Online Schools Near Me Privacy Policy

This privacy policy describes the data we or our affiliates might collect, along with other information
as per needs and requirements. You are agreeing to this policy the moment you start using this
website for any use whatsoever. The terms and conditions mentioned within this policy are binding
and non-negotiable in nature.

The following is a list of information that we may collect as per our company policies. This list is for
demonstrative purposes only and so is not limited to the items mentioned within it.

  1. Demographic information
  2. Account registration
  3. Client information
  4. Email interconnectivity
  5. Mailing lists
  6. Partner promotion
  7. Feedback
  8. Website interactions

The main purpose behind this is to further enhance the user experience on the website. This
information might also be shared with other parties affiliated with us for similar purposes. However,
in case of sharing of information, the privacy policy of the affiliate will apply. This sharing will be
done in order to start and share better campaigns with the users.

In case the users wish not to share this information with us or our affiliates, they can get in touch
with us privately through the contact us page. The main uses of the data accrued by us will be as
follows. Keep in mind that this too is a list for demonstrative purposes and is not exhaustive in

  1. Identify the demographics visiting the website
  2. Provide better products and services
  3. To share marketing and other promotional material with the users
  4. For internal and administrative purposes
  5. To conduct market research and data analysis

Apart from data collection, we shall also be sounding out cookies from time to time. Cookies are
usually sent to enhance the user experience while helping us track the landing page and the getaway
page on the user’s end. However, cookies can be manually disabled without adversely affecting the
user experience.