Virtual School or Online school offers a comfortable and learner friendly environment to the students. Well, if that’s in your mind, make sure that you consider a lot of factors associated with the process. For instance, you might want to figure out what online school costs you would be required to bear. Here you can also visit high school for more information related to high school admission and eligibility criteria.

Besides, there are also other factors to consider like the extent of student-to-teacher communication, whether your online school interacts with your child every day or every week or every month. Frankly, if your selected virtual school’s teacher doesn’t clear your student’s doubt every week, we believe that you must look for another school.

Well, as we go deeper into the topic, we shall discuss everything related to the online schooling structure and its features. But before that, let’s first understand virtual school meaning.

Virtual School
Virtual School

Virtual School – Basic Concept

This is an online school that conducts classes through the internet. The student logs in and takes classes on a computer. This kind of education operates like a public school, where the students do their work at home or any other location. Some are public schools with teachers with qualifications and strong grades, while some are private.

Who should attend a virtual school? 

Any student who is disadvantaged in a school doesn’t fit in socially, can’t keep up, get bored, and don’t get challenged. It can be your only option if your child is bullied or can’t get the necessary classes, falling behind or getting too far ahead. A self-paced, versatile curriculum designed to fit every student.

An online school can suit you better and offer you the versatility you need. Whether your child is a student-athlete, a student-actor, or in the arts, you may struggle to fit in the one size that suits the whole world of education. If you need a more flexible school schedule and you need to take your classes wherever then this is the place to be whenever on-the-go.

A virtual school will allow your child to work at its own speed. This can give them more power and drive in their education if they are a motivated student and help them grow at a comfortable speed. If your child is slower than most, with variations in learning process and other disabilities, then the custom program can be a huge support they won’t get anywhere. One can also visit free online public high school for more results.

If you’re interested in home school but don’t want to be the one to teach your kids, a virtual school may be your best option. The main thing to be looking for is quality teaching and interaction between students. If your teacher, like Method Schools, sees you every week then you have a winner.

What features should a typical virtual school offer?

The pace of technological advancement has taken the field of online education. Here are the top features of a virtual classroom that you must expect in 2020. If you are looking for online secondary education degree then you can visit here.

  • Mobile-friendliness: Even a few years ago, it would not have been a necessity to have a mobile-optimized, virtual classroom. Yet times have changed, and if your learners can not access your course from their mobile devices, you lose out on all of them. App accessibility provides greater versatility about when and how your learners learn, as this means they have more chances to engage with your materials. Although your learners may have seen forums in the past as places for long-form conversation, now they’re more likely to see them as an extension of their messaging app. Audio lessons like podcasts are absorbed, and mini-quizzes are microgames that can be played during a lunch break.
  • Being collaborative: Digital learners more than ever interact with one another. In your groups, they talk, team up on community tasks, and battle on your leaderboard for high scores. Learners have come to see them less as physical classroom digital transpositions, and more as places where they develop relationships with fellow learners around common interests.
  • Interactive: The flexibility of the way lessons are delivered is one of the defining characteristics distinguishing virtual learning environments from typical classrooms. The learners sit in a classroom in conventional schooling, listening to a lecture, and making notes. But online classrooms give more flexibility for learners to interact creatively with the material — and react based on their inputs. Gamified classes, flipped classrooms and scenario learning are all examples of how highly immersive virtual classrooms have become. And despite the popularity of these methods, we expect to see them adopted even further by the latest technologies.

Advantages Of Virtual School

advantages of virtual school

advantages of virtual school

More teens and their parents choose to register in high-schools online each year. Why abandon traditional online brick-and-mortar programs? Here are eight reasons why teens prefer this alternative method of schooling with their families.

  • Make up for the lost credits: For conventional schools, when students fall behind, it can be difficult to make up lost credits while maintaining up with the necessary coursework. Flexible online high schools will make assembling courses easier for teenagers. Learners who choose this route have two options: take online classes to catch up while still attending their regular high school, or completely move to the virtual realm of education.
  • Self-pace: Motivated teens don’t need to be held back by classes with online learning that typically take four years to complete. Alternatively, they can select an online high school that allows the students to complete the work as soon as they can. Many online high school graduates have received their diplomas and have gone on to college a year or two ahead of the competitors.
  • A better understanding of complex topics: Some students don’t take each subject fairly, so there will certainly be more difficult topics in a program than others. Even as high schools online encourage students to pass rapidly through lessons they consider easy, teens will take their time to work on the concepts they don’t understand so easily. Rather than struggling to deal with the class and possibly falling behind, learners can use the personal nature of online schools to progress at a pace that suits their capabilities and take advantages of virtual school.
  • Personalized schedule: Young people interested in consuming events like professional acting or athletics are frequently forced to skip work-related event classes. As a result, while also struggling to keep up with their peers, they are forced to juggle work and education. Such talented teenagers, who can complete their courses on their own schedules, benefit from online high schools.
  • Solace for troubled teens: Troubled teenagers may want to make a lifestyle change, but it can be hard to alter actions when being surrounded by former peers who have not made the effort as well. Through studying online, teenagers are able to avoid the temptations posed at school through peers who may have negative influences. Instead of attempting to endure and conquer the burden of seeing these students every day, online learners are given the opportunity to create new friends based on mutual interests rather than common places.
  • Better concentration: Many students find it difficult to concentrate on their education when it’s surrounded by typical school distractions, such as social pressures. Online high schools help students concentrate on learning and save their off-hours for socializing. One can also visit georgia virtual school for details.
  • No Bullying: In traditional schools, bullying is a severe problem. When school officials and other parents turn a blind eye to a teenager who is being tormented at school property, some families opt to remove their teen from the situation by enrolling them in an online program. These schools can be the academic support system for the depressed adolescent. Or else, they can also be a temporary option for parents who are seeking an alternative public or private school for the welfare of their child.
  • The availability of state-of-the-art curriculum even in the remotest village: Online programs offer students the opportunity to learn from top-notch curricula in rural or deprived urban areas which may not be accessible locally. Elite online high schools like the EPGY (Stanford University’s Education Program for Talented Youth) are successful and have high levels of acceptance from top-tier colleges.

Getting Ready for virtual schooling

We understand that most of you haven’t sent your children to any Online schooling programs. As a result, this might be a bit overwhelming for you to figure out how to prepare yourself and your student to cope up with the unknown territory. To help you prepare in a better manner, here we have documented the top tips for parents to help your child get ready! Also check how many credits for high school diploma here.

Keep a designated study area

Having a designated area means fewer distractions for students, and getting into a “school mentality” while in that area. This can be a spare space or even a corner in a house; it’s necessary to use that area for school only.

  • Make sure this is a quiet area or has a lockable door. This gives privacy to students when working, talking to their teachers, tutoring, completing DBAs, or taking an exam.
  • Enable space for a desk or table but have flexible seating This can be a comfortable place to read or a change of pace during the day of school. Beanbags, hammock chairs, shaggy rugs, and oversize pillows can help a student relax and break while reading, drawing, or using an appliance between classes or after a lengthy study. 
  • Promote the wellbeing of your student: Ensure there is ample light to read and take notes. The display should be at eye level, and the chair of the student should be confident and give help back.
  • Store your school supplies in this place: Include pens, pencils, markers, paper, notebooks, and other resources that your student may need in addition to the machine.

Invest in the right equipment

Some students think they can complete their entire coursework from their smartphones, but this won’t give the student the best experience. This is not to suggest you can not sometimes use your smartphone (if you need to complete anything on the go). However, the best way to experience virtual school is on a desktop or laptop, where you can download programs such as Blackboard Collaborate, our live lesson app. You will also need storage to save copies of your job backups!

Set a schedule, just like in a traditional schooling environment

In a brick-and-mortar classroom, you should think of your student’s schedule just as the bell schedule. Students immediately get up when the bell rings in a school, pick up their books, and go on to their next lesson, right? Same way, you should schedule your virtual day at school. Respect the schedule, and allow for an extra “hour” at the end of the day if necessary to complete any pending assignments. If your student completes all of their work in the allotted time, this end-of-the-day cycle may be a time of study to progress in a class or work on a long term project. You can also go through at hills borough virtual school for more results.

Maintain a calendar

Customize the schedule so that your student can have more time to complete courses that take a little longer and less time to complete those courses they can finish quicker. If there is no scheduling guide for a course, ask your child’s instructor how to obtain a list of the tests due each week. It also helps to put a weekly calendar on a dry-erase board conveniently close to your workplace. She posts assignments due weekly and ensures that they fit into their schedule that focuses on 1-2 topic areas every day.

Leisure is also important

It is also important to mention on their calendar non-school events, such as medical appointments, after-school services, holidays, and vacations, in order to avoid stressing the unfinished work of the schools on those days. She sits down once a week with her student to go over her calendar and schedule her school days for the extracurricular activity. If you help your child stay focused during the school year, you’ll appreciate the versatility of virtual school more. Occasionally visit the local library to research and to enjoy the other libraries offering programs.

Keep your child’s mind fresh

Encourage your student to spend time volunteering at a local shelter or food desk, visiting a sick friend, or watching the latest afternoon superhero movie. Have fun with your student and remember to keep them motivated to meet their weekly goals by offering opportunities.

How can your child be flourished in the online school scenario?

Whether you’re like most parents of a virtual school, you ‘re definitely excited to find new ways to improve your student’s learning experience. Like a traditional school teacher, the online instructor of your child can be a great counselor with a keen insight into how best to learn children. They create new ideas and fresh learning strategies as they work with children every day, which helps to ensure academic success.

Hang on to it! 

Teachers tell us that online learning can be difficult for families within the first few months. “Hang in there” and message your child’s teacher regularly. When you get used to the technology and set up a routine, it’ll become simpler and you’ll start to enjoy the benefits of educating your child at home.

Know inside-out about your machine

Parents who serve as the Learning Coach for their child need basic computer and software competencies. Take time to complete the orientation of your online school, and explore the curriculum management system of the school. Knowing how to access and use the online tools at your school, including curriculum, virtual classroom, grade book, and communications, is critical.

Get involved straight away

Virtual school is not a program for children to study for themselves! Parents need to participate in day-to-day learning for their kids. The parent or Learning Assistant would need to be hands-on for the majority of the day with the younger students. Students in middle and high school may need less direct intervention but they will need guidance, support, motivation, and time management assistance.

Keep your child motivated 

The online high-quality education must deliver a program that is as comprehensive as any brick-and-mortar education. Your student should be prepared to work hard, and responsible for the results of his or her schoolwork. Self-motivation learning is crucial to student achievement.

The focus should be upon your pupil 

Teachers now have greater flexibility, with online learning, to personalize the curriculum to suit the individual. They can tweak lessons or projects to provide additional analysis of a challenging topic, guide a child to online skills training opportunities, or add challenges to inspire the advanced student. They also provide daily reviews and, where possible, personal attention.

Ask your Professor

Online teachers in traditional schools must follow the same technical and educational standards as the traditional school teachers. They know their subject matter and how to teach in every environment so contacting the teacher is the best way to address it when your child has a question or problem. For elementary school students, the parent may initiate a call or email to the teacher. Students should reach out for themselves in middle and high school—and develop social and communication skills as they learn.

Do not overdose your student 

While having a more flexible schedule is one of the virtual school’s wonderful qualities, it shouldn’t necessarily mean doing “whatever you want, whenever you want.” Children need structure and it’s the job of the learning coach to provide that framework. Your student may also have deadlines that need to be met and will require reminders and long-term project planning assistance.

Set a personalized pace

Students will move through their lessons with virtual school at a rate that works for them. An advanced student can proceed to the next lesson instead of waiting for classmates to catch up until he or she has mastered the content. Students may take extra time, if needed, to learn new knowledge for more difficult subjects. Parents must ensure that their child is on schedule for deadlines and on time to complete the semester. Teachers highly suggest that you work forward so that your student has a “cushion” built into the schedule.

Start collaborating with the community 

It’s important to take advantage of the field trips, parties, and other special events provided by your virtual school to ensure your student learns socially as well as academically. Through attending online clubs and events your child may also practice his or her social skills. Such opportunities can also allow students to interact with the learning environment at the school.

Be ready to spend some more time with your kids! 

Working together to do online school fits well for a family-centric lifestyle. You should plan the school day with a more flexible schedule to accommodate family time, civic or religious events, and other things that your family values. Sharing these experiences and collaborating as a virtual school team will make family bonds stronger.

Virtual school cost

virtual school fees

virtual school fees

The Online school cost that you would require to pay depends on a number of factors. For instance, the state you are living in, the school you choose, the exclusiveness of the curriculum, among many others, decide how much you might have to pay to your online school authorities. However, you can expect to pay somewhere between $95 per semester course and all the way up to $250.

Virtual schools in the world – Its Impact

We believe that now you have a fair idea of what online school is and all other features such as  cost and the features you should look for while admitting your child to such a school program. In the meantime, we would advise you to conduct thorough research on this topic. If possible you may want to go out there and ask your relatives or friends who have some exposure to the online schooling structure. 

They can help you choose the right school for your child. Besides, there are also some other factors to consider. For instance, ask the teachers if they provide a one-to-one communication session that could help your child understand any complex topic with more simplicity.

Look, at the end of the day, the sole aim of the online schooling platforms is to help your kid get educated. More often than not, the curriculum preached in the virtual schools is never below the standard of what is taught in a brick-and-mortar school. So, make sure that you research everything beforehand. 

online school

online school

List Of Virtual Schools

You can explore more about online schools in the world and some of the US based online schools are florida virtual school, Georgia school, hillsborough school,illinois l school, lawerence l school, memphis virtual school, michigan virtual school etc.

If you need any help regarding admission to these schools or any other information, feel free to reach out to us at Online Schools Near Me.