PhD Education Online program focuses on academic research & subject matter expertise. The terminal degrees in most fields are the Doctoral Degrees which help reflect that a person has achieved the highest education level. You can be also interested in reading here how to gain 6 month masters degree online. One can also visit our page master degree for having more knowledge on master degree and programs related to this course.

Phd Education Online

Phd Education Online-Advantages

The advantages of the program are multifold. 

Tailored Program: You are free to choose from several specializations as available across various schools, customize the coursework according to your career needs. Online programs like Phd education online programs are designed to lead you into the world of Higher Education Leadership and Policy.

Pick your Dissertation: Students are often allowed to pick their own research topic that enables them to streamline their focus on one particular sphere of interest. Having the choice of choosing your research subject enables participation at a higher level and contribution of new knowledge to any and every pressing matter that exists in the field.

Personalized Support: Online peer mentors are available day and night to provide research inputs, help you identify your research interests, and advance accordingly that will help you in gaining Phd education online. They are research coaches whose insights you benefit from while forming lifelong bonds with fellow faculty and peers. You can also search for 12 months masters program online here.

Work-Plus-School: Online programs are apt for working professionals – to equip them with the resources needed to advance their careers without having to give up a full-time job. It is the perfect medium to earn a Doctorate while working full time.

Evening/ Hybrid Programs: These offer easier scheduling for working students and the ability to connect with the faculty in person. They are more flexible than on-campus programs as you have access to faculty any time and from anywhere.

It’s a niche field that only a few get to enter into, in their lifetime. It is the absolute zenith of education and research capabilities of students involved in academia, thus making it a lucrative deal to pursue Phd education online.

Why Go Phd Education Online?

It’s a great feat to find that sweet spot amidst the pressure of handling work, studies, and personal life too. The Phd education Programs are specially designed to help busy educators further their research interests and implement newer, better innovative methodologies that help Education thrive. It’s not a program in isolation even though you are not in a brick and mortar classroom. 

There is a continuous interaction between peers and mentors -who make use of the exceptional student resources available in a centralized learning hub. Earning your Phd education online becomes easier within the online environment that will give you online learning as you bring in your curiosity and drive while the schools help with writing support and on-demand webinars for all educators alike.

Online Phd Education Eligibility Requirements


Testing is not mandatory but some programs may require you to take the GRE or GMAT.

LSAT for Law Students and MCAT for Medical Students might be applicable.

Letters of Recommendation:

Students need to check with each program specially when you are enrolling for Phd education online. Along with guideline to know the number of references to be submitted. It should be penned by people whose work history and academic achievements, must contain details of education along with career goals apart from outlining the programs of interest.

Resume/ Portfolio:

Includes past accomplishments and examples of work in the past. Programs in Practical Fields of study are known to request portfolios.


Though not compulsory, some schools can choose to meet you in person to assess how keen you are to enter Doctoral Studies, if you are suitable for the program, and to tap into your academic background & goals after graduation. If you are looking for 12 month masters programs online then do visit here.

Personal Statement:

A General Statement or Essay helps to address background, goals, preparation for the program, and current knowledge about the study.

Official Transcripts:

Official transcripts sent directly from the school attended by applicants are requisite for final admission. You can also find phd in higher education online to know more about Phd education online programs. So as we have discussed on The necessary components for applying to a Online Phd Education Program list.

Online Phd in EducationCost

Several major factors make a great difference in the expenses related to a Phd Education Online degree as compared to on-campus programs. The costs vary according to the school you choose, field of study you pursue, and several associated factors. The top programs cost anywhere between $4,000 to $20,000.

Tuition Costs: Tuition rates vary from school to school in case of Phd courses. Public schools often provide in-state students with discounted rates. In order to qualify, one has to provide residency status. However, most schools are bow opting to charge distance learners the same tuition rate – flat – regardless of residency status.

Travel Costs: With no in-person requirements, the travel costs involved are little to none. Learners complete the Phd education online, remotely and save on a humongous amount of travel costs. Some schools might need on-campus orientation or intensive sessions. One should thus research individual programs before enrolling.

Computing Costs: Students are often required to pay fees for new computers, high-speed internet access, and other technical requirements mandatory in an online program. One has to stay updated with new technology to be able to access course materials, research for assignments, and interact with faculty or peers.

School Technology Fee: Many schools are known to charge learners with per course or per semester technology fees and in Phd education online course as well. These are for mail and internet services. Additional fees can include distance learning fees for technical assistance provided and online management system maintenance fees.

Housing Costs: With no need to relocate, you are free to choose better housing options that are more affordable compared to on-campus dorms. You can opt to stay at home or find accommodation in an area with a lower cost of living. All these go towards reducing the moving costs commonly associated with starting a Uni program.

Some average costs of Phd Education Online Programs across several fields are listed below:

1. Online Ph.D. in Education: $21,000

2. Online Ph.D. in Psychology: $15,000

3. Online Ph.D. in Organizational Leadership: $19,500

4. Online Ph.D. in Business: $11,000

Average costs for yearly tuition fees according to the type of school you opt for:

Public Institutions: $10,979

Private Non-Profit Institutions: $25,171

Private For-Profit Institutions: $14,265

Above are some key information about Online Phd in Education.

Online Phd . Programs in Education – Financial Aids

Even if you opt for distance learning instead of a full-time program, a slew of Federal and State aids are made available for the online students to help finish their Phd education online.

Scholarships: Scholarships are more common for Ug students in online than it is for online Phd . programs in education. One can search for national as well as regional Scholarship opportunities in Ph.D. programs.

Grants: A student’s financial need dictates the availability of a Grant Federal and State Government Grants require no repayment. Grants from corporations are also common if the course of study pursued helps advance their organizations’ goals.

Work-study: Clerical or administrative tasks count as work-study options with some institution. Income or discounts are provided in exchange for these tasks done on behalf of the school.

Loans: You can get loans from government agencies, private banks upon qualifying as a learner. The specific school in question can also often offer loan options. The advantage is that the federal govt. usually offers lower interest rates.

Fellowships: The most common form of financial aid wherein Fellows receive a stipend. This is to help them pursue their Phd education in exchange for giving some services such as teaching or research assignments done on behalf of the institution.

Learners pursuing Phd education online mainly opt for Fellowships and Assistantships.

Phd in Education Online – Duration

Exact time frames for each program is difficult to approximate. It differs according to the field of study chosen and the program offered by the school. Also we will discuss on Online Doctor of Philosophy in Education.

Minimum Duration: Most Phd in education online courses are known to require a minimum of two years of study.

Maximum Duration: A completion deadline of 7-9 years is the norm across most schools.

Compared to the 5.9 years average time to the completion of a traditional on-campus Doctoral Program, students can complete a phd education online in a shorter time through accelerated tracks. Accelerated tracks help transfer graduate-level credits. You can also know about some accelerated bachelor’s degree programs for adults here. Thus, schools can be seen advertising a degree completion time of 3-5 years.

The entire duration of completion of a Phd education online. program consists of an application, completion of coursework, qualifying examinations, writing an original dissertation, and defending it.

What Is The Process Of Earning A Phd Education Online Program?

A typical application process and the process of earning a degree is outlined below.


Admission requirements are distinct for each school. Common requirements include:

1. Prior academic transcripts

2. Resume/ Curriculum Vitae

3. Portfolio of Work i.e research done

4. Letters of Recommendation

5. Proof of Degree in the field pursued ( must be same or related to the field applied for in the Doctorate Program) 

First Year

Includes the classes that explore the learner’s specialization area and conclude with a comprehensive exam meant to assess what was learned.

Second Year

Coursework remains similar to that in First Year. This time, students can opt to become teaching assistants.

Third Year

In the Third Year of Phd education online program, doctoral students are required to complete the coursework and take the remaining exams. Teaching requirements also come to an end. Towards the end, students are known to request admittance to degree candidacy as they begin with their dissertation work. 

Fourth Year

By the Fourth Year, candidates are required to:

Finalize their dissertation topic

Prepare a dissertation prospectus – a detailed report of the thesis, research plan, and the methodology that they intend to follow.

Complete a prospectus colloquium – present and defend the thesis in front of a department advisory committee, with peers or professors present.

After this long drawn process, students can finally begin to prepare their Phd education online dissertation?

Fifth, Sixth, and Seventh Years

The final years of a Doctoral Student are spent conducting research and writing the dissertation while being supervised by a faculty advisor. Once they meet the project requirements, the students gear up to defend their dissertation.

Online Doctor of Philosophy in Education Top Programs

Some of the most popular Ph.D. Programs that you can pursue online are:

  1. Ph.D. In Education
  2. Ph.D. in Criminal Justice
  3. Ph.D. in Nursing
  4. Ph.D. in Business Administration
  5. Ph.D. in Management
  6. Ph.D. in Information Technology
  7. Ph.D. in Psychology & Counselling
  8. Ph.D. in Public Health & Health Sciences
  9. Ph.D. in Public Policy and Administration
  10. Ph.D. in Social Work and Human Services

Career After Earning Ph.D.

Some of the most popular fields to work in after earning a Doctoral Degree through Ph.D. education Online have been mentioned.

Health Sector

Experts in this field are meant to oversee research and administer preventative care to people.

Phd education online graduates qualify for the following positions in healthcare & healthcare-related fields:

  1. Dentist
  2. Physician
  3. Surgeon
  4. Clinician
  5. Lab researcher

Legal Professions

Doctorate holders in this field are required to analyze legal issues, & adjudicate disputes. They can also be called in to provide educational services. You can also find top 10 colleges criminal justice. Graduates can apply to become:

  1. Attorneys
  2. Judges
  3. Professors
  4. Legal scholars
  5. Consultants
  6. Education

Phd education online is a very popular field as students become equipped to teach courses at the undergraduate or even graduate levels. They are needed to craft education policies at the state or national level, get involved in the dissemination of knowledge, conduct research in Education, and help develop the classroom environment. Doctorate holders in Education can aspire to become:

  1. University administrators
  2. Researchers
  3. Government consultants


Doctoral Students in the field of Engineering are meant to handle complex scientific data, build structures, oversee machines and buildings. They can even get involved in technical roles in the field of Aerospace apart from Civil Construction or Petrochemical Industries. Graduates of Doctoral Programs in the Field of Engineering go on to become:

  1. High-level Researchers
  2. Professors
  3. General Contractors

Biomedical Sciences

A Doctoral degree in this field serves to become experts who are able to apply natural sciences knowledge in order to help solve healthcare issues & public health problems. They get to work very closely with healthcare professionals and/or government agencies to come up with sustainable solutions. Ph.D. in Biological or Biomedical Sciences help qualify for roles such as:

  1. Laboratory Researchers
  2. Professors
  3. Consultants
  4. Policy Makers

How Much Do Ph.D Students Earn?

In the US, Phd students can earn anywhere between $15,000 and $30,000 annually. The stipend earned while learning is tax-free if it is a Fellowship Award but taxable if earned from a teaching position.

Students of Phd education online in the US are usually only paid for 9 months of the year. There are other summer funding opportunities offered by many schools. The Ph.D. funding package includes a full or partial tuition waiver.

Phd education online

Phd Education Online

How Much Do Ph.D. Graduates Earn?

Median Weekly Salary: $ 1,743

Average Lifetime Earnings: $2,150,400

Post Doc Students – If after graduation, students decide to go for a Postdoc, they can earn an average of $45,000.

Postdoc is a continuation of research training. This helps to specialize in particular fields while learning new techniques. They usually last two to three years.

Lecturer – Average Salary of a Lecturer in America is upwards of $56,000.

This is a non-tenure-track teaching position with a higher teaching load than tenure-track-faculty and no added research obligations.

Assistant Professor – The average salary for Assistant Professors is around $70,791.

They are responsible for teaching, research, committee membership work, etc.

Associate Professor – Average Salary happens is around $81,274.

Assistant professors when granted tenure become Associate Professor.

Professor – Professors earn an average salary of $104,820.

It is the final destination of a tenure track, Five to Seven years after receiving tenure, Associate professors have to go through review and if successful are promoted to the position of a Professor.

All data mentioned is according to the 2017-2018 data from the American Association of University Professors.

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