Online Secondary Education Degree provides secondary education is the primary 3-4 years of high school. It is a bridge between early childhood education and college education. It focuses on preparing students for their adulthood. Ideally, it refers to the 9th -12th grades, when a student enters junior high or high school. Moreover, it can also include middle school education (6th – 8th grades), as per the applicable jurisdiction. Secondary education was not compulsory in the US in the past. We have provided in depth analysis about all the available high school as well.

The moment schools became compulsory. So, The significant rise in the number of students became a subject of concern for the authorities. This gave rise to the need for qualified and trained teachers in the education system. Perhaps, the demand for trained and qualified teachers with Online Secondary Education Degree rose significantly in the US. 

A secondary education teacher will work with high school students and will help them in becoming responsible citizens of the country. So, This course will teach them the basic theories of teaching, curriculum implementations, and planning. However, they can go for a particular specialization or general study course; the choice is entirely theirs!

online secondary education degree
Online Secondary Education Degree

Online Secondary Education Degree – Major Specializations

Here are some major specializations:

  • English
  • Mathematics
  • Science
  • Music
  • Social studies
  • Physical Education
  • Literature
  • Biology
  • Calculus
  • Foreign Language

For Online High School Teaching Degree – Admission Criteria

While, The duration of an online bachelor’s degree in secondary education is around 3-5 years. Moreover, around 1-2 years of this duration is dedicated to general studies. Please note that every program is unique and might have different requirements. They might differ in course study, program length, thesis, and admission criteria. Here are some common courses that you may study in your online secondary education degree.

Practicum in Secondary Education

You see, observation is a crucial part of a secondary education program; be it full-time or online. This course centers on general secondary English courses. By observing the English teachers, students will learn how to effectively handle issues related to curriculum, classroom management, and implementation.

Early Intervention Strategies

When Interventions are crucial for all the struggling students in any subject area. Moreover, intervention strategies target those students who find issues with writing, reading, or math. This Online high schoolteaching degree course will teach you strategies to help such students through personalized study lessons.

Teaching Internship

Indeed, Internship comes when a student finishes his necessary practicum coursework. This is a crucial phase of the coursework wherein the candidate is required to work with students in a classroom setting. An internship is done in the specialization chosen by the candidate. 

Online Secondary Education Certification Programs- Skills & Career Options

Here are some lucrative job options for online secondary education degree graduates:

Adult Literacy or High School Diploma Teacher

These are the professionals who work with adults and teach them the basics of writing skills. They earn a median salary of $53,630 per year. It is estimated that the demand for this profile is expected to increase by 10% in the coming years. You may also check the details how many credits for high school diploma.

High School Teacher

On the positive side,this is a profile that is responsible to teach high school students. They earn a median salary of $60,320 per year. Apart from that, the demand for this profile is expected to increase by 5% by the next year.

Instructional Coordinator

Instructional coordinator is responsible to oversee the curriculum, study materials, and training needs of the teachers. This is a crucial profile for the educational institution. The average salary of an instructional coordinator is around $64,450 and the demand for these professionals is expected to rise by 6% in the coming years. 

Elementary or Kindergarten School Teacher

These teachers work with very young students who have just started their school journeys. These teachers earn an average salary of $57,980 per annum. The good news is, their demand expects to increase by 10% in the coming years. 

Middle School Teacher

The median salary of middle school teachers is around $58,600 per year. However,Their demand expects to increase by 7% in the coming years. 

Post-Secondary Teacher

The average salary of these teachers is around $78,470 per annum. Their demand is expecting to witness an increase of 11% in the coming years. 

Special Education Teacher

These teachers are responsible to work with students who have learning disabilities. They work at all levels ranging from young students to teenagers. Their median salary is around $60,600 and this profile is expecting to see a growth of 5% by the next year. 

How Online Secondary Education Degrees can help in Professional Growth
How Online Secondary Education Degrees can help in Professional Growth

How Online Secondary Education Degrees can help in Professional Growth – Beneficial Methods

Why should you opt for a secondary education degree online? Here are some professional benefits of pursuing this progressive study course:

  • Secondary Teaching Methods – Infact, There are no second thoughts that teaching at a higher level is different from teaching young students. Pursuing this course will equip you with relevant knowledge and study tools that will work best with the higher school students who tend to have abstract thinking patterns.
  • Classroom Management – Classroom management strategy is the key to manage a class full of grown-up teenagers. This course will help you in learning the basics of this concept and effective methods to keep your teaching standards high. 
  • Adolescent Psychology – First thing to remember .You see the psychology of an adolescent student is very different than an elementary school student. An online secondary education degree course will help you in understanding their psychology and thinking process. So, This will also help the teachers in developing effective teaching strategies. You may also check details for online bachelors degree in secondary education

Secondary education is hands down one of the most lucrative career fields to enter. It is unfortunate that many people still underestimate this profession. But in reality, this profession is the base of an educated and mentally strong generation. This is a highly respectable job profile that requires intensive training and internships. You also may visit free online classes for high school diploma for future professional opportunities. 

BLS projects a whopping 15% increase in high school teaching jobs in the next 5 years. That means that in the coming years this profession will see a rise like no other in the economy. If, You also wish to pursue an online secondary education degree. Make sure you select the best online institute for yourself. So, go for proper research before finalizing a course. Good Luck! If anyone needs more information about this , please visit our home page Online Schools Near Me.