What are the duties and responsibilities of a medical assistant? In that case, there are certain things that you must not overlook. Within a healthcare environment, physician assistants conduct a mixture of administrative and clinical duties. Do also visit medical school online for more information.

Such practitioners frequently operate under the direction of a physician alongside other medical personnel. In addition, physician assistants may be an integral part of healthcare staff, as their roles help maintain the organization and quality of the hospitals they run.

In this article, we will discuss everything related to the medical assistant profession and their responsibilities. Also, we will decode the educational requirement as well as the medical assistant salary expected.

What Are The Duties And Responsibilities Of A Medical Assistant
What Are The Duties And Responsibilities Of A Medical Assistant

What Are The Duties And Responsibilities Of A Medical Assistant – Who is a medical assistant professional? 

A physician assistant is a specialist who, in a medical environment, performs both administrative and repetitive clinical duties. At doctors ‘ offices, outpatient clinics, hospitals, assisted living facilities, and private and government-run health services, medical assistants usually operate.

While many of the work duties of a physician assistant concentrate on their facility’s logistical and clerical needs, these staff also carry on clinical roles, such as assisting medical practitioners through regular clinical examinations.

Certified Medical Assistant do- Variety of clerical roles

Medical assistants conduct a variety of clerical roles that help manage the organization and manage the effective operation of the hospital they serve.

The medical assistant is normally responsible for administrative duties such as making meetings, answering calls, fielding patient questions, taking the medical histories of patients, and filing and managing patient records.

So you are curious to know what are the duties and responsibilities of a medical assistant? In that case, there are certain things that you must not overlook. Medical assistants conduct a range of nursing duties and certified medical assistant do work under the direct supervision of licensed nurses and surgeons, in addition to their clerical roles.

It’s not really unusual for a medical assistant to assist a doctor during the checkup of a patient or record the vital signs of a patient before meeting with the surgeon.

Clinical duties of a medical assistant
Clinical duties of a medical assistant

Clinical duties of a medical assistant – Functions and duties of physician assistant 

Now lets discuss the questions regarding what are the duties and responsibilities of a medical assistant. Many of the regular duties undertaken by physician assistants are a mixture of clerical and clinical roles, which also include:

Administrative roles –  

It is the clinical duties of a medical assistant to conduct a number of administrative duties, including:

  • Managing telephone services for offices, including answering calls and returning messages
  • Scheduling and retaining contact with patient schedules to confirm future appointments
  • Documenting the personal records of patients, including medical history and records on health care
  • Doing data entry functions in facility libraries to register medical history and preserve patient files
  • Coordinating regular office procedures, accepting patients, and monitoring patients for their appointments in and out

Medical assistant role – 

Depending on the scale and demands of their workplace, Medical assistant role will be responsible for conducting a number of clinical activities. Any common clinical duties that these practitioners do can include:

  • Recording vital signs of patients, recording the notes of doctors and improvements in medical conditions
  • Taking samples of tissue and fluid and bringing them in for laboratory examination
  • Preparing test rooms for emergency operations and supporting health care professionals
  • Assisting doctors during regular examinations, hospital procedures, and other physical examinations
  • Monitoring and recording of signs after psychiatric tests for doctors’ evaluation
  • Providing compassionate service and treatment for patients, focus, and aid during office visits
  • Preparation and delivery of drugs under the direction of physician supervision

Medical assistant qualifications – Education Required 

At the very least, medical assistants are expected by employers to have their high school diplomas. In addition to completing an approved physician assistant degree, many companies prefer medical assistants to have credentials. Medical assistants seeking to progress their careers will sit for an assessment that gives them the certification of a Qualified Medical Assistant (CMA).

  • The CMA certification, paired with professional instruction at a community college or educational institute, reflects the expertise and abilities of a physician assistant.
  • By receiving continuing education certificates, medical assistants who hold the CMA certificate are allowed to renew their licenses every two years. 
  • In addition, to progress in the medical profession, assistants who wish to receive their certifications may also choose to continue their studies.

For example, a CMA can continue its education in an accelerated nursing partner or bachelor’s degree, where they can be assisted by their past expertise and familiarity with the fast-paced learning environment of these types of college programs.

Experience requested 

While an entry-level position can be a medical assisting job, some employers require medical assistants to have one to two years of experience working in a medical or healthcare environment. Although licensing is not necessarily a prerequisite, often companies opt for approved training programs for technology licenses and Medical assistant qualifications. Here are the various types of duties and responsibilities available for students asking on What are the duties and responsibilities of a medical assistant.

In addition, in the following fields, medical assistants are expected to have some experience and expertise:

  • Proficiency in administrative duties
  • Basic experience in clinical assignments
  • Outstanding interpersonal abilities
  • Capacity to easily interact
  • Exceptional care for detail
  • Digital management systems identification

Proficiency in administrative duties 

Most of the clinical duties of a medical assistant concentrate on visiting the reception area of the practices of doctors, filing reports, and ensuring an orderly office atmosphere.

Employers, therefore, expect medical assistants to have a working knowledge of how regular clerical activities should be done.

Basic experience in clinical assignments 

Medical assistants should have a basic knowledge of clinical activities in addition to the administrative roles needed at work. For physician assistants, knowledge of health treatment, protocols, medical terminology, equipment, and clinical pharmacology are desirable skills to have.

In addition, several businesses provide on-the-job training on a regular basis so that workers can continue to improve on their clinical ability.

Outstanding interpersonal abilities 

Medical assistants engage on a regular basis with patients and team members and rely on their leadership abilities to establish relationships in the workplace effectively. To deliver quality treatment and professional service, the capacity to communicate and empathize with patients is important.

Capacity to easily interact

To work effectively in a medical assistant position, good communication, in writing and conversation, is important. Several examples of written correspondence abilities that companies typically expect medical assistants to have are transcribing messages, inserting patient information into directories, and documenting patient information. 

In addition, listening effectively and the capacity to verbalize thoughts and make recommendations are qualities that may indicate strong communication skills.

Exceptional care for detail 

The conditions where medical assistants work require excellent coordination such that patient files, supplies, and services can be quickly found by doctors, nurses, and other personnel. Medical assistants, including paperwork and documents, are the staff responsible for managing the medical office, and their attention to detail is important for keeping order in their work place effectively.

Digital management systems identification

To work as a physician assistant, technological expertise and any experience with electronic filing systems can be fundamental. A physician assistant is usually responsible for inputting the medical details of patients into the electronic records system of their hospital and keeping the computer files organized and updated. 

Although medical assistants may develop this expertise on the job, employers usually expect applicants with these professional applications to have some experience.

How long does it take to become a medical assistant? 

It would take somewhere between nine months and two years to fulfill the prerequisites for being a physician assistant. In certain cases, with a medical office or laboratory that provides on-the-job training, you might also be able to start a career right away. The choice is not, however, provided by any employer. It’s far more normal to first go into a vocational school.

The duration of the vocational school, depending on where you have it, will run between nine months and two years. Institutions that have specialized services for medical assistance can be as limited as nine months and they concentrate entirely on training you for the roles you are supposed to perform as a medical assistant.

 In general, institutions that do not have a medical assistant program will require students to complete a full associate degree with a medical assistance focus. You may expect to spend two years on this.

While it takes more time, getting an associate degree can open you up to more possibilities and greater opportunities for earning, so it is worth considering.

Medical assistant qualifications
Medical assistant qualifications

Medical assistant qualifications- Levels in education for physician assistants 

There are no special qualifications or certificates required to become a physician assistant beyond the high school diploma or GRE and the medical assistant preparation. A solid educational experience, though, is a perfect way to make your resume stand out and boost your career development prospects. After discussing on What are the duties and responsibilities of a medical assistant, you should know that these certifications are affordable and they are not heavier for your pockets. 

Technical Education 

Any colleges provide advanced certification or credential programs for medical assistants.

It typically takes from nine months and a year for these classes to be finished and requires coursework covering medical terminology, transcription, ethics, and clinical procedures. There will also be a special Certified Medical Assistant training and analysis course in certain programs.

It is crucial to make sure it is approved by the AAMA when considering a vocational program. It certainly won’t be accepted by employers if it isn’t certified.

While before applying for a physician assistant position, it is not constitutionally required in any state to go through school, more and more employers are only able to accept candidates who have completed a training program.

Degree of Associate 

While not as popular as a certificate or graduation program, colleges and universities are offering more and more associate degree programs.

These programs take two years and often require, as part of the curriculum, some sort of an internship or clinical practice. One of the greatest benefits of this choice is that you would definitely still have a few months of on-the-job experience in the form of an internship or realistic training program by the time you have your degree.

If your university does not have a formal physician assistant program, the majority of companies may not consider an Associate Degree in Health Science, Health Management, or a related area. Either of these choices will not make you qualify for the CMA (see below), but it will be an excellent addition to your resume and could inspire employers to provide you with on-the-job preparation.

The best route for those who plan to eventually step up to a managerial or administrative position later in their career is to get an associate degree, particularly in a physician assistant-specific program.

Certification with the CMA 

A CMA (Certified Medical Assistant) credential is highly recommended, although it is not legally necessary, as it really makes your resume stand out as you look for a position as a medical assistant. The CMA certification is offered as a means for medical assistants to show their expertise and experience in the profession by the American Association of Medical Assistants (AAMA).

You may need to take the CMA test to get licensed, but only applicants who have completed an approved training program for medical assistants are eligible to take it. So, only those who have already completed vocational training or an associate degree program approved by AAMA are open to this route.

The CMA is a 200-question test addressing a wide variety of subjects relating to the administration of health care and a physician assistant’s different duties. The following content fields will be checked on your interpretation of the following:

  • Psychology
  • Communication
  • Professionalism
  • Medical law and regulatory guidelines
  • Medical ethics
  • Quality assurance, risk management, and safety
  • Medical terminology

The credential is recognized and applicable in all jurisdictions, so no matter where you go, it will make you a highly successful applicant. Hope the above discussion on What are the duties and responsibilities of a medical assistant was useful to you.

It is highly advised that you take this test and get formally approved if you have completed the requisite education or are preparing and enroll in an approved program.

Medical assistant salary
Medical assistant salary

Medical assistant salary

As of September 2020, the average salary of medical assistants in the United States of America is $36,151, although the range usually ranges between $33,327 and $39,036. Based on many significant factors, including qualifications, additional abilities, certifications, the number of years you have spent in your career, wage levels can differ greatly.

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