Paralegal Job Description consists of many aspects. Paralegals are an important part of the legal system. They assist in legal offices, law firms, and corporations. This involves drafting documents, interviewing clients, and filing motions. The job is not only limited to the desk, but it also involves creating equitable access to legal aid. We have provided in depth analysis about all the available law school as well.  

The demand for paralegals is growing day by day. It is because they provide a cheaper alternative for legal services. In this article, we are going to present a deep insight into the paralegal job description. We are also going to discuss litigation paralegal job description, real estate paralegal job description, and other fields in a paralegal career. You can also check detail about free online paralegal courses.

Paralegal job description
Paralegal job description

Paralegal Job Description – Skills Required

  • Multi-tasking– Paralegals must master the ability to multi-task. They should understand which task to prioritize and which do not. They get a lot of assignments and documents to work with. They also have to meet multiple clients. 

This field requires you to work smartly.

  • Communication Skills– Paralegals have to meet a lot of clients regularly. They have to talk to people for research purposes, write statements of witnesses, and do other duties as work. A paralegal is the lawyer’s right hand and he must know about expressing his/her thoughts clearly.
  • Writing– Paralegals have to write a lot. They draft documents, pleadings, and other legal papers. Good writing skill is an important prerequisite for being a successful paralegal. Writing is integral in this field. The field of law contains complex language and that’s why the presentation of the words should be accurate.
  • Thinking Ahead- Paralegal should be smart and clever in his thinking. His anticipation should be excellent. Distinctiveness is a very important attribute in the legal profession.
  • Organizational skills– Most of the Paralegal Job Description are document-intensive. The paralegals are tasked with classifying documents, categorizing, and organizing the paperwork for the lawyer. This is a time-intensive job but with more and more experience, you will learn to do it quickly.

Being organized is not only related to desk work, but it also means managing different personalities. You have to move out of your comfort zone to do well in this job.

  • Researching- Research is very important to understand various cases.  Analyzing cases requires a lot of internet research. You must learn to pick up the best reference to solidify your research results,
  • Technical Skills- This is related to technological talent. Paralegal professionals should be well versed with some of the computer soft wares. He should master his ability in spreadsheets, databases, e-filing, presentation software, etc. Versatility and good technical skills can give you an edge over others in the competitive market.
  • Teamwork- Many lawyers have a large legal team. This means teamwork is very essential in this field. The legal team generally consists of associates, co-workers, legal secretaries, etc. Collaborating with each member is an important part of this job. Working with experts, clients, and others is an indispensable skill.
  • Professionalism– The most important attribute of a paralegal is professionalism. Professionalism is a very important foundation for a successful career in the legal field. You must respect the privacy and confidentiality of the clients. The ethical skills are very necessary for the field of a Paralegal Job Description. 

The paralegal has to maintain a cool head and a higher level of integrity. This is because they handle private documents and private information on individuals. Student can also explore best online paralegal certificate program.

  • Studious- To become a successful paralegal, you should be studious. This is a job where you will have to read a lot. You will need to keep an eye on the latest updates regularly because laws are dynamic. Any ignorance on your part can ruin the case of your client.  

Paralegal Jobs DescriptionTypes of a Paralegal career

Paralegal job description

Paralegal job description

The paralegal job description varies according to different paralegal fields. There are various types of a paralegal career. We are going to throw light on various types-

  • Litigation Paralegal– The litigation paralegal job description involves working with trial attorneys and performing various functions during the litigation process. They are an important part of the legal team. They generally perform routine duties such as photocopying, printing, scanning documents, arranging them together, etc.

They prepare documents in an organized way so that they can be presented in court. They maintain litigation files, prepare and review material for storage or disposal after the closing of the case.
Besides office duties, litigation paralegal is also called upon to help in depositions, research, and witness protection. They are also present in trials as an assistant to the attorney during court proceedings.

  • Real Estate Paralegal– A paralegal working in the real estate industry assists in transactions such as sales, purchases, leases, foreclosures, and short sales. These also involve contracts and lease agreements. Sometimes, they also have to prepare letters of intent or file a title objection letter.
    This task is not only related to paperwork. It also requires interaction with a variety of other professionals, clients, and government agencies. The Real estate paralegal job description also takes part in closings, meeting with title officers and clerks. They also check loan documents, well tests, soil tests, etc.
    The checking is done to ensure that there is compliance with the regulatory norms and guidelines. Hence, communication skills are also a very important aspect of this job.

  • Corporate Paralegal– A corporate paralegal assists a corporation’s legal department and corporate paperwork. The paralegal carries out routine tasks such as preparing legal contacts, reviewing documents, updating files of the company, and providing legal assistance. Corporate Paralegal job description also ensure that the company does not face compliance issues.
    They attend corporate meetings, draft corporate resolutions, log board minutes, and other tasks. A paralegal in the corporate sector should be well versed in working on procedures related to finance, bankruptcy, securities, patent rights, and other related issues.
  • Labor Law paralegal– The labor paralegal must be well versed with all labor regulations. He should understand court proceedings and procedures about labor and employment. He should also possess adequate knowledge of labor practices.

    The employment and labor law paralegal helps the employee and employer In employment-related issues. Concerning the employer, he will assist him in complying with labor laws. Concerning employees, he will work with labor unions to sort out payment related issues.
  • Estate Planning and Probate Paralegal– The estate planning paralegal and the probate paralegal perform different types of tasks daily. Most of the law firms help clients in estate planning. The estate consists of assets such as real estate, stocks, bonds, and other valuable items.

The estate paralegal should be well versed in processes that deal with the disposition and valuation of assets.

Law firms also deal with probate. Sometimes, clients wish to have an objective party to handle their estate. In these cases, after the death of the client, the attorney has to act as a trustee over the estate. In some cases, they follow instructions laid out in the last will.
In both cases, the paralegal must be fully aware of the court process. This is because he handles documents of probate taxes, court probate appearances, and handling papers for trusts.

  • Government Paralegal– The task of the government paralegal may likely differ depending upon the branch of the government, he is working for, For example, if a paralegal is working in the defense department, he has to work with documents such as letters, trial documentation, appointment orders, letters, etc.

In government agencies, a paralegal can work as an educator as well as the editor. They can provide training for specific programs and conduct educational seminars. They are also responsible for reviewing government publications for compliance. They also work in providing legal aid assistance.

Litigation Paralegal Job Description
Litigation Paralegal Job Description

Litigation Paralegal Job Description- Various types of course

The paralegal jobs description does not contain the compulsion of a degree and a certificate. However, if you are certified or have a degree in it, you will get preference in some of the posts. There are a variety of courses that can prepare you very well in the legal field. The various types of courses are:

  • Associate Degrees- An associate degree in paralegal studies helps students in understanding the basic principles of the paralegal field. It includes general education as well. It takes 2 years to complete an associate degree. The topics in this course include Introduction to law, civil litigation, legal ethics, and legal writing.

 Students are also provided options for electives. Electives allow students to study different types of subjects in the direction of their professional and personal interests which include criminal law, environmental law, labor law, and tax law. you can also visit here to check detail about paralegal training.

  • Four –Year degree- A bachelor’s degree in paralegal studies takes four years to get complete. A total of 120 credit hours are completed in Paralegal Job Description course. Coursework includes required general education subjects, core paralegal subjects, elective subjects, and upper-division legal courses.

    After completing the bachelor degree programs, students will gain knowledge about the duties of a paralegal, and understand the essential techniques required to assist lawyers. Graduates are accepted in law offices, legal firms, corporate legal departments, government agencies, and non-profit organizations.

The skills acquired by the students in this degree include drafting and editing legal documents, motions, and other court documents. They learn to apply their knowledge to the given tasks and they learn about advanced legal research and discovery tasks. One can also check detail about how to become a paralegal.

  • Master degree course– This course is for those who want to pursue advanced studies in the Paralegal Job Description. Paralegal master programs take two years to complete. It requires the student to complete an independent project. The master’s degree program has two programs. One is the accelerated program which is of one year. The other one is a flexible program that can be completed in three years. After completing it, students will be able to effectively conduct legal research and analysis in multiple areas of law. They will get opportunities in law offices, corporate legal departments, government agencies, or non-profit organizations.
  • Certification Exam– To become a certified legal assistant, one should pass a certification test. Paralegal organizations such as the National Association of Legal Assistants offer certification such as Certified legal Assistant (CLA) and Certified Paralegals (CP). These certifications require the students to pass the test and pursue continuing education. They are accredited by the American Bar Association (ABA). 
Paralegal job description and salary
Paralegal job description and salary

Paralegal job description and salary – Opportunities 

The national average salary for a paralegal is $50,000. A corporate paralegal’s average annual salary is $43000. An Immigration Paralegal’s average annual salary is $50000. The real estate paralegal’s average annual salary is $55000. The state-wise breakdown is as follows- 

  • New York- $58,750
  • Florida- $50,000
  • Texas- $56,270
  • Illinois- $57,180
  • California – $61,120 

These are the states with the most demand for paralegals.
There are plenty of job opportunities in paralegal job description and salary. They are a cheaper alternative as compared to the lawyers. That is why most of the corporate are now appointing paralegals in their legal department. Paralegals are helping them by cutting their cost of production. For further information visit here paralegal salary.

According to the Bureau of Labour Standards, the job of the paralegal is expected to grow by 15% by 2026. BLS has predicted that paralegal jobs will show the strongest trend in finance firms, consulting firms, insurance firms, and real estate.


The paralegal has to work 40 hours a week on average. It is a very studious job and the majority of your time will go to the desk job. However, with more and more experience, you will gain the necessary skill and master your job. It is a challenging job but the pay is good.

If you are interested in this challenging and exciting career, then go for it. paralegal job description is a growing field. There is a wide range of job opportunities available in this field. If you enjoy investigating, writing, and researching this field is made for you. The atmosphere in this job is engaging and fast-paced. It is an exciting job.

So, we have covered everything in this article related to the paralegal career. We discussed the paralegal job description, type of paralegals, duties, salary, and scope. So with all being said, a paralegal career is the beginning of a new adventure. The direction of your journey depends upon your hard work and performance. If you need any further guidance, reach out to us. One can visit our home page to get information about Online schools near me.