The Chicago School of Professional Psychology could help you design the perfect career of a psychologist that you had been dreaming of. So you wish to read people’s minds and research about human behavior then this psychology school is the good choice for you. One can go through professional course for more detailed information.

However, before we discuss in detail about the Chicago professional Psychology school, there are a few things to consider. First, you need to understand your “why”. By that, we mean why exactly you are willing to study psychology. Are you willing to become a researcher, or a practitioner, or want to work in corporate settings, providing psychology advice to big companies?

But before that, first of all, we must have a clear idea of what exactly is the study of psychology?

What is psychology studies?

Psychology is the study of conduct and behavior among humans and animals. This is a social science, and therefore not a definitive science. Every mind has undergone its own conditioning. That person was born with a specific “wiring,” perhaps as special as one’s own fingerprints, and encountered specific individual experiences.

From this, different patterns of thought and consequently, behaviors arise. Psychologists have, however, found a certain organization to this chaos over the years. This does, while not reliable, lead to grouping together with other persons and causes. Psychology research helps one understand what influences affect an attitude, behavior, or sometimes even a whole personality, if applicable.

The concept of psychology was derived from the Greek words ‘Psyche’ meaning analysis of mind (or soul) and meaning ‘Logy.’ It emerged as a fusion of philosophy and biology. Today the psychology field has expanded in every direction and is accessible to most walks of life.

Why study psychology?

There’s no wonder that the number of foreign students applying for psychology research in the US is rising by the day. There are also motivational factors for the students asking “why study psychology.” 

We have long understood the importance of medical care, mental well being has been granted an equivalent, or nearly equal, degree of significance in recent years. Getting enrolled in the Chicago professional Psychology school could open newer possibilities both for your academic and professional life.

It is completely obvious that an individual may have material wealth that is possible but even the most prosperous people spiraled downward without an inner equilibrium.

Psychology is a rising and increasing area of interest that brings many foreign students to the United States in a search of psychology research. Psychology also encourages students to become more conscious of themselves, allowing students to consider their behavior and personalities.

Once you figure out the reason for your interest in this subject, it will be easier for you to pave the perfect path to your dream career. Now, pay close attention to the rest of the article. Here we are about to discuss everything about the school of your choice, i.e. Chicago School of Professional psychology.

Also, we would understand what topics you need to pay attention to, during your studies. Additionally, we would figure out how you can develop yourself inside the classroom so that when you leave college, there would be unlimited employment opportunities waiting for you. We will also discuss the psychology degree cost in the USA.

So, let’s get started at this instance.

The Chicago School of Professional Psychology
The Chicago School of Professional Psychology

The Chicago School of Professional Psychology : History

The school, one of the most popular and highly sought after private colleges, is located in Chicago, Illinois. This college has more than 5,600 students on campuses around the U.S. The college offers over 30 academic programs in a variety of professional areas such as psychology, business, health care, counseling, education, and nursing.

Founded in 1979 by practicing psychologists and educators, the Chicago School of Professional Psychology strives to provide high-quality clinical psychology training in a nonprofit environment. Original proposals for the school were made by the nonprofit 

Midwestern Psychology Development Foundation in 1977 and realized in January 1979.

Until moving to the Fine Arts building on Michigan Avenue in 1980, the Chicago School of Clinical Psychology started its first classes in temporary quarters located at the West Chicago Avenue. In 1986 the school relocated to its next location, the landmark Dearborn Station in the South Loop of Chicago. The school found a new home downtown.

How it all started?

According to the Chicago School of Professional Psychology reviews , the school has gained a reputation as a pioneer in diversity and multicultural training since its inception. Classes including Cultural Problems in Evaluation and Intercultural Psychotherapy Laboratory started to appear in the school’s newsletter in the 1980s.

Back in 1988, the school opened its first Center for teaching, research, and activities related to diversity: the Center for Inter-Cultural Clinical Psychology. One of its original initiatives was a conference on cultural impact which remains an annual fixture. The center began to grow and became the Center for Multicultural Studies and Diversity in 2005.

The Chicago School of Professional Psychology reviews

Awarded by the National Council of Schools and Programs of Professional Psychology (NCSPP) in 1998, the Chicago School’s innovative approach to diversity received recognition.

Back in 2005, it was the second instance that the NCSPP honored the Chicago School of Professional Psychology with its prestigious Advocacy Award. The recognition was offered because of the school’s brilliance in terms of advancing professional advocacy as well as its generous public policy attitudes, together with the pursuit of skills and knowledge.

In Southern California, the school spread to the West Coast, adding three campuses. In the summer of 2008, the first out-of-state site opened in downtown Los Angeles. In the Fall of 2008, the school announced a formal affiliation with the California Graduate Institute and its Westwood and Irvine campuses.

The Westwood campus, having evolved from the psychoanalytically focused clinical training at CGI, retained its predecessor’s psychoanalytic training model until it shut in the summer of 2014.

CGI has already been officially accepted into the Doctoral Program for Applied Clinical Psychology (PsyD), in which students gain instruction in psychoanalytic psychotherapy under the supervision of the faculty from nearby psychoanalytic institutes and educational clinics. The Clinical Psychology PsyD program at the Los Angeles campus received accreditation for APA in 2018.

The Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC) Senior College and Commission of Universities (WSCUC) accredits all campuses of The Chicago School of Clinical Psychology. The Doctoral Program in School Psychology (EdS) in Chicago, Illinois, is accredited by the Illinois State Board of Education.

The graduate program in clinical psychology (PsyD) in Chicago, Illinois, has been accredited by the American Psychological Association until 2023. The doctoral program in clinical psychology (PsyD) in Washington, D.C., will be accredited by the American Psychological Association until 2022.

The doctoral program in clinical psychology (PsyD) in Los Angeles, California, is accredited by the American Psychological Association until 2028. The school is also a charitable member of the TCS Education System (TCS ES).

Various Campuses: Eastern coast 

Washington, D.C., Campus: The East Coast campus at Chicago School opened three blocks from the White House at McPherson Square in the summer of 2010.

Various Campuses: Southern

Dallas, Campus: The Dallas Campus of Chicago School is located in Richardson, Texas. This new campus provides easier access for those living near Dallas and its surrounding areas.

New Orleans Campus: The Chicago School is located at the Xavier University of Louisiana in New Orleans on the Xavier University campus, a historically black college in Louisiana. 

The flagship campus of the Chicago School is located in Chicago in the River North neighborhood of Chicago.

The building opened in 1914 as a warehouse for Chase and Sanborn Coffee and is one of the few remaining relics of the city’s industrial era on the Chicago River. The school moved into the Merchandise Mart in early 2007 with new facilities opening across the street.

Various Campuses: West Coast

Irvine Campus: The Chicago School of Professional Psychology’s affiliation to CGI also includes a campus in Irvine, California, in addition to the Los Angeles campus. The Chicago School’s California Graduate Institute at Irvine is housed next to California University, Irvine.

Los Angeles Campus: It is located four blocks north of the Staples Center, adjacent to the freeways of Pasadena, Santa Ana and Santa Monica, and one block from the 7th Street Metro Hub. It occupies several floors of the Aon Building, one of downtown Los Angeles’s tallest buildings.

After graduation

Interestingly, according to the latest data, on average, about 72% of graduates got instant employment opportunities on passing their graduation from the Chicago School of Professional Psychology. After graduation from college with a degree in psychology, you can expect a job in any of the following industries:

  • Human health and social work
  • Education
  • Retail/administrative and support
  • Legal, social, and welfare professions
  • Business, HR, and finance
  • Marketing, PR, and sales
The Chicago School of Professional Psychology phd
The Chicago School of Professional Psychology phd

The Chicago School of Professional Psychology phd – Courses available

Psychology is among the most common topics for graduate study. Many degree courses are approved by the British Psychological Society, which follows the professional body guidelines. It is critical if you wish to pursue a career as a chartered-status practitioner. The courses will concentrate on theoretical and/or applied psychology studies.

Therefore, several course providers will provide testing facilities for researching perception, cognitive psychology, learning, and neuroscience of behavior, as well as on the practical side, such as researching neuro rehabilitation, education, and overall societal well being. One can also check out school psychology program online for more information.

The Chicago School of Professional Psychology phd courses are also available, including specialist areas such as:

  • Applied psychology
  • Child psychology
  • Clinical psychology
  • Developmental psychology
  • Educational psychology
  • Experimental psychology
  • Forensic psychology
  • Social psychology
  • Sport psychology
  • General Psychology

Course options

Depending upon the course combination you choose, the variations of subjects you might need to study would differ. Here is the basic format of combinations provided by the Chicago School of Professional Psychology that one can try:

  • Single, joint, and multiple subject combinations
  • Full-time, part-time, and distance learning,
  • Placement courses
  • Qualifications ranging from BSc (Hons) and BA (Hons) degrees
  • Foundation Certificates
  • Masters Degree

Subject combinations

As you can understand, psychology is a vast subject, and to truly master the topic, you must dive deep into any of the particular sections. Then, you can grow your knowledge in that section, and eventually, become an expert in it. 

So here are the different subjects provided for the Chicago School of Professional Psychology current student, and they can use them as combinations as per their convenience and understanding prowess:

  • Criminology, forensic science, criminal investigation
  • Sociology, social care, social anthropology, philosophy
  • Biology, animal behavior, zoology, environmental science
  • Education, child development, childhood studies, counseling
  • Accounting, HR management, business, finance, advertising, economics, entrepreneurship, marketing
  • Archaeology, art and design history, architectural design, Celtic studies
  • Computer science, digital media, and information, computing, film and media studies. As being mentioned, one can check on information technology online schools.
  • English, journalism, creative writing, publishing, dance, drama and theater studies, music
  • Philosophy, law, politics, international relations
  • Social history, tourism, European studies, geography, religious studies
  • Mathematics, sports studies
The Chicago School of Professional Psychology current student
The Chicago School of Professional Psychology current student

The Chicago School of Professional Psychology current student – Career options

There are some other professional careers that need you to study psychology. Often, many of these options demand a postgraduate degree in psychology. Here are the fields that you can choose if you are planning to pursue higher studies in The Chicago School of Professional Psychology :

  • Clinical psychologist
  • Counseling psychologist
  • Educational psychologist
  • Forensic psychologist
  • Further education teacher
  • Health psychologist
  • High-intensity therapist
  • Occupational psychologist
  • Primary care graduate mental health worker
  • Psychological well being practitioner
  • Sport and exercise psychologist

In this regard, please be clear about your professional aim. In case you want to become a psychiatrist down the line, you must understand that not everyone with a degree in psychology can get the job you are looking for. For that, you must qualify as a doctor with a medical degree. Only then you can go ahead and pursue a course on psychiatry.

Related careers

Here are also some alternate career options for the Chicago School of Professional Psychology current students who are willing to study psychology but don’t want to become a psychiatrist:

  • Advice worker
  • Careers adviser
  • Counselor
  • Detective
  • Human resources officer
  • Market researcher
  • Play therapist
  • Psychotherapist
  • Mental health nurse

Growing in the field of psychology

Despite the obvious myths, not everyone from the Chicago School of Professional Psychology current students ends up becoming a counselor (although it may be part of the expertise). The American Psychological Association identifies more than 50 psychological subdivisions, making immense career options for students studying psychology in the US. But if someone is interested in counseling , then also look out for online school counseling programs.

For instance, there are neuropsychologists, clinical psychologists, and psychologists from industrial institutions who have little or nothing to do with conventional psychology.

The aim of the study

When the question was posed to a few psychology students studying in the Chicago School of Professional Psychology about their likes in the study , Or what they liked best about it, their answer was that they were immensely related to what they studied.

With psychology, they found the reason behind the phenomenon they felt was inexplicable. For example, why a certain scent or lighting unexpectedly reminded them of something in their history, why their dog would run every time they heard the door open to the dog food, and why they would scream out to their siblings after a hard day even if they were not angry with them.

Companies and organizations are also looking for psychologists. Psychologists speak a lot about their publicity and advertisement tactics. Companies could also hire psychologists from the Chicago School of Professional Psychology to help them with many aspects that are important to a company’s success, such as methods to increase productivity, job satisfaction, and recruitment.

When it comes to research the US has always been at the forefront. When it comes to psychology it’s also a forerunner. Studying in is no doubt one of the best countries in the world for foreign students who have found a convincing answer to the question “why study psychology?”

The Chicago School of Professional Psychology current students
The Chicago School of Professional Psychology current students

The Chicago School of Professional Psychology current students – Eligibility criteria

The diplomas and certificates earned in the U.S. are recognized in nearly every part of the world and are also viewed with great respect. Requirements for studying psychology in the US depend on the course that an international student wishes to register for. 

For a Master’s degree in the Chicago School of Professional Psychology current students are usually expected to have their country of education equivalent to an American Bachelor’s degree. You can also look out for special education masters program online.

Universities in the US often allow an applicant to hold an American Master’s degree or equivalent to obtain a doctoral degree. However, most universities allow students to take a GRE and a TOEFL or IELTS exam (requirements can differ for each university and are usually country-specific depending on whether or not English is an educational official language).

The procedures and requirements for admission in the Chicago School of Professional Psychology can be fairly rigorous when it comes to minimum score requirements in these exams. Although a high score on the GRE may overpower a mediocre GPA, GPA’s are also considered. Reference letters and personal essays are also of great significance in the application process. Also, relevant work experience can make for a stronger application for admission.

Most universities can advise students to pursue a recognized credential evaluator from third parties to translate their mark sheets and scores.

Types of psychology degree programs

The US has several professional online colleges with different specialties in each state offering high-quality psychology programs. The US education system encourages hands-on research and stimulates individual thinking and growth.

In the US universities and colleges are also promoting their students an all-round climate. There are colleges around the country to fit most tastes and budgets, and many colleges also provide financial help to make education a very realistic vision for many foreign students who want to study psychology in the United States of America.

The Chicago School of Professional Psychology login
The Chicago School of Professional Psychology login

The Chicago School of Professional Psychology login– Procedures

One of the other widely asked questions is “how to apply in psychology degree“. Well, we will try to decode the answers. There are several steps in the assessment process for a degree in Psychology.

Anyone applying for undergraduate programs will focus on applying to the university itself, while those applying to graduate programs The Chicago School of Professional Psychology must adapt their applications to different departments of psychology. Typical things in an application packet contain transcripts, test scores, and recommendation letters.

Global students interested in studying psychology are facing a tough market in the United States. Psychology is a highly common field of research, and only so many slots are available at universities. That’s why the process of applying for a degree in psychology is very important — it’s what enables one to research at the program one considers.

The the Chicago school of professional psychology login registration process for the school is a thoroughly competitive one, as only a select number of graduate programs are covered by the best and brightest from many different undergraduate programs. Sometimes there is a fee ranging between 10 to 100 US dollars or more as application filing costs.

Students typically have to take the GRE (Graduate Record Examination) exam, and sometimes also the GRE psychology part, and apply their scores. International students should submit TOEFL Test scores if there is reason to believe that their scores will not be sufficient on the verbal section of the GRE test.

In addition, students may also need to send a letter of intent, often called a statement of intention, in which students address the question of why they study psychology in their own terms and explain their interests in the department they are applying to. Students would also require a resume and transcripts from their undergraduate degree program.

Finally, they would even have to apply a sample of writing that shows one’s capacity for any future research work. Whatever you do, make sure that you ask yourself, “why study psychology?” As mentioned earlier, it is your why that matters more than how.

Psychology degree cost

Generally, better-reputable institutions usually bear a higher psychology degree cost. Generally, the nation’s leading graduate psychology programs, as ranked by the US. News & World Report 2013, range in annual tuition costs for public schools from $10,000 + (residents) to $35,000 (non-residents); and about $40,000 + for private institutions.

The Chicago School of Professional Psychology tuition
The Chicago School of Professional Psychology tuition

The Chicago School of Professional Psychology tuition – Fees

The school offers only a graduate program at its Chicago campus. The tuition and fees for students are $22,601 for the 2018-2019 academic year. The Chicago school of professional psychology tuition & fees at Chicago is $17,658 for the 2019-2020 academic year.

We believe that by now you not only unlock all the information regarding studying psychology at the Chicago School of Professional Psychology  but also get a holistic view of the educational and the professional aspects of the subject. In case you have any further doubts on how to apply in psychology degree, please feel free to reach out to us through the comment section below. Also find us at online schools near me for further information.