New Jersey Virtual School delivers high-quality virtual education to school students in the grade 6-12. All the courses have been certified by NCAA. It provides a virtual environment with highly qualified teaching professionals. The best education while sitting at your home. One can also get details on high school for having a clear and detailed idea on the same.

NJ Virtual School is a division of the Monmouth Ocean Educational Services Commission. It is a public non-profit agency in the state of New Jersey. New Jersey Virtual School has highly qualified teachers who help students to achieve their potential. The teaching methods are interesting and innovative.

Apart from this, they also provide education for home-schoolers. Also read about virtual school and their features here.

New Jersey Virtual School
New Jersey Virtual School

New Jersey Virtual School– Highlights

  1. More than 70 core subjects, electives, languages to choose from.
  2. The Credit Recovery scheme helps students to improve themselves in which they are lagging.
  3. Flexible schedules
  4. Accessible from any place in the world.
  5. Affordable tuition fees.
  6. Customer care support for technical issues

This is the best place for remote learning at the best prices. Whether you are sick or physically impaired, you do not have to worry about missing the classes. The administration is well equipped to deal with any issues of the students here at New Jersey virtual school

These are just a few of the advantages you have in enrolling at This virtual school. Firstly, you receive your education from the comfort of your home. Plus you can take extra courses according to your interest, at affordable tuition rates. Looking at the bigger picture, you won’t have to worry about missing classes and can study as per your convenience and needs.

What’s more,nj virtual high schools also conduct live webinars on their course content. During these times of remote learning, the webinars provide information on all the available courses, as well as have shared resources that can be accessed by students and teachers. One can also visit free online classes for high school diploma for extra learning.

New Jersey Online Public School Courses –

  1. New Course Credit
  2. Credit Recovery
  3. Advanced Placement
  4. Short term Instruction
  5. Summer school
  6. Home Schoolers

They offer learning in two tracks:

  1. Virtual learning –
    New Jersey virtual school is a remote learning program available to students studying in New Jersey public schools. It offers a variety of courses that are likely to open doors to a large number of opportunities. In this, there is a virtual classroom environment
  1. Credit Recovery –
    Credit Recovery is a virtual classroom program. It is a teacher-less studying format. It includes web-based learning, animation based learning. The biggest advantage of Credit Recovery is that it gives another chance to the students for retaking a course in which they didn’t perform well. 

There are varieties of courses in New Jersey virtual school. The courses are available for middle schools as well as high schools. All of these courses are very well planned to keep the psychological aspects in mind. You may feel free to learn about free online public high school.

The courses are spread over two semesters

Fall semester- They run typically from September to Mid-June

Summer Semester- They typically run from July to August

New Jersey Virtual School Accreditation

  1. NCAA approved
  2. Advanced Placement courses are approved by the College Board.
  3. NJ certified teachers

New Jersey Virtual High School – Courses Offered

  1. Languages: A variety of language colleges are available. The languages are:

●   Spanish

●   French

●   English

  1. Science and Maths: Under the Science stream as well, New Jersey virtual school provides a lot of options. We are equipped with the latest technologies and we make sure science lessons are full of fun.

●   Algebra

●   Biology

●   Calculus

●   Chemistry

●   Earth sciences

●   Geometry

●   Mathematics

●   Physics

●   Concepts of Engineering and technology

  1. Arts: In Arts we have:

●   American History

●   Art in World Cultures

●   Film production

●   Personal Management Skills

●   Criminology

●   Digital Photography

●   World History

●   Sociology

  1. Computer Science

●   Coding

●   Cyber Security

●   Digital Information Technology

●   Game Design

  1. Commerce and Marketing

●   Advertising and Sales Promotion

●   Entrepreneurship

●   International Business: Global Business in the 21st Century

●   Sports and Entertainment Marketing

●   Personal Financial Literacy

  1. Physical education

●   Physical Science

●   Physical fitness

  1. Middle School courses

Variants for the middle school courses are available in Languages, Sciences, Arts and Commerce

  1. Advanced Placement Courses

New Jersey Virtual College is well renowned for its Advanced Placement Courses. The advanced placement courses are college-level courses that are taught in the high schools itself. A good score in these courses will help you gain admission to the best colleges in the country. Also read here online secondary education degree.

  1. Summer School

New Jersey virtual school works hard for students who are willing to use their vacations to the best effect. Our summer school offers new subjects in addition to the one being taught in regular schools.

NJ Virtual Academy Cost

The tuition fees vary from course to course. They are categorized according to the streams.

  1. The comprehensive courses are offered at $650
  2. The semester based courses are offered at $350.
  3. The credit recovery courses are offered at $300.

As you can see, the New Jersey Virtual School Cost is extremely affordable. However, there is even more!

For Public Schools Students: Their schools will pay for the courses in which they are enrolled in. These courses are part of the regular semester. Any extra courses can be taken additionally by paying the course fee.

For homeschooled students: Limited state-funded seats are allotted on a first-come-first-serve basis. Once the allotments are full, students are required to pay the NJ virtual school course fee.

Outstation Students: For them there is no additional fee. The admissions are done based on a first serve first come basis. Keep reading to know about new jersey virtual school login process here. You can also be interested in reading what are the 3 types of education.

Drop Out Policy

Any student can drop out of a course from new jersey virtual high school before the last 10 days of the fall and summer semester. For the summer semester, one can drop out until one week before the examinations. However, approval from the local school is a must before dropping out.

Refund Policy

To get a refund, you should file a request. It should be dropped off within 1 business day of enrolling with the school. After the drop period, you can get a refund only if the New Jersey virtual school administrators approve your eligibility. Remember that $100 is non-refundable.

Online Schools in New Jersey : Benefits of Virtual Classroom

There are a lot of advantages for you if you apply for an online course. In addition to being very affordable, they give you independence and flexibility for your education. All things considered in NJ virtual school are a couple of important points and advantages of enrolling in online courses:

1. You can remain enrolled in your current high school education while taking advantage of new jersey virtual high school classes. Not only will you get a conventional education, but these courses will also boost your education and upgrade your skills.

2. Flexible and independent learning is one of the key motives behind the establishment of virtual schools. So if you are someone who moves around very frequently and would prefer not to pass up your education, these courses are the perfect thing for you. You can gain access to an online course from any place in the world.

3. Practical and regularly free courses are available here at new jersey virtual high school. So if by chance you urgently need that midyear school endorsement or recover some lost credits, this is a great option for you.

4. Technically complex courses that a vast majority of the schools might not have can be accessed through virtual classroom courses.  The advanced technologies available can help you learn very complex operations.

5. Online courses allow you to decide on your schedule. So if there are any clashing courses or times, you can essentially reschedule.

Since we have spoken about the advantages of online courses on offer, cost of the courses. Now the question is how to apply for the virtual courses.

New Jersey Virtual School Login Process

  1. Create an account –

Visit the NJVS website. Register yourself by creating a student’s account.

Select a username and create a strong password. Fill in the relevant information.

Preview the information of nj virtual academy carefully that you have added. Do not forget to add a security question.

  1. Apply for Courses –

After the account is created, log in.

Select the course catalog and choose your preferred courses.

Once you have selected it, submit your choices.


Payment  –

Once your facilitator approves your selected courses, you can proceed to payment.

You would be required to upload a digital signature for a software release if any of your selected courses need it. This would happen only after the payment is done.

Go to Payments and account tab

Select the courses you want to make the payment for, by clicking the checkboxes

Enter your billing address and Credit Card information on the payment gateway. Payment can be done only through Visa and Master Cards.

Once your payment is complete, your receipt will be displayed on the screen. Print a copy for your receipt. You will also receive a copy of the receipt on your email ID.

  1. Enrolment

Once you have completed the payment for your preferred course. You will receive an application from New Jersey virtual school. If you receive it then it means that you have been enrolled. You will also receive an email from your teachers.

NJ Virtual High Schools Course Extension Policy

A short extension is available for students who are taking regular courses from new jersey virtual high school. Courses are open 24*7, including weekends so that the students do not lag in academics. Extensions are not permitted for summer school students.

NJVS Faculty

The new jersey virtual high school employs only those teaching professionals. The teachers are well informed regarding the curriculum and some of them also teach in public schools. The procedures of appointment of teachers are very systematic and transparent.

The teachers are approved by NJ. There is a good blend of young and experienced teachers. The Director evaluates each teacher and provides feedback.

Technical Support

The New Jersey virtual school has an excellent technical team to look after the issues. You can write about the technical issues you are facing and the technical team will answer your queries as soon as possible. Just like the courses, the technical team is also available 24*7. You can also contact your instructor.

New Jersey Online Schools : The time required for an Online Course

The time it takes to complete a course will vary depending upon the course schedule that the enrolled student selects. For an 18 week semester, a half unit class generally requires 2 hours of work per day. Assignments are to be submitted weekly throughout the fall and summer semesters. One can also visit online college classes for high school students.

Grading Policy

New Jersey virtual school is very strict about our grading policy. New Jersey High School sends a numerical grade report to the students’ high school. It is the responsibility of the students’ school to accept the grade and put it on the students’ transcript.

It is not the policy of The school to align grades to any school’s grading system because the grading system and methodology differ from school to school.

New Jersey Virtual School
New Jersey Virtual School

New Jersey Virtual School Reviews

At NJ Virtual School, you will get affordable education with great quality. The costs are fairly low and with the flexibility that it is offering, there is no point to look back if you have enrolled in it. The credit recovery option is very beneficial for students to improve their grades.

Moreover, new jersey online schools has the best technologies and efficient management. In case you are someone who needs special support then our instructors are ready to provide that also. The performance based reports are sent out to the parents/guardians frequently so that they can monitor their child’s progress.

It ensures transparency and accountability. The parents do not have to worry too much about the performance of their child.

So all in all, New Jersey virtual school is a complete package for all-round development of your child from distance. Be it quality, affordability, competitiveness, or convenience, you get it all here. The credit recovery feature is very feasible too.

The AP courses provide a great opportunity for the online schools in new jersey students to get to the best colleges and learn a lot of skills. We are currently in the Industrial revolution 4.0 which is based on technologies such as Virtual reality, augmented reality, Artificial Intelligence, etc. After reading the NJ virtual school reviews you should consider your decisions.

The future for virtual education is very bright and future technologies are likely to give the virtual schools an upper hand over the traditional methods. So get ahead of the curve and get your child enrolled in New Jersey Virtual school now and contact us at Online Schools Near Me, if you need any more help!