Sexuality Education for Children and Adolescents is becoming very important day by day as the world is rapidly expanding but thanks to the internet, children are often exposed to things that they are not quite ready to see yet. Now, this might be good or bad for them, depending on the context of things. Porn, however, falls squarely in the bad half of things. It is because of this unwanted exposure, we will be talking about sexuality education today. With this you must checkout elementary school details for more knowledge.

Sexuality Education for Children and Adolescents
Sexuality Education for Children and Adolescents

Sexuality Education for Children and Adolescents – Report

For those of you who do not know, it is a prominent paper published in August of 2016 for pediatrics. It was seemingly inevitable for such a paper to be published and discuss issues such as Sexuality education courses for children and adolescents, Sexuality education for children and adolescents in schools and the advantages of it.

So with all of this out of the way, let us start unpacking everything there is in the paper dealing with SE for children and adolescents and its implications. 

Sexuality Education Background

Sex education involves a lot of things. To give you a taste of things, here is a quick rundown of some of the more important things that it covers –

  1. Human sexuality
  2. STDs
  3. Peer to peer communication
  4. Gender identity
  5. Abstinence
  6. Reproductive rights and responsibilities
  7. Sexual activities
  8. Human sexual activity
  9. Human sexual anatomy

So as you can see, these things are often quite important to bring up during adolescence due to that time being one of curiosity and changes. Failure to impart sufficient knowledge often causes a lot of life altering issues such as teenage pregnancies and STDs. 

Apart from touching upon these subjects, there was also emphasis laid upon how to bring up these topics and educate students about the same. This was necessary because oftentimes, these topics were treated as taboo topics making conversations about the same increasingly awkward. 

So, this study was also aimed at bridging this divide between the educators and the students. Apart from it, there were also guidelines for the students who were being home-schooled. This was a major step forward because despite having a fair proportion of students being home-schooled, there were no measures put in place to educate them about the same. 

Sexuality Education for Children and Adolescents in Schools?

The next logical question that arises out of this is how to implement it in schools. The answer to this question is manifold in nature. The thing to understand here is that there are a lot of things in place here. With gender dysphoria at an all time high, there is a whole new psychological aspect to things as well. 

Apart from providing guidance about Sexuality Education for Children and Adolescents, there is the mental wellbeing of students to consider as well. The high suicide rate amongst the LGBTQIA+ community is something that has been well documented over the years. So providing guidance to them is of utmost importance. Apart from that, there is some fundamental relationship advice being imparted to the students. 

More importantly, as mentioned before, a lot of these subjects are a little hard to broach for parents. However, this doesn’t mean that students don’t require a guiding figure to help them navigate these new topics and subjects. As a result, teachers who have a background in counseling, sexology, etc. are hired to help guide these students. 

Since these teachers are trained professionals, they already come from a place of authority. This in turn ensures automatic respect and obedience from the students. Plus, in case of an off chance that there are students who refuse to cooperate or accept the authority, the teacher in question has the school’s backing to deal with the students. Something a lot of parents might fail to do. 

Apart from bringing in trained professionals, a lot of higher education places installed condom vending machines within their premises. This was a major step forward because prior to this, the school authorities simply refused to acknowledge that young people were having sex. This in turn meant that a lot of preventable pregnancies were happening not to mention the spread of STDs etc. 

But the progress wasn’t limited to this. There was a widespread availability of contraceptives in campus pharmacies along with other sexual well being products. So overall, there have been leaps forward in terms of sexuality education and the availability of products to aid the students along this journey into adulthood. 

Sexuality Education for Children and Adolescents’ Advantages

Sexuality education for children and adolescents’ advantages
Sexuality education for children and adolescents’ advantages

Apart from the aforementioned benefits of this whole program, there were a number of other, less noticeable benefits as well. For starters, there was the whole conversation around consent that was eventually initiated. This was particularly important because of the rapidly increasing rape rates and the whole blurring of lines between people. 

The conversation around consent in turn sparked a conversation on the rape culture and other ways of obtaining consent through underhanded means such as gaslighting. As the years have passed, this whole program has started to reach out and talk about a lot of the prevalent social issues that revolve around this whole concept.  

Another important yet less talked about issue is the acceptance of sexuality. More often than not, it is the parents who need a lot more in order to come to terms with their child’s sexuality rather than the child themselves. Over the years, there have been a lot of regressive talks about this subject such as conversion therapy for homosexual students. 

With the advent of this program, these conversion therapy programs have started to die down and parents are now finding it a lot easier to accept the sexualities of their wards. This change has been quite important and is reflective of the more widespread attitude of tolerance and societal progress. 

However, the road to progress is a never ending one. And so, if we are to keep at it, then more of these programs are needed for Sexuality Education for Children and Adolescents. With more and more children being born each year, the necessity of such programs is also increasing. So let us not beat around the bush and start promoting more of such programs because children are the bedrock of a nation. You can also check why early childhood education is needed?

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