Urgent Care Facilities near Me – Medical Services and Condition

Urgent care facility near me takes care of urgent medical conditions like accidents and falls, cuts that need stitches, breathing difficulties, x-rays and laboratory tests, eye irritation, and redness, fever, fractures, skin rashes, severe cold, sprains, diarrhea or dehydration, etc. medical school online offers 24 hour walk-in clinic near me reliable courses for top career opportunities.

These medical facilities are the walk-in clinics taking care of medical emergencies which require immediate attention but are not life-threatening. There are around 10000 Urgent care near me centers across the United States. These facilities help you save both money and time thus providing immediate and convenient care. you can also visit our another page where can i go for medical care without insurance.

Urgent Care Facilities near Me

Urgent Care Facilities near Me

Urgent Care Facilities near Me – Reasons for the growing numbers

  • Faster and Easier – A large number of patients prefer urgent care centers for faster and easier care. These clinics have become popular in rural areas also and growing very fast in number. These are better accessible and have extended practice scope compared to primary care clinics.
  • Reduced Healthcare CostUrgent care facility near me are cheaper than the emergency departments. Their cost is similar to primary care clinics, but they offer more services than primary care.
  • Meet Public Demand – Patients are new age consumers who seek fast and convenient medical care. Urgent care clinics fulfill this requirement. These clinics reduce long waiting time, schedule same day appointment and are more service and technology oriented.
  • Help Physicians maintain work-life balance – In Urgent care near me clinics when a physician is off work, he is actually off, as patients are not very particular. It relieves medical caregivers from professional and administrative burdens. you can also visit our another page walk in medical clinic near me.

Top Urgent Care Facilities near Me

  1. MedExpress Urgent Care: It is an urgent care center providing immediate walk-in treatment for illness, injury, wellness exams, and employer services. It is open for 12 hours every day and 7 days a week. No appointments are needed. It has 252 sites in 22 states.
  2. American Family Care: They are the industry leaders providing primary care, urgent care, minor emergency treatment, and occupational medicine. They are pioneers in conceptualizing the emergency room urgent cares making life easier for patients. They have 200 facilities in 26 states.
  3. FastMed Urgent Care: It is an operator of urgent care facilities throughout Arizona, North Carolina, and Texas. It has 109 sites in these three states. In addition to treatment for injury or illness, they provide routine services like flu shots, health checkups for employees or for schools.
  4. GoHealth Urgent Care: It operates in New York, Portland, San Francisco Bay Area, and OR, metropolitan areas. It has 84 sites in 6 states.
  5. Patient First: It is a chain of urgent care centers based in Glen Allen, Virginia; currently it is located in Maryland, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Virginia.
  6. Fast Pace Urgent Care: It has 81 health clinics located across Tennessee, Kentucky, and Mississippi and open 7 days a week. you can also visit our another page no insurance doctors near me.


  1. MedSpring/ChoiceOne: MedSpring/ChoiceOne urgent care in partnership with Quadrant Biosciences Inc. a Life Science company offers new brain health assessment program at centers in Maryland and Texas. It has more than 50 centers in the Austin, North Atlanta, Baltimore, Boston, Chicago, Dallas-Fort Worth, and Houston metro areas.

These are some major players in urgent care facilities near Me. Keep in mind that these are supplement facilities and cannot replace primary medical care. Please, contact us to know more about 24 hour walk-in clinic near me you can visit our home page.