Respiratory Therapist jobs in MN can open avenues for promising career options for the professionals who wish to work in this fast-paced and sensitive environment. Respiratory therapists are professionals who are involved in treating cardiopulmonary disorders in patients. One can also visit our page medical school for having more ideas on the admission process, criteria, and other benefits.

Candidates who have excellent communication skills, critical thinking abilities, and care to make a difference in other’s lives are given preference in this industry.

Respiratory Therapist Jobs in MN
Respiratory Therapist Jobs in MN

Respiratory Therapist Jobs in MN – Quick View

Let us discuss about respiratory therapist schools near me and their fair view careers. This profile is responsible to assist doctors and nurses in the cardiopulmonary care units. They are involved in checking oxygen content in the blood samples, managing life support systems, and assisting the rehabilitation patients.

Their major focus is to treat people with emphysema, asthma, lung cancer, pneumonia, and other disorders. They can specialize in emergency respiratory therapy, geriatric respiratory therapy, adult respiratory therapy, and pediatric respiratory therapy.

Respiratory Therapist Minneapolis- Top Five Job Options

Here are some Respiratory therapist jobs in MN, who perform their responsibilities and take care of patients in difficult situations. One can also know about what do respiratory therapists do and how to become one in details, by visiting our page.

Registered Sleep Center Technologist

If you are a registered respiratory therapist, you can pursue your career as a registered sleep technologist as well. These professionals can work in a home environment, durable medical equipment, sleep labs, and academic facilities. They are responsible to conduct sleep studies on their patients to ensure they are safe, comfortable, and perform test procedures.

Psychological monitoring and testing, diagnosis, clinical assessments, prevention, and management of sleep disorders are also a part of this profile. Professionals working in this profile i.e. Respiratory Therapist Minneapolis should be certified by the ABSM.

Sleep Disorder Specialist

The primary responsibility of Sleep Disorder Specialist is to diagnose sleeping disorders in patients. They manage health issues like sleep apnea, insomnia, narcolepsy, restless legs syndrome, periodic limb movement disorder, REM behavior disorder, chronic snoring, sleep paralysis, and much more.

Candidates who wish to move ahead in this profile needs to clear a special exam conducted by the NBRC. Passing this exam will testify your competence to handle this crucial profile effectively. 

Adult Critical Care Specialist

Adult Critical Care Specialist are trained to help patients suffering from critical respiratory issues. Their prime responsibilities are to manage the specialized gases crucial for respiratory care, assisting patients in managing their breathing, and delivering pharmacological agents to them. 


These specialists offer medical services to young adults, infants, and children who are suffering from severe injuries or ailments. Injuries can arise due to infections, asthma attacks, drowning, or any other accidents. Children in ICU require special care and treatment because they are unable to communicate as effectively as adults.

Neonatal Specialist

They might also fail to handle pains and cooperate like adults. Similar are the challenges faced by the neonatal intensive care units. Neonatal specialists are required to handle issues like birth defects, lower body weight, pulmonary hypoplasia, birth asphyxia, and so on. 

Fair view Careers
Fair view Careers

Fair view Careers On Respiratory Therapist in MN

These were some of the major job profiles for respiratory therapists in MN. One can might be thinking of how long is respiratory therapist school? Go through with this once to have a clear concept about the courses. Apart from these, you can also go for a pulmonary function technician and polysomnographic technologist as per your qualification and certifications. Respiratory therapist jobs in MN is an emerging field and the demand for these skilled professionals tends to rise in the future as well.  Read more about respiratory therapist school here at Online Schools Near Me.