Finding a really good yet budget-friendly university in the US can be tough. Yet, no one says it’s impossible. Here is the list of the five best and budget-friendly US universities you should consider applying to. All of them keep their tuition fees under $15,000. Moreover, most of them even offer students some type of financial assistance. So go ahead and learn more about them!

CUNY Brooklyn College, New York

Future Liberal Arts students can choose Brooklyn College without fear. This is one of the most affordable schools for this specialty. The college belongs to the City University of New York. Hence, being in this public university makes the entire city your campus. However, be aware that colleges accept less than 50% of applicants every year. On the bright side, you will end up among the best humanitarian students in the state. The college also offers around 70 programs to choose from, so you will surely find what you love there.

Of course, the downfall of it all is the cost of living in New York. Needless to say, it’s one of the most expensive cities in the world. Yet, student life in this city is an incredible and unique experience on its own. You just need to brace yourself for some challenges (and many roommates) along the way. On the other hand, you will spend approximately $3,000 per year on tuition, which is the least sum on our list. Hence, it’s definitely a bonus.

California State University, Los Angeles

With eight schools, over 300 programs to offer, and tuition costs below the average, California State University is the one to consider for all budget students. It’s one of the oldest schools in the state with an inclination toward social work and education. Moreover, this university is also a popular choice among Hispanic students. The university even has its own Hispanic-Serving Institution. However, the best part here is the price policies.

Cal State LA is one of the most accessible schools in the country. On average, you will spend around $4,000 per year. In addition, you will love the financial aid policy of this school. Over 80% of its students receive some sort of financial assistance from the university. You can do my homework for me and count how little students have to pay to study there. Thus, this school is not only affordable for students, but it even helps pursue dreams of higher education. The states don’t have many schools with such an altruistic reputation as Cal State LA. So we must protect it at all costs.

The University of Washington

The largest school on our list, the University of Washington, is home to over 50,000 students. It has 18 schools divided among three cities, Seattle, Bothell, and Tacoma. There are numerous benefits to choosing this particular university. First, it is recognized across the world. Secondly, its acceptance rate is really high, in part due to the size of the university. Hence, you have better chances of acceptance, which, at the very least, can make UW your second option. Finally, the school also offers 17 online programs. Hence, you can graduate from UW without even leaving your hometown.

Oh, and as a bonus, the university is big on financial aid and scholarships. Over 60% of its students receive some kind of financial assistance. So, don’t be discouraged by its average tuition of $12,000. You can always apply for aid if you are eligible for one.

California State University, Long Beach

This university is one of the most affordable schools for budget students in the US (it’s about $9,000/year on average). The school also shows high results in the graduates’ employment rates. Moreover, most of its students manage to land a high-paying position after graduation. Hence, this school is surely worth considering before you make your final choice. Yet, this college is also very strict when it comes to admission. Despite thousands of students applying for study there, the university accepts less than 30%. Hence, you really need to up your game if you want to study at CSULB.

Among other benefits, we want to emphasize its distance learning programs. To study at California State University, you don’t even have to move to South California. Hence, you are not only saving on tuition but on the cost of living, too.

Oklahoma State University

One of the most expensive yet prominent universities on our list, Oklahoma State University, accepts up to 60% of students each year. It’s also the oldest university on our list with a rich and interesting history. Moreover, Oklahoma State University should be the number one choice for all STEM students out there. This is the most advanced university in the region when it comes to these specialties. Overall, it offers over 200 graduate programs and over a hundred more for undergraduates. In addition, around 30 graduate programs students can take online with no on-campus presence needed. The average cost of tuition here is about $14,000-15,000 per year.