UCLA Paralegal Program: Many people keep looking for an entry point into the dynamic work culture of paralegals. What can be better than undergoing a UCLA paralegal course before starting your career? There are many other ways of starting your job as a paralegal, but the safest option is to have your qualifications strong. We have provided in depth analysis about all the available law school degree as well.

The UCLA extension provides several ABA approved paralegal programs, serving up to the mark of UCLA’s stature. There are different choices available for you to choose in between. With these courses and great paralegal program reviews, you get complete knowledge of the legal firms and their functioning. 

UCLA Paralegal Program
UCLA Paralegal Program

UCLA Paralegal Program: An Overview

UCLA extension is a part of the Division of Continuing Education at the reputed University of California, Los Angeles. It is excellent for those individuals who could not complete their education and need to qualify for certification courses. 

UCLA extension allows individuals to take up degree courses of their choice, with the necessary minimum qualification for understanding the subject matter.

There are many commonly selected courses under the UCLA extension. There are different types of UCLA paralegal for the paralegal program aspirants, and they all have different takeaways for the students:

  1. Paralegal Studies Certificate
  2. Paralegal Studies (Undergraduate) Certificate
  3. Paralegal Training Program (PTP)

UCLA Paralegal Certificate Program

Paralegal Studies Certificate

The most sought after UCLA paralegal program is the Paralegal Studies. Started about forty years ago, this certificate course is recognized by employers all around the country. 

  • This is one of the ABA approved paralegal programs in the USA and is graded higher for its faculty, curriculum, administration, student services, alumni performance, academics, and resources.
  • As the paralegals here are training to face real-world challenges, they are trained by the legal professionals themselves, like paralegals, judges, and attorneys, approved by the UCLA School of Law.
  • The UCLA paralegal certificate program is very considerate of the diverse backgrounds of the students coming here. They offer the course in two shifts:
  1. The 5-month daytime program,

5 days a week, from 9 a.m.-12:30 p.m.

  1. The 11-month evening program,

2 days a week, from 6:30 p.m.-10 p.m.

  • The ucla paralegal program is divided into 36 units for an easy understanding of the students , costing $7995 for the entire course. 
  • After the course, the student is completely capable of handling the paralegal’s responsibilities, from pleadings to presenting the evidence.
  • The legal principles governing different aspects of criminal law, real estate, contracts, security law, and business associates are also taught.

Paralegal Studies (Undergraduate) Certificate

  • This certificate course is designed for those who do not have an undergraduate degree but wish to make a big difference in the paralegal sector.
  • This UCLA paralegal certificate program can also be available by pre-law students to gain an understanding of legal firms before starting with their law education.
  • Students get an overview of the different responsibilities attached to the job role of a paralegal.
  • The various steps involved in a case before the hearing are clearly covered in the course, giving them first-hand experience of pleadings and preparing for the trial.
  • Basic knowledge of civil procedure in different cases, ucla paralegal program implications, and drafting legal paperwork are also included.
  • There are four courses for communication, presentation, writing, and internship in the course curriculum, costing $8780 tuition fee. You can also search for free online paralegal courses

Paralegal Training Program (PTP)

Paralegal Training Program
Paralegal Training Program
  • This is a quick certificate course that aims to make the students familiar with the situations in a legal firm.
  • The curriculum includes professional responsibility, ethics in legal services, procedural law, and practical skills implementation.
  • The course lasts for 24 weeks, starting at $7,995.
  • It covers the impact of technology on legal practices. The entire civil procedure is taught right from the complaint to the trial in the litigation of a matter.
  • The paralegals get authorized skills to identify legal conflicts, analyze the evidence, and draft the legal forms and documents.
  • The students applying for this additional course must be accepted in either the paralegal program Studies Certificate or the undergraduate program.

UCLA Paralegal Program Reviews

The paralegal program shed light on the experience of the alumni. Most of them had only good stories and experiences to share from the place. Some commonly raised points in these UCLA paralegal program reviews are:

  1. The faculty is very cooperative.
  2. The environment inspires the students to study.
  3. Excellent provision of career prospects.
  4. The fees are affordable by a majority.
  5. Practical experience through internships.
  6. Flexible class hours to accommodate people from all walks of life. 
  7. All-round skill enhancement and idea generation.
  8. Good quality materials are taught by taking the adequate time.

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