Paradise Valley Community College is a community college that offers more the 55 certificate and degree programs. If you have finally decided to go ahead and apply for admission in a bachelor program, then you need to know a few things ahead of time. Not only should you be aware of the eligibility criteria to get admitted to the college but you also need to know how you can proceed in your college life in order to become a successful person as far as your career is concerned.

You may also be curious to know about Paradise Valley Community College jobs that you can get a hold of once you pass out from the college. Internships are equally important for building your career, and you must not waste any opportunity to seek a proper internship option whenever possible. 

Doing your research ahead of time would help you to stay active and always be on the front foot when it comes to detecting favorable opportunities. Your time at this Community College would prove to be a valuable period in your life. So, let’s not wait for long and start discussing everything regarding Paradise Valley Community College and what you can expect from your academic career.

Paradise Valley Community College
Paradise Valley Community College

Paradise Valley Community College – Details

The campus is situated in a town with a total of 8,447 enrollments. The school uses an academic year that is focused on a semester. The faculty-student ratio is 19 to 1. An associate degree is the highest graduation offered at this college. The school has an open admissions policy. It has expanded in both campus size and enrollment along with the development of the Phoenix area.

Paradise Valley Community College map

The college address is 18401 N 32nd St, Phoenix, AZ 85032, United States. It is a public community college in Phoenix, Arizona. The college campus is at Black Mountain, opened in August 2009 in the far northern section of Scottsdale. One can also use the college phone number (+1 602-787-7000) for more information or admission process. Now, as you came to know about paradise valley community college map, lets explore more about the college.


For 2017-2018, the in-state tuition and fees were $2,094, and the out-of-state tuition and fees were $7,878. There is no request fee involved. One can also look for cheap online colleges without application fee for any help.

  • In-State: $2,094
  • Out-of-State: $7,878

Students Information

Here are some vital students’ statistics of the Paradise Valley Community College as per the 2017-18 register.

  1. Full-time Students: 2,354
  2. Part-time Students: 6,093
  3. Male Student Percentage: 44%
  4. Female Student Percentage: 56%
  5. Total Students: 8,447
Paradise Valley Community College jobs
Paradise Valley Community College jobs

Paradise Valley Community College jobs

Students are eligible to receive diplomas and qualifications in 15 different fields. The common programs include:

  1. Liberal Arts and Sciences,
  2. General Studies and Humanities,
  3. Business, Management,
  4. Marketing,
  5. Related Support Services, and
  6. Physical Science.

Whether you’re continuing education or just starting on a career path or looking to move up in your current profession, Paradise Valley Community College is for you here. The fields of interest listed below have been organized to help you clarify which career path you want to pursue. Simply pick an area of interest to explore the choices available for degree and qualification in your chosen field.

Each field of interest represents a community of students, faculty, and staff who will provide you with the information, support, and encouragement you need to succeed. So immerse yourself in your passion and start to build a career you’ll love. At Paradise Valley Community College, the possibilities are limitless!

  1. Applied Tech: Here you learn how to design, build, or repair high-tech equipment and processes as you get on-the-job, hands-on experience.
  2. Human Services and behavioral sciences: Support others, help the community, and better the lives of those in need through a health care, education, and more fulfilling career.
  3. Entrepreneurship, Business, and Management: To give you the skills you need to be an economic and social leader, the college has built a specific education pathway that deals with the world of business, entrepreneurship, and management.
  4. Computers and Informatics: Get the real-world experience and skills you need to succeed in gaming, programming, web design, tech support, and more. If interested in computer you can also look for cheapest online computer science degree.
  5. Culture and Society: Such a program helps you to learn how to tackle complex global issues. You can choose across a wide range of fulfilling career options, ranging from communication and sociology to history, economics, and beyond. 
  6. Education: Start your career as an instructor, an instructional designer, an administrator, and more if you enjoy learning and want to help students achieve their potential.
  7. Healthcare services: If your passion is to help people live better, safer, healthier lives, then you can build your career as a nurse, as a physical therapist, as an EMT, as a personal trainer and more.
  8. Science, Technology, Math, and Engineering: If you love to solve issues creatively and discover new frontiers with a demanding STEM profession. This particular pathway is the right choice for you.
  9. Performing and Visual Arts: Unleash your imagination while fine-tuning your skills while pursuing a career in visual art, architecture, dance, music, fashion, movies, or theatre.
Paradise Valley Community College book store
Paradise Valley Community College book store

Paradise Valley Community College book store

The campus also has a Learning Resource Center building which houses the library, computer labs, and tutoring center. The Paradise Valley College Life Science Building is a glimpse of what technology should be — a catalyst — for the world. Building and site have become a landmark field and a focus of use by biotechnology companies, colleges, and private partners since its completion, and in its first year of service, it has contributed to a more than 40 percent increase in enrollment for science programs.

The paradise valley community college book store building is situated on the edge of an existing campus of the 1970s, between a series of low-slung one-story masonry buildings to the north, a campus ring road to the west, and a vacant desert to the east, which is planned to be the future green campus. The creation of the site is inextricably connected with the design of the house.

The existing Paradise Valley Community College campus arterial walkways are extended through the new building, thereby enhancing the campus community across all sides. The walkway becomes a pedestrian bridge on the east, floating slightly above the desert landscape – visually and physically uniting the building to the north campus and extending it to the future expansion of the campus that is planned south of the ring road.

A broad roof canopy and interactive pods are a dynamic Portico public that defines the edge of the future green campus, providing significant public space for the campus and the local community. The collaborative pods include resources, blackboards, and data.

The sloped roof shades the glazed east façade and collects rainwater that is directed to two large vertical collectors serving an underground cistern designed to provide irrigation. Innovative planning is modular and flexible with a 1st-floor lab zone in L shape connecting to a lab support area.

All primary mechanical equipment immediately available in the Paradise Valley Community College book store is above the lab support zone to eliminate shafts and the second-floor is built for light-filled offices and instructional zones. Certain sustainable features have also been included in the building, such as the capacity for harvesting rainwater, xeriscape landscape, recycled content materials, and materials that require little maintenance including the concrete floors and the copper panels.

All About ACE 

Paradise Valley Community College offers Juniors a chance to earn college credits while they are still in high school. The ACE (Achieving a College Education) program is a scholarship program that offers the opportunity of taking college credit courses while still enrolled in high school to qualifying students.

ACE encourages these high school students to obtain greater education and life success by acquiring the skills they need to navigate high school, attend college, and prepare a prosperous future for themselves.

Students Should Be Eligible for ACE in the First Place

College applicants must possess one or more of the following features to qualify:

  • Family member first to enter college
  • Shown financial need
  • Underrepresented population and/or learner of the English language
  • Environmental risk factors (for example, a student born in foster care, teen parents, etc.) should be considered on a case-by-case basis.

All About Puma College Connection 

Paradise Valley Community College also provides a two-year program for driven juniors, who have strong academic and attendance records and who want a jump start at college. While still in high school, students can complete up to 35 semester hours of general education work in the lower division.

For the first year at a university, students at the Puma College Connection who have completed their general education requirements may enter the university as a sophomore.

If a student chooses to stay in the program beyond high school for one year, they will complete their Associate’s Degree and be able to enter the university as a junior and gain admission to their specific major (assuming that all the other requirements have been met by the candidate). Remember, this is not a scholarship program, as students need to pay their tuition cost per credit.

Highlights of the Program 

You must receive 35 credits from the college while saving time and money while still enrolling in high school. There are other conditions you need to follow in order to apply for the program. All courses completed with a C or higher pass to the three state Universities of Arizona. Students attend PVHS classes until the 4th period and then in the afternoon, they attend their college classes at Paradise Valley Community College.

The Hoop of Learning Program 

The Hoop of Learning program aims at raising high school graduation and retention levels, growing Native American enrollment and college attendance, inspiring Native American students to achieve their goals, enhancing Native American cultural curricula, raising campus diversity and strengthening partnerships with local Native American communities, school districts, and other agencies. One can also check out for best and cheap online colleges.

Paradise Valley Community College classes
Paradise Valley Community College classes

Paradise Valley Community College classes -Eligibility Requirements

A student must be a registered member of a recognized federal / state tribe (or in the process of obtaining a census number):

  • Students must contact their advisor at the high school for approval.
  • Applicants must submit a SIF (Student Information Form) with an Application for Learning Hoop
  • The application process for College link ACE / PUMA / HOOP
  • Applications may be accessed from the counseling or college & career office or the student development office of Paradise Valley Community College.
  • Students may register for secondary school during their Sophomore year.
  • Applications for students are due by 15th December to high school counselors.
  • Transportation to and from Paradise Valley Community College is the sole responsibility of the students and their respective parents.
  • A student must present proof of citizenship (CIB or Certificate of Birth)
  • Students must take Reading, Writing & Math Evaluation Exams.
  • Students must have a High School minimum of 2.00 GPA (Later we will instruct you on how to calculate your GPA).
  • Students & their parent(s) are required to attend an obligatory orientation.

What exactly is West-MEC? 

West-MEC is a public school district committed to offering creative career and technical education services for students to prepare them for entrance into the workforce and continuing education. This program allows juniors and seniors to begin vocational training while still in high school and to be accredited in that profession after the program’s completion.

Students must sign up for this program, depending on the program, during the fall of their Sophomore or Junior year. For more information about each program please visit the West-MEC website.

Locations for West-MEC Career Courses

West-MEC Career courses are conducted off-campus, and the training sites are spread throughout the valley for the programs. Students are expected to have their own transport from and to their training site.

Health Care Academy 

Consider the Health Care Academy Programs in your junior and/or senior year if you have an interest in nursing or some other medical field.

Health Care Programs 

These programs are the perfect options for gaining expertise, information, and experience in a number of clinical sampling fields. It’s your opportunity to combine knowledge with some realistic experience. Undergraduates and senior students can apply for this program during the fall of their sophomore or junior year.

Healthcare Assistant 

This class would provide the necessary training and education to students in order to be eligible to take the AZ State Board of Nursing certification exam to become a CNA upon completion of the course. This curriculum is available for senior students who have completed the Health Care Pathways Curriculum previously.

Employment and Internship Opportunities at Paradise Valley College

As we have already discussed on paradise valley community college classes, let’s check on the internship opportunities. Generally, there are three kinds of internship and employment opportunities that students at the college may get hold of. They are as follows:

  • Jobs by local businesses
  • Internships
  • Temporary Campus Jobs

Paradise Valley Community College transcripts

You can request the transcripts online using your official Student Center portal. Simply, follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Visit
  • Log into your account using your MEID and password.
  • Under the “Academic History” section, you must click the drop-down menu, named “other academic”
  • Then choose Request Transcript

Or else, you can also request for the paradise valley community college transcripts using the official application.

How can You Prepare ahead of your entry into College
How can You Prepare ahead of your entry into College

How can You Prepare ahead of your entry into College?

It can be a big transition for the students to move from high school to college. There are ways to prepare before even stepping foot in a classroom or dorm for those stressing on this new life chapter. From studying academic resources to cultivating good interpersonal skills, the following tips will help new freshmen coordinate themselves and lay the groundwork for college success.

Read more

Your college coursework will consist of much more reading than is required in high school. Students will begin to get used to the increased workload by reading books before college, during high school, and in the summer. What you are reading isn’t as critical as how much, but it helps pick suggestions for your planned major college or academic and personal interest areas.

Start Researching in Advance 

Students at most colleges do not know with certainty which college program they will be pursuing the first day of the freshman year. But, in preparation for selecting courses, students should start thinking about what they might want to study. For example, those interested in pre law and pre med should learn more about these tracks, if they are offered by their college.

Take the opportunity to discover what kind of academic advisory programs your university has to offer. It is also a good idea to develop a link with someone who can help you find out the best plan of action to meet all of your major/minor needs.

Polish your social skills

Colleges often push their students to gain strong communication skills. An ability to express ideas clearly and function collaboratively can serve students well, from group projects to engage with professors. That involves coping with social issues; before arriving on campus, many students would find themselves living in a dorm with a roommate they didn’t meet.

And they should be aware of the policies of each college to apply for a roommate or to find a replacement. Furthermore, communication and problem-solving skills will be essential qualities when it comes to applying during and after graduation for jobs and internships. In that respect, students should consider enrolling on campus in courses that once teach soft skills.


It can be a challenge for even the most committed student to balance the academic and social demands of college. But there are plenty of digital tools designed for students, and a small organization can go a long way to ensuring that time is wisely spent. 

Smartphone applications and resources can help reduce the time spent on entertainment and social media for students and can help to keep your study plans on track.

Contact your professors before commencing classes

Cultivating a strong teacher-student relationship can go a long way to helping the students succeed. Once students have selected their classes, they will consider sending out a number of teachers by email or asking whether they can meet during orientation. 

Get the most out of events for orientation

Orientation starts weeks or months before your actual classes begin. It’s a perfect way to make friends and get acclimated to the school. Ask a lot of questions and try to make yourself as outgoing as possible. Make sure everyone tries to make friends and adapt to a new environment, so don’t be shy. 

Many schools offer unique first-year experiences after orientation, which helps students connect further with their classmates and the college community. The college provides students with a range of opportunities to pursue established interests or embark on new hobbies. 

Whether it’s playing sports, joining a musical ensemble, or engaging in social issues, many schools make getting involved easily. Before arriving, having an action plan will help you select meaningful activities and ensure that no important sign-up dates or meetings are missing.

Know where you can get academic help

Many colleges have offices to help brainstorm students and write essays. Students with difficulties in a class, or who just want to talk one-on-one with the professor, should take advantage of the open office hours. School libraries may also provide professional personnel and tools for learning to support the students.

Find more resources to succeed at college

After freshman year the college experience doesn’t end, and the U.S. Media provides a wealth of knowledge on everything from seeking scholarships to writing a resume for jobs such as internships. You could get the latest news also by following Facebook and Twitter.

Calculating your GPA 

Now that you have decided to start your college journey, you must understand how your GPA is calculated. It always helps to have knowledge about these things, so that when the situation demands, you can calculate your GPA beforehand and strategize your study plans accordingly.

Here is the method that you need to follow in order to calculate your GPA at college:

  • Multiply your total grade value for each course you took, with the total hours of credit that have been fixed for that course.
  • Quality points would be the result of that multiplication. Now, add the credit hours with the quality points.
  • After this, you need to divide your total quality points by the total attempted hours.


We believe that we have answered pretty much everything about the Paradise Valley Community College that you have asked for. We understand that when you’re new to college, a thrill works in the background of your mind. And out of that thrilling experience, students often make decisions in a hurry, without thinking too much about future prospects.

It is our responsibility to help you out in deciding the best course of your future. Therefore, whenever you have any doubts regarding your career and in case you need any further answers about Paradise Valley Community College, feel free to leave a comment below. We’ll get back to you soon. For more information find us at online schools near me.