Online doctorate in education nowadays becoming an option for a lot of people. This is due to less time, the comfort of technology, and scheduling conflicts. People pursue an online doctor of education to earn a terminal degree, professional quality for academic, administrative, and leadership positions that demand a doctorate in education. Visit here for all information about master degree.

In this article, we are going to have a look at an online doctorate in education programs offered by various colleges. We will also focus on an online doctorate in education administration and online doctorate in education cost. You will have all your doubts cleared after reading it.  

Earning such a degree qualifies graduates for advanced academic leadership and administrative posts. It will lead to an increase in wages. According to the report of the Bureau of Labour Standards, educators on average earn an annual salary of $78,470, and high school and elementary educators earn roughly around $57000-$61000. You can also check details about Phd education online

Advantages of these programs are, they are –

  1. Cheaper
  2. More accessible
  3. Open for all
Online Doctorate In Education
Online Doctorate In Education

Doctorate In Education Online – Top Accredited

Here is the list of the top accredited online doctorate in education programs and the institutes that offer them. 

  • Allen College– Allen College is a private institution located in Waterloo. The college has one of the best online doctorates in education courses. The doctorate programs are best for those here who want to work in the health sciences.

    A rolling-admission policy is used by the college so that doctoral students can begin a course in fall or spring. Students interested in pursuing an Ed.D. in the health profession need 46 credits to graduate. Those who are opting for a full-time program can complete their studies in eight semesters.  

Allen College also considers students incoming in the college for a 25% scholarship program. Students need a 3.0 GPA or higher for being eligible for consideration.

  • Arizona State University– ASU is a public institute in Arizona. The University is top-rated and more than 80,000 students are enrolled in it. It offers one of the best online degree programs in Education.

    Doctor of education are required to complete 20 classes or a minimum of 90 credits to earn this degree. Courses generally last 8 weeks here. The focus is on collaborative approaches to data-based decision making and systems change and leadership.

    Applicants are required to earn a minimum of 3.0 GPA in bachelor’s and master’s degrees. To get admission here, the aspirant is required to submit official transcripts, a personal statement, and proof of English proficiency.
  • Concordia University– This is a private institute situated in Texas. It specializes in liberal arts. This institute educates approximately 2,600 students and offers an online doctorate in education. The fully online programs consist of specialization areas in educational administration and instruction.

    Online students can also get a superintendent certification. Upon completing this course, the pass outs from this program pursue careers in consulting, curriculum design, research, academic publishing, and University teaching. The requirement to pursue the course from here is a minimum of 3.0GPA and a master’s degree.

    The university also expects applicants to have at least a teaching experience of 5 years under their belt.
  • John Hopkins University– It is a private university that has received accreditation by the Middle States Commission on Higher doctor of education. Online doctorate in education programs are designed for students staying in remote areas. The focus of the curriculum is on supporting students to develop advanced research skills with an emphasis on transformative leadership.

    The student is required to complete 90 credits to acquire this degree. There is also an option of transferring credits from the master’s program. This allows the learners to complete the program is approx. eight semesters.

To enroll here, students should have a master’s degree from an accredited college.

  • Liberty University– It is an evangelical Christian institute. It has received accreditation from the Southern Association of Colleges.

    The courses in a doctorate in education online follow an eight-week format, which allows students to complete their degree in an asynchronous format. Online learners choose from specialized tracks in curriculum and instruction. There are elementary education programs, middle-school education as well as special education.

    Full-time learners can complete this course in three years. The total number of credits in this program is 54. To be admitted here for Ph.D., the aspirant must possess a master’s degree from an accredited institute and a minimum of 3.0 GPA.
  • North-eastern University– The online doctorate in education at North-eastern University typically takes three to four years for learners to complete. The colleges have received accreditation for online courses from the New England Commission of Higher education.

    This university is one of the best and has received very positive reviews. There are various specializations to choose from for the students such as organizational leadership studies, sports leadership, curriculum, etc. The programs also demand an in-person residency certificate as one of the prerequisites to join here.

    Applicants must possess practical experience of three years to opt for this degree. They must also submit their academic transcripts, admission statement, and three letters of recommendation.
  • Nova South-eastern University- It is located in Florida. It holds accreditation from the Southern Association of Colleges and schools. The Online Doctorate In Education programs here have received very positive feedback.

    The curriculum features educational leadership, reading, and comprehensive education and special education. Learners finish coursework online. The aspirants must complete a master’s degree with a minimum of 3.0 GPA to get themselves enrolled.
  • Oregon State University- This is a state-owned university with excellent online programs. Doctorates are provided in adult and higher education here. It requires students to complete around 108 credits at graduation.

The hybrid course prepares students for leadership roles in many positions, including posts at universities and community colleges. Students will have to attend a face to face meetings with the instructor once a week. They will also have to participate in group projects and complete online assignments.

Incoming students can transfer up to 36 credits from an accredited master’s program and must possess a 3.0 GPA or higher.

  • Azusa Pacific University- This College is located in California. The school educates around 11,000 students. Learners can pursue a doctorate in higher education here. It is a three-year program that features a hybrid learning model.

    Required classes include philosophy, the spirituality of leadership, diversity and social justice, education law and policy, inquiry project.
    Those who have enrolled in the online Doctorate in education program will have to attend a one-week session each June and participate in in-person classes once in 9 months.

    The college provides affordable and top-class online programs that are boosted by the presence of experienced teachers.
  • Northern Greenville University- It is a Baptist university that is located in South Carolina. It offers a hybrid online education doctorate program. This course requires distance learners to complete t least 60 credits to complete graduation.

    Online students are given the option of either going for k-12 leadership or go for higher education leadership. Each specialization allows learners to focus on developing research skills and improving problem-solving skills. These skills are needed to become principal, dean, administrator, etc.

    In core classes, organizational development, ethical leadership skills, conflict resolution, and social foundation studies are taught.
  • The University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign- This College holds accreditation from the Higher Learning Commission and offers an online doctorate in education in the domain.

    Doctoral students in education select from majors in diversity and equity in education, basics and application of e-learning education, global studies in education, understanding design, and leadership. Degree pursuers need a minimum of 64 credits to graduate.

So now we have given you an overview of this course and talked about the best colleges that are offering you this course, time to go deep into the best programs in the education domain, so you can know in detail about all specializations and their scope.

Doctorate in Education Online-Most Popular

Finding the right Online Doctorate In Education program requires a lot of research. There are a lot of programs but not everyone can fit your needs and aspirations. First, you should make sure that the college from which you are planning to pursue is accredited or not. Accreditation is very important for job approvals.

After finding out about the accreditation, you should research your fit. Study deeply about the coursework and curricula you are planning to go for, and properly research opportunities and internships. Both of these factors are necessary for career advancement. If you want get more information about online doctoral programs in education without dissertation then click here.

Doctorate in Education Online
Doctorate in Education Online

The most popular programs in education doctorate are- 

  • Multicultural Education– This program focuses on the trends emerging due to globalization and multiculturalism. Globalization has led to changes in American society that have created cultural and linguistic changes.

    In this course, the students will examine the current trajectory of students from marginalized sections and create interventions and strategies to facilitate multicultural approaches.
  • Research Methods and Systematic Inquiry– This program emphasizes quantitative methods, including conceptualization. Students follow a different type of analysis, different types of considerations, decisions, etc. The goal of online doctorate in education programs is to help students in mastering reading and educational research.
  • Different Approaches to Educational Issues– This program helps students in developing strategies for examining contemporary issues in education. Students research their respective concentration and participate in academic writing.

    Other objectives of the course include literature understanding to uncover the processes that contribute to issues in educational practice.
  • Strategic Systems Change and Action Planning– This program will help emerging educational leaders gain knowledge about managing public and private schools. The topics that are covered under this program are action planning, finance, organizational visioning, leadership, and budgeting skills.

    Learning these strategies will help the students in understanding management concepts and strategies to bring transnational change in the whole Online Doctorate In Education system.
  • Building Strategic Partnerships– The curriculum of this program is based on understanding organizational environments and the way they influence institutional structures. Students learn about sustaining dynamic partnerships, understanding challenges in policy- making, social marketing, and developing communication plans.

Doctorate in special education online programs- Other related Concentrations 

  • Urban Leadership– A concentration in urban leadership offers a chance to serve urban schools that are struggling with poverty. In this program, students learn to allocate resources and develop innovative solutions to help out these schools. This concentration emphasizes on building strategies and partnerships.
  • Curriculum and Instruction– Students who have opted for this course will learn about innovative lessons and curriculum. In Online Doctorate In Education course, students get to know about the influence sociology and psychology play in the philosophy of education. This concentration focuses on research and doctorate in special education online programs as well.
  • Organizational Leadership– Organizational leadership helps the student understand the whole system of educational institutes This is related to understanding the processes of managing, planning, and monitoring.

    This concentration helps students in examining legal, environmental, and ethical issues that play a vital role in the organization. Students who aspire to become a part of school management can opt for this concentration. You can check detail about 12 months masters program online
  • Culture, Institutions, and Society– This concentration helps students in understanding how cultural, social, organizational factors influence educational methods and student outcomes. Through Online Doctorate In Education course, the student also learns about innovative ways through which educational reforms can be achieved.

    The subjects mostly taught in this program are sociology, organizational behavior, history, anthropology, and political science.
Doctorate in special education online
Doctorate in special education online

Doctorate in special education online- Human Development, Learning, and Teaching

A concentration in Human Development focuses on scientific research and education practice, reform, and policy.

It helps students in exploring the integration of cognitive, biological, and social processes and understanding methods to maximize learning through technology. Students also develop background knowledge in human development and other related pathways.

So, if you are interested in pursuing higher studies in the field of education then this program is perfect for you. Online Doctorate In Education provides you a great opportunity to serve the society through education. You can become a teacher, go for education administration, or participate in research to bring in educational reforms.

The online course will allow you to complete your degree and attend to your job duties simultaneously. Online classes provide a great feature of gaining a degree from the comfort of your homes.
The future of education belongs to virtual classrooms so in the future online enrolment may likely to get ahead of regular college.

So, an online doctorate in education is a great choice and it will guarantee you a whole set of skills and knowledge that will excel you in the area of education. Go for it and complete your advanced studies. You can also check details about Online schools near me .