Respiratory therapist salary PA is hands down one of the highest-paid medical professionals in Pennsylvania. Respiratory therapy is an integral part of the advanced medical sciences. They play a crucial role in treating respiratory infections, diseases, and viruses. One can also visit our page medical school for having a detailed knowledge on the school and its requirements.

They can also effectively treat cardiopulmonary issues like asthma, lung cancer, bronchitis, pneumonia, and emphysema. Apart from this, respiratory therapists also offer life-saving care to trauma patients. 

Respiratory Therapist Salary PA

Respiratory Therapist Salary PA-Annual Pay

Let us discuss about respiratory therapist salary. You see, the average salary of a respiratory therapist in Pennsylvania is around $68,366 in the year 2020. However, this salary range ideally falls between $62,125 and $74,330 per annum.

It is to be noted that, many factors influence the salary earned by a respiratory therapist like education, location, certifications, experience, and additional skills. You may also read about some authorized online healthcare degrees, to get a clear idea about other relevant courses.

Where do Respiratory Therapists Work?

A respiratory therapist can play a crucial role in saving the lives of the patient. So, we would need to understand the important role of therapists. Besides respiratory therapist salary PA, here we will come to know that they are found in many medical facilities like:

  • Respiratory therapists generally work in acute-care medical settings like emergency rooms, ICU, pediatric or newborn ICU, and the pulmonary diagnosis laboratory. These are highly qualified and trained medical professionals who can work with every age group; from premature babies with lung issues to senior citizens with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD).
  • The respiratory therapist also works outside hospital settings, performing pulmonary rehabilitation functions in the pulmonary rehabilitation clinic. They are actively involved in counseling patients on topics like disease prevention, smoking cessation. Additionally, they can also offer expert home care services like education patients and their families for using breathing equipment. They can also work in long-term acute and nursing facilities, physician offices, and sleep disorder centers. 
  • Other places where respiratory therapists work are diagnostic laboratories, patient transport systems, retirement and convalescent centers, wellness centers, and educational institutions. 

So, here we have discussed about where do respiratory therapists work and their responsibilities.

Respiratory Therapist Jobs & Their Responsibilities:-

A registered respiratory therapist performs the following functions on a working day. To understand about respiratory therapist salary PA, let us also know about Respiratory Therapists Jobs & Its Responsibilities here:-

  • Diagnosing breathing and lung disorders and recommending appropriate treatment options.
  • Interacting with the patients and doing chest examinations to identifying the best therapy for their ailment. 
  • Analyzing blood, tissue, and breath specimens to understand the oxygen and other gas levels in the body.
  • Assessing vital signs of the patient and consulting with the physicians. 
  • Discussing with the physicians to recommend relevant changes in the therapy as per the patient’s evaluations. 
  • Managing artificial airway devices and ventilators for the patients who are unable to breathe naturally on their own.
  • Responding to urgent and code blue calls for emergency care.
  • Informing patients and their families about lung disorders to fasten the recovery rate.
Respiratory Therapist Salary in PA
Respiratory Therapist Salary in PA

Respiratory Therapist Salary in PAConclusion

Respiratory therapists handle a wide range of roles and responsibilities. Their job roles involve impeccable assessment skills, thinking skills, decision-making skills, and problem-solving skills. A good respiratory therapist is the one who has a feeling of compassion and cares for his patients.

So, here we got to know respiratory therapist salary PA depends upon various factors like he should possess effective communication skills, organization skills, and an excellent eye for details. Around 87.1% of the respiratory therapists in Pennsylvania are employed in surgical and general medical hospitals. To understand more on this, you may visit our website