What does a medical assistant do? This is one of the most highly asked questions among aspirant Students. There are a lot of duties that medical assistant need to perform. Well, a medical assistant is a qualified medical professional who works with physicians in the ambulatory or outpatient care facilities like clinics and medical offices. They often assist doctors to a far extent in taking care of patients in hospitals or clinics.

what does a medical assistant do

what does a medical assistant do

What does a medical assistant do- Details

There is an overall surge in demand for highly qualified medical assistants. Technological advancements, an increasing number of outpatient care units, and every growing number of patients are the major reasons behind this increasing demand. 

Medical assistant duties

  • Administrative Duties – Duties like answering calls, scheduling appointments, handling bills, bookkeeping, greeting patients, working on computer systems, laboratory services, coding insurance forms, patient admission formalities, updating medical records and files come under this category. 
  • Clinical Duties – Duties such as drawing blood, performing lab tests, noting down medical history, refilling as per the prescription, explaining the next course of action to the patient, helping physician during examinations, preparing and collecting laboratory specimens, explaining the medication procedure to the patient, explaining special diets, changing dressings, taking electrocardiograms, and many more come under the clinical Medical assistant duties. One can also check for more details about medical assistant classes cost .

Medical Assistant requirements

  • Detail Oriented – The insurance company passes a claim depending upon the records given by the medical assistant. It is the duty of the administrative medical assistant to handle such job roles. So they need to be particular with the final figures.
  • Analytical Skills – A medical assistant should be smart enough to decode the medical charts and various diagnoses. They may also require giving details of medical records for the purpose of billing.
  • Technical Skills – A proficient medical assistant should be able to use a range of clinical instruments to diagnose vital readings like blood pressure and heart rate of the patient.
  • Interpersonal Skills – Medical assistants often interact with patients regarding their problems and health issues. It is essential for them to have some good interpersonal skills.
Medical Assistant salary

Medical Assistant salary

Medical Assistant salary- in USA

  1. Clinical Medical Assistant – A clinical medical assistant is responsible for handling duties alongside the nurses, physicians, and healthcare professionals who are involved in providing direct care to the patients. The average income of a clinical medical assistant in the USA is approx. $38,000 per annum plus benefits.
  2. Registered or Certified Medical Assistant – If you wish to apply for the post of a registered or certified medical assistant role, you need to undergo a training program accredited by the AAMA or Allied Health Education Program. These professionals are expected to get a 15-20% higher salary from the Clinical Medical Assistants.
  3. Administrative Medical Assistant – Though an administrative medical assistant is actively involved in administrative functions like taking calls, booking appointments, managing insurance claims, handling payments, etc. Medical Assistant salary of $35,000 per annum on working on a part-time basis.

A good medical assistant is essential for the efficient functioning of a physician’s office. They are an integral part of the medical staff which can effectively handle different clinical and administrative functions. If you have any further questions , contact us through the comments section below. Also find us at online schools near me for any kind of further queries.