Paralegal certification Texas prepares your future by giving you an option to choose the right law school degree programs for certification and get an overview of the paralegal salary Texas you can earn. One of the most alluring jobs in the legal sector is that of a paralegal who can get hands-on experience with proper certification. It would help if you kept in mind that a certificate is not mandatory to get started in this industry, but it is always good to have prior knowledge. This ensures that you get a competitive paralegal salary, Texas.

Many ABA-approved online paralegal programs in Texas give the best learning guidance to the aspirants. The most significant benefit of going for these programs is that they charge very minimal paralegal certification Texas costs. These affordable programs pose an opportunity for growth and career advancement.

Paralegal certification Texas
Paralegal certification Texas

Paralegal certification Texas – Preparation

When you are preparing for paralegal certification near me, you should exhibit a combination of experience, internships, education, and training. If you think that you excel in all these, then you can begin working as a document preparer or legal secretary. From here, you can easily be promoted to the position of a paralegal.

In addition to this, you can undergo a certificate program, too, to enhance your qualification. There are different national level certificates that you can take. The paralegal certification Texas costs are not very high. Within $1500-$2000, you can complete your course and be a certified paralegal practitioner.

If you need more resources to prepare for the certification courses, there are two main libraries in Texas. 

  1. Texas State Law Library
  2. County Law Libraries Index

You can get a vast expanse of print and digital collections in these libraries. You can also build interpersonal connections with practitioners and students to increase your contacts. Remember, contacts and sources are vital in the legal sector.

ABA-approved online paralegal programs in Texas

As said earlier, the certification is voluntary, but Texas has special certification programs too. The Texas Board of Legal Specialization conducts yearly certification examinations to authenticate the paralegals. Those who qualify are called Board Certified and get leverage in job applications.

If you wish to take up a course in Paralegal studies on the Bachelor’s or Baccalaureate level, there are many ABA-approved online paralegal programs in Texas. Here is a list of renowned universities, paralegal classes near me and institutes providing paralegal certificate programs:

  1. Texas State University- San Marcos
  2. Texas A&M University- Commerce
  3. San Jacinto College- North Houston
  4. Lone Star College-North Harris- Houston
  5. Lee College- Baytown
  6. Lamar State College- Port Arthur
  7. Kaplan College- Dallas
  8. El Centro College- Dallas
  9. Amarillo College- Amarillo

Paralegal Certification Online Texas – Job outlook

After getting your paralegal certification online in Texas you can join a government, public, or non-profit organization. You can also work under a practicing attorney to learn more from their experience. Houston boasts of the maximum number of large law firms in Texas, followed by Dallas and San Antonio. Major corporations that hire paralegals are AT&T, American Airlines, Dell Computers, etc. 

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics reports, there were 22,730 practicing paralegals in Texas, as of 2017. The Bureau also predicts a 15% rise in the employment of paralegals from 2016-2026. Such projections reflect a favorable consideration of paralegals in the legal industry and ensure the availability of job prospects.

Texas paralegal certification – Salary overview

The paralegal salary, Texas, is reasonably consistent and higher than the national average of $50,410. A paralegal practitioner makes an average of $54,940 in Texas, can vary according to the experience and geographical location. The cost of living is also an essential factor. Paralegal certification Dallas and paralegal certification Houston have a higher density of law firms, leading to better salaries.

Here is a paralegal salary in Texas distribution according to the metro areas:

Metro Area Number of Employees Average Annual Salary
Austin-Round Rock-San Marcos 3,430 $50,040
Dallas-Fort Worth-Arlington 6,670 $61,320
Houston-The Woodlands-Sugar Land 5,920 $61,770
San Antonio-New Braunfels 1,890 $45,550
Paralegal certification in Texas
Paralegal certification in Texas

Paralegal certification in Texas – Active associations

To expand your knowledge of the industry and interact with the likes of you, there are many paralegal associations in Texas that you can join. Here is a list of the most active associations for paralegal certification online texas:

  1. Bell County Bar Association Paralegals
  2. Capital Area Paralegal Association 
  3. Dallas Area Paralegal Association
  4. Denton County Paralegal Association
  5. El Paso Paralegal Association
  6. Houston Association of Bankruptcy Paralegals
  7. Houston Corporate Paralegal Association
  8. Houston Paralegal Association
  9. North Texas Paralegal Association
  10. San Antonio Paralegal Association
  11. Southeast Texas Association of Paralegals
  12. State Bar of Texas Paralegal Division
  13. West Texas Paralegal Association

From networking events to seminars and volunteering opportunities, these associations circle all their activities around the life and work of a paralegal. There are separate provisions for those specializing in a branch of paralegal duties. As an aspirant, you should also desire to be a part of such reputed groups after getting your Paralegal certification Texas. For any further queries feel free to contact us and you can also find us at online schools near me.