Top video game design colleges from all over the world are training a number of game designers every year. Video games, which were considered a hobby, have become a very important part of modern society. Video gaming is now a major international industry. It is growing fast to become the largest entertainment industry. You can get all your desired information about professional course here in this article.

Video game designing has become a very popular career and not so simple and fun as it sounds.  A video game designer converts ideas into life. His job includes concept development, drafting, character development, interface design, game mechanics, programming and more. The top video game designing colleges provide professional training at different levels and in a variety of fields.

Top Video Game Design Colleges
Top Video Game Design Colleges

Top Video Game Design Colleges – Programs offered

Undergraduate Certificate in Game Design: It is entry level qualification for game designers with a number of variations available.

Associate of Arts in Game Development: It prepares students for bachelors 

Bachelor of Arts in Game Design: It merges arts and storytelling with programming. Students can earn a Masters degree also in this field.

Bachelor of Fine Arts in Game Arts: It prepares students for the artistic and creative process in game designing.

Bachelor of Science in Comparative Media Studies with a Games and Interactive Media Cluster: It examines the theory of games in a cultural context.

Bachelor of Science in Computer Science with an emphasis in Game Design: It focuses on game design with computer science as a foundation. Masters can also be pursued in this field.

Master of Science in Mobile Gaming: It focuses on game designing for a mobile platform.

Doctor of Philosophy in Media and Information Studies: It is the study of game designing and theory at the highest academic level.

Top colleges for video game design
Top colleges for video game design

Top colleges for video game design

1. University of Southern California (Los Angeles, CA): It offers four programs in top video game designing colleges:- Bachelor of Science in Computer Science, Bachelor of Arts in Interactive Media & Games and equivalent masters.

2. University of Utah (Salt Lake City, UT): It has students coming from India, Russia, China, Mexico, and Indonesia. Students get valuable internship opportunities. It offers undergraduate and graduate programs in game development with variations such as Technical Arts, Game Arts, Game Engineering, and Game Production.

3. DigiPen Institute of Technology (Redmond, WA):  The Department of Game Software Design and Production offers 10 undergraduate and graduate courses in Art, Design, and Computer Science preparing students for jobs like software architects, gameplay programmers, artificial intelligence programmers, and more.

4. Rochester Institute of Technology (Rochester, New York):  It has Interactive Games and Multimedia (IGM) department, one of the largest departments in its kind and is among the top 10 video game design colleges programs. It runs a Global Game Jam Program that allows students to network with others in game designing.

5. Carnegie Mellon University (Pittsburgh, PA): It has an Entertainment Technology Center offering Masters Degree in Entertainment and Technology. It is one of the top programs in the field. Students are given the opportunity to get training under the industry leaders.

6. Savannah College of Art and Designs (Savannah, GA): Recognized for its achievements it is a top colleges for video game design. Games from this college have won E3 College Game Competition.

These are some of the top video game design colleges. For more information fill the form provided below. Visit our homepage Online school near me webpage for more information.