Respiratory Therapist salary California with top salary lists has been discussed in this blog. Lets first understand what exactly Respiratory therapists do. Respiratory therapists care for patients with chronic respiratory diseases such as asthma or emphysema. They treat premature infants or elderly patients with underdeveloped or diseased lungs respectively and provide emergency care to patients suffering from heart attacks, drowning, or shock. For a detailed view on the topic of medical school and its benefits and criteria for admission you may also read by visiting our page medical school.

Respiratory Therapist Salary California
Respiratory Therapist Salary California

Respiratory Therapist Salary California – Salary Ranges

Mean Annual Wage: $79,680.

Registered Respiratory Therapist Salary in California as of April 27, 2020
Average Salary: $76,518
Range: Between $69,532 and $83,193

The 90th percentile of RRTs in California  earn $89,270

Certified Respiratory Therapist Salary in California as of April 27, 2020
Average Salary: $71,406
Range: Between $63,607 and $78,124

The 90th percentile of CRTs in California earn $84,240

While the Los Angeles-Long Beach-Glendale metro area has the highest Respiratory Therapist employment level, the San Francisco Mateo-Redwood City is the top-paying metro area. Respiratory Therapist salary in California tends to be amongst the highest in the United States.

As per Respiratory Therapist Salary California 2020 reports, the more the educational qualification & associated certification of the Respiratory Therapist, the higher is their pay. Registered Respiratory Therapists tend to earn more than those with Certified Respiratory Therapy certification.

What do you need to know about respiratory therapist salary California?

Respiratory therapists (RTs) are experts in their work. However, finding a great RT is rare. As in anything, a decent respiratory therapist may be identified by his or her characteristics. RTS are biomedical professionals who specialize in respiratory disorders. Intensive care units and outpatient clinics are the most common places where they are required.

They pay particular attention to patients who are suffering from the crippling symptoms of lung conditions and other diseases. They’re more like nurses, still happy to assist when needed. Here are the traits you need to earn a higher salary:

  • Being a great competitor
  • Being understanding
  • Being calm under pressure
  • Being confident and optimistic

Now, let’s check out the traits in detail.

Being a great competitor

You’ll need a respiratory specialist who understands how to treat breathing issues. They must be able to get enough respiratory care, effectively operate the ventilator, and understand the time-honored code of doing so quickly. Knowledge and expertise together can help you earn a high respiratory therapist salary California.

Being capable of understanding

You wouldn’t want to meet with an RT who isn’t sure what they’re dealing with, would you? When it comes to prognosis, one simple error will lead to problems later on. As a result, choose an RT with caution.

Being calm under pressure

It takes time to do a respiratory examination. Assessing a patient is more like a marathon than a 100-meter dash. In reality, most RT evaluations are completed over time to ensure that you have the correct diagnosis.

Being confident and optimistic

Knowing a lot of things is amazing, but being optimistic is much better. A happy RT will be able to care for their patient without fear of the prognosis changing. To have strong healthcare faith, you need a lot of experience, expertise, and practice.

What’s the scope of the career?

From premature babies to adults, people of all ages need respiratory treatment. COPD is the fourth leading cause of death for adults, and patients with asthma, bronchitis and emphysema need respiratory therapy.

Furthermore, people who have had heart attacks, been in a car accident, been born prematurely, or suffer from sleep problems can use respiratory therapy to help them breathe more easily. In these circumstances, respiratory therapy is needed. With more cases rising, you have a chance to command a high respiratory therapist salary California.

What to expect from the profession?

Respiratory practitioners use clinical methods to prevent, diagnose, and treat acute and chronic cardiopulmonary system dysfunction, including the following:

  • Asthma
  • Emphysema
  • Pneumonia
  • Coronary diseases
  • Trauma

They will accurately diagnose, inform, and manage patients with cardiopulmonary conditions because they grasp the basic concepts underlying cardiopulmonary physiology and pathophysiology, as well as biomedical engineering and technology.

  • The modern respiratory therapist’s responsibilities are diverse and daunting, ranging from complicated medical techniques to supervision of respiratory technicians and equipment. 
  • A respiratory therapist can, for example, assess a patient’s breathing ability and measure oxygen and other gas concentrations in the blood.
  • He or she can also instruct patients and their families how to use ventilators and other home-based life-support devices.
  • When it comes to seeking treatment from a respiratory specialist, age is nothing. Premature infants to the oldest of the aged are among the patients.
  • Diagnostic monitoring of babies, youngsters, and adults with a variety of medical conditions, such as cardiopulmonary diseases and sleep disturbances, is often done by respiratory professionals. 

To learn more about respiratory therapist salary California, continue reading below.

Respiratory Therapist Schools in California

Respiratory Therapist Schools in California

Respiratory Therapist Schools in California – Scope & Growth

California not only boasts the highest respiratory therapist salaries of any state in the USA but also has an approx. 17,530 actively licensed respiratory therapists – which is more than any other state. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics / BLS, the respiratory therapy care field is expected to witness a 17% growth between 2016-2026.

The regulatory body for respiratory therapists in California is the Respiratory Board of California, which also issues the Respiratory Care Practitioner licenses. Also have a look on respiratory therapist schools in California for a brighter career.

How to Become a Respiratory Therapist in California

Step 1: Degree Program in Respiratory Therapy

Get enrolled in a respiratory therapist program accredited by the Commission on Accreditation for Respiratory Care to get Respiratory Therapist salary in California as higher as you want in this field.

Step 2: Required Exams & RRT Credential

As of January 2015, one needs to pass both the multiple-choice and clinical simulation sections of the Registered Respiratory Therapist/RRT exam taken by the National Board of Respiratory Care exam. It is the basic requirement for a license in the state of California.

Step 3: Mandatory Law & Professional Ethics Course

Candidates applying for respiratory therapist licensure in California need to complete one of the two Board approved law and professional ethics courses. These are available online through the California Society for Respiratory and the American Association for Respiratory Care.

Step 4: Respiratory Care Practitioner License in California

Next, earn a State Licensure by submitting a completed Application for Licensure to the Respiratory Care Board of California.

Step 5: Renewing Respiratory Care Practitioner License

The RT license must be renewed every two years to keep it current. Proof of at least 15 hours of continuing education within the 2-years is needed for renewal. It takes $320 to renew the license.

Here we have discussed above on how to become a respiratory therapist in California, step wise. Now keep reading on California respiratory therapist salary.

Respiratory Therapy Salary California
Respiratory Therapy Salary California

Respiratory therapist salary California 2020

Salary of a respiratory therapist in California, depends upon the responsibilities and experience of the practioner. A Respiratory Therapist runs Diagnostic Tests to assess lung capacity to help determine an impairment, administer chest physiotherapy or aerosol medication, collect and analyze sputum, blood, and breathe specimens, consult with physicians to develop treatment plans, and monitor & record the treatment process.

California respiratory therapist salary and lucrative career opportunity to work as a respiratory therapist is high employment opportunities plus salaries that you can’t get anywhere in the country makes it a career worth exploring.

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