Children can memorize a huge amount of information, especially if they are interested in something. That is why parents should find good educational programs that will become a springboard for their sons and daughters. But where do you start, and what should you pay attention to? Here are five of the best educational programs for kids worth your attention.


Most likely, you know how popular the IT-sphere has become over the past 20 years. So this is why you should check out CodaKid, an online education program for kids eight and older. The main goal of the online project is to instill in children a love of coding, creating games, applications, mods, and other software products. The educational process is built in an interactive format.

So it will be interesting for any child to interact with teachers. The visual part of each lesson is quite simple. In addition, children have the opportunity to independently master the basics of programming and ask questions to engineers and programmers, if necessary. Through this educational program, your son or daughter will acquire basic knowledge of digital content creation.

Here is another option that will be especially useful for new parents. Let’s say you are a student and don’t have time to learn letters and numbers with your child. In this case, you should find on the net. The fact is that this educational program is designed for children from 2 to 8 years old.

The game format includes video games, songs, comics, cartoons, and other entertaining content. So this is why you should use the “essays order” option and delegate your assignments. Then you will have free time to enroll your child in an online course. is a multipurpose online project aimed at an English-speaking audience.  So your child will be able to acquire basic skills in all areas in a short time.

PBS Kids

It’s time to talk about another educational program that is suitable for children under eight years old. PBS Kids is an educational platform where games, videos, and educational content are available to children. Since all activities are related to entertainment and cartoon characters, children will be more willing to remember information.

In addition, the website is quite user-friendly and has an intuitive interface. That is why even the smallest child will be able to quickly adapt to games and learn a lot of important information. Furthermore, all mini-lessons and play activities are quite short so that children will not be distracted from the educational process.

Kiz Phonics

Kiz Phonics is a unique educational program based on the auditory and visual perception of information. The fact is that young children may experience some problems with memorizing letters, words and this will affect the ability to build sentences. Thanks to Kiz Phonics, your child can see pictures, hear the correct pronunciation, and interact with the playable characters. Audio and video content is adapted for children under eight, so you can help your son or daughter learn the alphabet. In addition, this website has a lot of educational content that you can explore at any time.

Read Write Think

ReadWriteThink is an educational program that targets children under ten and teachers. This website contains unique educational materials, video content, lesson plans, and an interactive learning environment. The point is that you do not need to search for important information on the Internet, as ReadWriteThink contains everything your child needs.

Besides, this site is ideal for distance education and as an additional educational portal for tutors. One of the main advantages is free access to lessons, videos, and lectures. In general, your child will have no difficulty acquiring knowledge.

Why Do Children Need Educational Programs?

The fact is that educational programs are the key to the rapid acquisition of knowledge. Children are often hyperactive and cannot concentrate on boring activities for more than 20 minutes. That is why most educational programs are created in in-game formats. That is why children are interested in controlling game characters, watching cartoons, and solving riddles.

All five of the sites above are ideal for kids ages 3 to 8. Moreover, parents do not have to spend a lot of time helping their sons and daughters. The point is that all these educational platforms are intuitive and user-friendly. Even a three-year-old child will click on large buttons, watch videos and repeat some words or actions after the characters.

Final Words

You now have five website options that are potentially useful for your child. All these educational programs aim to develop critical thinking, attention, and memorization of information. The game format will help your child not to be distracted and memorize every lesson. Plus, all of the above sites are very intuitive. Now you do not need to spend a lot of time explaining any basic information to your child. Choose any of the above websites, and you will not regret it.