Registered respiratory therapist salary, their responsibilities, and skill set will be discussed here in detail with all the relevant links and points for your reference. A registered therapist needs to graduate from a recognized educational program. Many people get to confuse them with a certified respiratory therapist. However, certification is the first level and registration is the advanced level of this profession. We have also provided a detailed information at our page medical school for variety of reasons.

A registered respiratory therapist is a medical healthcare professional that undergo intensive training in critical care and cardio-pulmonary medication. This is done to work medically with the patients suffering from critical conditions, pulmonary and cardiac diseases. In the USA, a respiratory therapist needs to earn the title of Respiratory Care Practitioners by obtaining a degree in Respiratory Care. Here we will also discuss about registered respiratory therapist school in the article.

Registered Respiratory Therapist Salary
Registered Respiratory Therapist Salary

Registered Respiratory Therapist Salary-State wise

How much is respiratory therapist salary? You see, the median salary of a respiratory therapist is around $60,280 to $ 63,000. Moreover, the maximum range can go up to $72,760 for experienced therapists, and the minimum can be somewhere around $51,430. It is to be noted that this range can vary according to the location and job profile of the respiratory therapist. 

States like California ($78,820), Nevada ($72,630), New Jersey ($71,940), Alaska ($71,820) and New York ($71,100), offer highest salary to respiratory therapists. Moreover, states like Alabama ($47,090), Kentucky ($48,530), Mississippi ($48,390), West Virginia ($49,530), and Arkansas ($49,280) are known to offer lowest average salaries to the respiratory therapists. 

Interestingly, the demand for respiratory therapists is higher in states like California, Florida, Texas, New York, and Ohio. Respiratory therapists who offer travel services can expect to get the best salary in the industry. You may also see Respiratory Therapist Salary California, for a detailed view on the result. Due to increased respiratory and cardiovascular issues in the country, many hospitals prefer to hire professionals who can travel to different places for therapies.

Salary for registered respiratory therapist as per the responsibilities

There are many versatile functions performed by a registered respiratory therapist. Other than having knowledge on registered respiratory therapist salary, one must know the responsibilities of a respiratory therapist. They should have extensive knowledge about the cardiopulmonary system and respiratory system. Some crucial responsibilities handled by them are:

  • Managing aerosol-based medication
  • Administering the life support mechanical ventilation system
  • Assessing blood samples to check the level of oxygen
  • Handling equipment used in cardiopulmonary therapy.
  • Assessing the lung capacity of the patient to determine the impairments
  • Assessing vital signs
  • Checking sputum specimens and chest x-rays 
  • Handling artificial airways
  • Performing studies and tests related to the cardiopulmonary system
  • Conducting different rehabilitation activities
  • Offering counseling sessions in cardiopulmonary health
  • Recommending changes in therapy
  • Patient education
  • Disease prevention
  • Health promotion programs and activities

Following are the qualities of a good respiratory therapist:

  • Compassion
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Critical thinking skills
  • Quick decision making
  • Proactive thinking
  • Organized treatment therapies

Respiratory therapists form an integral part of the medical sciences. They are the medical professionals who are actively involved in critical thinking, assessments, and clinical practices. That is why the salary for registered respiratory therapist is high.

Registered Respiratory Therapist School
Registered Respiratory Therapist School

Registered Respiratory Therapist School

It is to be noted that the minimum qualification to enter this profession is an associate degree. However, registered respiratory therapists can earn other advanced degrees like Bachelor’s and Master’s to enjoy promising professional opportunities and salary scale. Their main motive is to develop and implement effective medical treatment, care, and disease management plans. We have provided here a link for you to get a better understanding in this field, the best schools across USA, like-respiratory therapist school nyc, respiratory therapist schools in san diego, respiratory therapist schools in california etc. For queries, drop your comments below. You can visit us at for any further details relating to Registered Respiratory Therapist Salary.