Respiratory therapist salary Texas is a matter to understand before choosing this field to be in. Respiratory therapy is a branch of medical sciences that deals with a patient’s lungs and airways. An authorized medical professional who performs this responsibility is called as a respiratory therapist. They perform chest examinations and devise a treatment plan to cure illness and resolve issues within the lungs. One can also visit our page medical school for a clear concept on the respiratory therapist schools near me and their criteria for admission and other benefits.

However, diagnosing breathing disorders and lung disease is the prime responsibility of a respiratory therapist. Apart from this they also manage the technical breathing instruments and examine the blood oxygen levels of the patient. Let’s have a look at the other critical details of this profession. Here we will discuss further on how to become a respiratory therapist in Texas and respiratory therapist hourly pay in Texas.

Respiratory therapist salary Texas
Respiratory Therapist Salary Texas

Respiratory Therapist Salary Texas – Details

The demand for respiratory therapists is increasing at a steady rate in the US. According to BLS, the demand for these professionals will increase by 23% by the year 2026. What is a respiratory therapist salary in Texas?  A respiratory therapist with an Associate Degree can expect an annual salary of $49,473. Moreover, a respiratory therapist with a Bachelor’s Degree can earn an average salary of $59,710. A masters in respiratory therapy salary can earn up to $61,336 per annum. 

How to Become a Respiratory Therapist in Texas?

Four major steps will help you in becoming a licensed respiratory therapist in Texas. 

  • Completion of Degree – To open avenues for promising career options, you should first consider completing your degree program in respiratory care. The curriculum covered in the Bachelor’s program includes clinical respiratory care, pharmacology, procedures, pathophysiology, advanced respiratory theory, and mechanical ventilation. Keep reading this article to get a clear idea on respiratory therapist salary Texas after completion of the degree. The majority of the programs conclude with a competency assessment that will demonstrate the traits and skills required to succeed in this field. Apart from this, you will also need to complete certain clinical hours, to attain the practical experience of this field. Make sure you go for a university program that is recognized by the Commission of Accreditation of Respiratory Care to ensure a wide range of career opportunities for you. One can also visit respiratory therapist schools in california for having degree on the same field.
  • Clearing the Credentialing Examinations – The certified respiratory therapist salary need to get an official certification for their competence. It is a test conducted to assess your general knowledge and open pathways to advanced level credentialing. The first level will give make you a certified respiratory therapist. Moreover clearing the advanced level examination will make you a registered respiratory therapist that is the highest credential in this field. 
  • Applying for State License – Almost every state in the USA mandates license for respiratory therapists. Candidates must have completed their associate degrees to qualify to apply for a license. A license makes you eligible to apply for the position of a respiratory therapist. 

Respiratory Therapist Hourly pay in Texas

Entry-level salary for Respiratory therapist salary Texas: $21.83 per hour ($45,406) Experienced-level salary: $28.84 per hour ($59,987) Respiratory therapist salary in the 10th percentile: $20.20 per hour. Respiratory therapist salary in the 25th percentile: $23.39 per hour.

Respiratory Therapist Salary In Texas
Respiratory Therapist Salary In Texas

Respiratory Therapist salary in Texas – Conclusion

Respiratory Therapist, post-graduation is eligible to work as patient educators and advocates, bedside clinicians, pulmonary rehabilitation specialists, pediatric/adult/neonatal critical care specialists in hospitals, and other health care sites. Please remember that continuing education will ensure quality care for the patients plus in enhancing competency for handling complicated issues in the future.

The entire process of becoming a respiratory therapist may take up to 4 years. Needless to say, this is an extremely rewarding career with significant demand in the health care sector. You can also visit here at online schools near me for detailed information about Respiratory Therapist Salary Texas.