Online Music Education Degree: If you are keen on sharing your passion for music, this degree enables you to gain practical knowledge in exploring your capabilities in musicianship, performance techniques, marketing skills, and contemporary music tools and techniques. If you are a gifted soul who can’t afford Music school or are unable to live on campus, there are various online music courses. No matter your interest – to produce or perform, teach or research, waiting just for you. So, you see, all your ambitions can be fulfilled in just a click. Continue reading below to know more about the professional development course to make productive business decisions. 

Online music education degree
Online music education degree

Online Music Education Degree-Courses

This is not only about gigs as a freelancer or as part of a symphony orchestra – it is also about thorough knowledge of music theory. Music offers a variety of occupations, from performers or instrument players to technically sound students or research scholars.

An online music education degree helps equip students with a firm knowledge of digital and analog recording systems, artistic flair required to dabble in mixing, and how to use editing software and tools. Besides, most programs have liberal arts subjects where online music degree are taught how to compose original scores & compositions. Post-production responsibilities like branding, sales, and public relations get covered in the Marketing classes.

Online music production degree – Associate Degrees

Online music production degree
Online music production degree

Fit for ones looking to get introduced to principles of music performance and or the inside out of music business.

Eligibility: High school diploma or GED, to apply. Some schools might require an audition.
Duration: 2-year; 60 credit hours.


  • Music Theory
    Focuses on background principles, musicianship, fundamentals, rudimentary techniques, music appreciation, and music history.
  • Performance
    Perform in student ensembles to compositions set to stage.
  • Business
    Music industry structure, marketing, audio production

  • Education
    Instructional methods, student evaluation, and curriculum development

Employment: Play music in performing arts companies, as part of a band, in religious or civic organizations. Becoming opera singers or school teachers would be difficult with an Associate Degree.

Online Music Education Degree Bachelors

In-depth learning of a particular aspect of Music is possible through Bachelor’s degrees. online Music education degree bachelor’s offer an interdisciplinary combination of topics such as music production & composition, performance, etc.

Eligibility: Basic music performance skills or coursework, plus a high school Diploma.
Duration: 4-year; 120 credit hours.


  • Instruments
    Specialization in one or many instruments like percussion or bass. Perform in University chorus, jazz orchestra, and other performance ensembles.
  • Music History
    Musicianship lessons are imparted with less focus on live performance and more on the bedrock of principles and rudiments of the science and art behind music.
  • Other Courses
    May include music production & technology, marketing & music business, music composition, and original scores, music therapy, etc.

Employment: Online Music Education Degree Bachelors student are free to pursue several options like becoming music composers or choir directors or conductors, pursue scoring as composers or music producers or freelance artists. Music education degree can also become high school music teachers or even music software developers. You can also collect information about fashion designing online courses free also get fashion design certificate online.

Online Masters Degree in Music Education

Students can shape their career in music around their choice of subjects as they delve deeper into niche areas of interest.

Eligibility: Accredited Bachelor’s Degree in Music-related field, GPA of 3.0 or higher, Board Certification (for Music Therapy Programs), Letters of Recommendation, Statement of Intent
Duration: 2 years.


  • History of Music
    The bedrock foundations of Music are explored, tracing back the associated philosophies right up to the Greece-Roman era. Students are taught to examine the purpose of music throughout history and where online music education degree stands in the contemporary context.
  • Instructional Design
    To learn to design and implement music lessons, curricula, conceptual frameworks, learning tools, and assessment techniques.
  • Music Education Research
    Students learn to develop scholarly writing skills, ability to examine literature & music resources, conduct interviews – all meant to explore the field of research proposals. Thus, Online masters degree in music education learn the ropes of evaluating criteria, collecting & interpreting data, presenting analysis, and finally applying the findings to teaching practices.
  • Psychology of Music
    The acoustics of music and the human responses to this degree are explored along with hearing and perception, to understand human interaction with Music. Graduates are thus enabled to meet with online music education degree individual needs of future students via psychological principles and theories. One can also visit school psychology program online which could prove to be extremely beneficial to you.


  • Music Directors
    They lead orchestras, choirs, bands, by balancing timing & rhythm as well as melody & volume of individual players by giving feedback to each musician in the ensemble. Online music production degree selection of compositions and arrangements for performances are done by Music Directors.

    Media Annual Salary – $50,110
  • Music Teachers in Elementary Schools
    Create lesson plans to impart musical knowledge with young children – developing an ear for music and perceptive skills through music therapy from a young age.

    Median Annual Salary – $55,490

  • Music Teachers in Middle & High Schools
    Guide gifted students towards higher studies or careers in Music

    Median Annual Salary – $53,375
  • Music Professors
    Work as an adjunct or full-time professor at Colleges/Universities to create musical instructional plans, conduct research, advise students on their academic/career path, serve on administrative committees, etc.

    Median Annual Salary – $75,430
  • Professional Musicians
    Perform for live audiences, compose, and record with bands or individually, give private lessons to adults and children.

    Median Annual Salary – $48,131

Doctoral Degrees in Music

Students can continue their academics with online Doctoral degrees, and receive a deeper understanding of music theory or musicology.

Eligibility: Master’s Degree (often students with Bachelor’s Degrees are accepted), pass music performance evaluation.
Duration: 5-7 years or longer.


  • Specialization
    The first few years are spent in taking advanced courses in their respective specialization areas.
  • Research
    Developing dissertation & defense exercise, an in-depth study of music education, etc.

Employment: Tenure track professors, University administrative posts in Academia, jobs in performing arts or non-profit organizations.

Online Music Degree Certificate

Training is focused on areas of performance, business, and composition. Online music degree certificate are at the Undergraduate and Graduate level.

Eligibility: High School Diploma or Bachelor’s Degree; some programs require an audition. Duration: 1-year; 3 to 10 courses.


  • Musical Performance
    Meant for those who sing or compose music or can play instruments through participation in music ensembles.
  • Theory
    Music History, music composition methods, performance techniques, musicianship
  • Business
    Covers aspects of the music industry – from creation till release.
  • Music Technology
    Digital music production, audio technology, multimedia.

Employment: Depending on skill level, performance experience, and education achieved, one can use the experience to start preparations for Bachelor’s Degree or to study at a Conservatory, to apply for entry-level positions in music production & marketing or to start performing in orchestra/band/solo. You can also start work as private music instructors post the completion of the online music education degree certificate.

Best online music courses- Accreditation

Best online music courses
Best online music courses

The stamp of approval of the School or Program you enroll in from an outside independent organization equals rigorous academic standards is known as accreditation. It is not mandatory to pursue an accredited degree but you need one if you intend to get a teacher’s license, transfer credits from another school, or use the online music education degree education UG degree to apply to graduate degree programs.

So, prospective online students must always look for regional or national programs accredited by organizations that are recognized by the US Department of Education. An example would be the National Association of Schools of Music.


Online music education degree not with standing, one needs intense dedication and natural flair to succeed in this field. Neither success nor popularity in Music is guaranteed overnight. So, one needs to be flexible regarding earning expectations.

In an ever-growing industry, the more distinguished you are – the more your chance of landing a position among music producers, managers, promoters, or record level executives. Musicians or singers don’t need formal education, but graduate degrees help you find work as composers for commercials, films, video games, and other multimedia assignments.


A college education, whether completed online or on campus, can help budding musicians hone & expand their skills and knowledge. Thus, a best online music courses promises towards greater financial stability through jobs in Music Education & Production, Music Technology & Management, teaching, or performing.

For whatsoever query you have in kick starting your online music education degree, feel free to connect with us and we shall be happy to clear your doubts. You can also visit our homepage online school near me for further knowledge and clarification.