Paralegal Career For Dummies (published 2019, 2nd edition) is a book written by Scott A. Hatch and Lisa Zimmer Hatch that is a comprehensive “all you need to know” guide on your decision to become a paralegal. The book, published by John Wiley & Sons Inc. in Hoboken, New Jersey, and simultaneously in Canada, is around 540 pages in length and filled with fundamental illustrations and relevant information for the reader’s ease. You can get all your desired information about law school.

This guidebook has an intricate lesson plan for beginners that takes them through lucrative legal professions, the know-how of legal knowledge, how the law works, and what to expect in the domain. There are varied templates for paralegals who are new to the paralegals jobs on how to move on and advance their careers. It is complete with a list of secondary sources, tables, data, and a hoard of online links to help you. 

Paralegal Career for Dummies
Paralegal Career for Dummies

Paralegal Career for Dummies – How to use the book

When you begin reading the paralegal book, you shall see an “Introduction” part that helps you navigate through the chapters seamlessly. There are 21 chapters divided into five parts with an additional 6th part in the book. Besides, there is also a list of relevant tables and illustrations that can guide you as required. 

It is mentioned that the guide is a reference book and can be accessed anytime from any relevant page as needed. But there is no bar in reading the book from end to end if you want to.  The six primary sections are divided into:

  • The exclusive paralegal jobs
  • Critical legal concepts every paralegal should know 
  • The paralegal practicing in the civil process
  • Identifying paralegal career advancement skills
  • The top ten of everything that paralegals should know
  • A mini paralegal dictionary and further online resources

The Paralegal Career for Dummies book is divided into self-describing chapters that come with a mini “in this chapter” bullet list with a general description of what is in the chapter for the reader to see if it helps them or not. Additionally, most of the book is written in bullets and pointers to help one remember clearly. Along with the know-how, this book has innumerable paralegal cv, cover-letters, sample job applications, research templates for paralegals to help guide the job application and interview processes. You can also find resources to study for your examinations and pursue online courses.

Paralegal for dummies online – Making most of the useful information 

While most readers tend to skip that, the list of secondary references and illustrations are significant and an integral part of the paralegal career for dummies book . Owing to its length, many sometimes accidentally miss the critical components. Fortunately, the handbook comes with four main important icons that help you navigate better. All of them are yellow circles found inside the book, and each of them represents different critical identifiers. 

  • TIP: the book highlights the more critical and primary points regarding a paralegal’s job through this icon. This is shaped like a lit bulb. 
  • TECHNICAL STUFF: This icon is shaped like a young, smiling man with spectacles and a triangular face. This icon mainly helps beginners to understand the basic legal jargon needed for research and the examinations.
  • WARNING: The warning icon looks similar to a police traffic signal of “warning,” with an exclamation mark inside a round-edged triangle. As the name suggests, this icon warns beginners or newbies in the job what to do and what to avoid, hence maintaining their workplace professionalism.
  • REMEMBER: This icon looks like a right-hand palm with a ribbon tied to the first finger. It highlights the already said essential points that are crucial to be not forgotten and cannot be skipped by any chance.

It is advised you thoroughly follow parts 1 and 2 if you wish to gain a better and comprehensive understanding of the profession before you pursue it. The book also recommends more research if you are yet to give the relevant examinations or degree-course semesters.

Paralegal career for dummies book
Paralegal career for dummies book

Paralegal career for dummies book – Similar books to read

The book Paralegal Career For Dummies provides you with probably all the relevant details of the profession, but if you want to move forward with research a bit more before concluding a life-changing decision, here are some more books that you can choose from.

  • The Professional Paralegal: A Guide to Finding a Job and Career Success by Charlsye Smith Diaz. 

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  • Surviving and Thriving in the Law Office by Richard Hughes. 

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  • Black’s Law Dictionary, 10th edition by Bryan A. Garner. 

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  • How to Learn and Memorize Legal Terminology by Anthony Metivier. 

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  • The Pocket Guide to Legal Writing (‘001) by William H. Putman. 

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Careers for dummies
Careers for dummies

Careers for dummies – Why should I keep it?

Even when you are a beginner or a professional paralegal experiencing a little glitch in your job, paralegal career is your go-to book. With its reader-friendly approach and a beautiful effort to insert the A to Z of paralegals inside five hundred-odd pages, this book provides an overall acceleration to your career with pro tips of what to do and what not to do.

The guidebook encourages the use of many online links and guides for different requirements for an aspirant. It also has an assortment of job application sample templates for paralegals in the making to take inspiration from.


With the handbook PDF available Paralegal for dummies online, you can carry the Paralegal Career For Dummies book on your phones or keep it on your work desk for work reference. With this excellent assistant by your side, you can ace your profession or achieve your dream to become a paralegal.  Visit our homepage Online school near me webpage.