to relocate, inform them about their rights and due legal proceedings, maintain confidentiality
  • Contact victims if the aggressor gets released, paroled, pardoned, or escapes from prison.

Criminal justice degree jobs
Criminal justice degree jobs

Criminal justice degree jobs – Masters Degree

1. Mental Health Counselor

Criminal justice bachelors degree jobs work with criminals, victims, and law enforcement personnel with past traumatic experiences. It is one of the top choices when one enquires about what jobs can you get with a criminal justice degree.

Average Salary: $41,053

2. Forensic Anthropologist

They gather and interpret evidence to assist the identification of human remains, are called to testify in court as expert witnesses to help determine the cause of death.

Average Salary: $60,230

3. Forensic Psychologist

They are licensed psychologists who help law enforcement to unearth criminal motivation and behavior through crime scene analysis, provide expert witness testimony in court, participate in criminal rehabilitation and crime prevention by interviewing criminals, witnesses, victims. It is one of the popular jobs for criminal justice students.

Average Salary: $77,950

Make the most of the wide variety of career choices you get with a degree in Criminal Justice. It is a great role in society with great pay scales and career growth opportunities.

If you need more information in detail about what jobs can you get with a criminal justice degree feel free to reach out and we’ll help you get all the answers. You can also visit our homepage online schools near me to collect all the information about criminal justice degree .