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Milwaukee School of Engineering
Milwaukee School of Engineering

Milwaukee School of Engineering – History and About it’s Past

The milwaukee school of engineering (MSOE), in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, is a private university. The campus occupies 22 acres (0.089 square kilometers) situated in downtown Milwaukee’s East Town neighborhood.

The class of 2,820 in 2018 for the school includes 224 doctoral students. Those students who are concerned medical science courses, may check the details for pa college of health sciences As of fall 2018, the university had a total of 138 full-faculty with more than 33 percent being female. The ratio of student to faculty is generally 15-to-1.

The university offers 16 Bachelor’s degrees through the eight academic departments, of which 10 are in engineering. Also, the university offers 9 Master’s degrees. For similar graduation courses one my also check for most affordable graduate schools

Currently a member of the Northern Athletics Collegiate Conference (NACC), MSOE fields 21 varsity teams known as the “raiders” and several teams compete in NCAA Division III. We are sure that you are eager to know about the Milwaukee School of Engineering admissions details.

A short history of the institution

Oscar Werwath founded the milwaukee school of engineering in 1903 and was initially named the School of Engineering. The purpose of Werwath was to fulfill the workforce’s needs for the growing engineering sector. 

Werwath was the first person designing an American educational institution focused on a curriculum geared towards applications. The first classes commenced at Rheude ‘s Business School in the fall of 1903.

By the fall of 1905, the enrollment reached nearly 100, exceeding the business college’s potential. Afterward, the school was transferred to a new building with the support of Werwath ‘s friend, Louis Allis. Similar to Milwaukee school of engineering, fuqua school of business is one the best example for business school

The school graduated its first class in spring 1906, graduating about 200 students that fall. In 1911 the school moved just south of downtown Milwaukee to the Stroh building.

The School of Engineering gave its first diploma in electrical engineering the same year. During that same time, Werwath was hiring sponsors from schools across Milwaukee, including Allen Bradley. This resulted in a cooperative program in which students could be employed to help pay for their tuition at local businesses .One may also look for small business courses online to enhance teir business online.

The school began its first student publication, “electroforce”, in 1912 and the school gained its first fraternity, Phi Delta Omega, in 1913. In 1912 the School of Engineering was officially recognized by Wisconsin, which granted its programs a state license in both vocational training and engineering education.

It issued an official charter on March 17, 1917, to award the baccalaureate in electrical engineering. Each year on campus this day is now celebrated with activities funded by the school and led by the students. Reserve Officers ‘ Training Corps (ROTC) and Student Army Training Corps (SATC) first units were also authorized by the school.

How good is Milwaukee School of Engineering Quora
How good is Milwaukee School of Engineering Quora

How good is Milwaukee School of Engineering Quora- The Evolution of Engineering Programs

By 1920 the school was composed of four specific electricity-focused programs. At the same time, a new academic calendar, named as the “quarter system,” was implemented.

This enabled students to graduate in 3 years with collegiate engineering degrees, or 4 if they did not want to take the summer quarter. And in the summer of 1919, admission to the American Institute of Electrical Engineers was given to 52 Bachelor’s students, as well as 11 faculty. In 1928, the school’s 25th anniversary, enrollment reached 1,200.

The school established a student financial fund for needy students during the Great Depression when enrollment dropped. Enrollment had returned to preceding rates by 1933. On 13 July 1932, the School of Engineering was restructured and renamed “milwaukee school of engineering” through a charter revision.

It facilitated the establishment of the Board of Regents, a body of industrial and community representatives to supervise the school’s management. To learn the best way of managing administration or any departments of schools may look for degree in business management online.

One of the Board’s first major acts was buying the building of the German-English Academy. In 1935 the board established the Institute of Industrial Research, where students and faculty could partner for work with nearby industries. Thunderbird school of global management is a best example for management schools.

In 1943, as part of the acknowledgement for educational accomplishments, MSOE received the official approval seal from the Society for the Promotion of Technology. MSOE also became a founding member of the National Board of Technical Schools the next year. One of the best example for technical college is Northland community and technical college. The university first started admitting females into its curriculum to replace males recruited into World War II.

Post World War education

At the conclusion of the war enrollment, the GI Bill of Rights swelled in 1946 and 1947 allowing returning service members to seek a college degree. In 1947, veterans represented over 90 percent of the graduates. Oscar Werwath died on 20 March 1948 and his sons became president and treasurer, respectively, Karl Werwath and Heinz Werwath.

Milwaukee School of Engineering Tuition
Milwaukee School of Engineering Tuition

Milwaukee School of Engineering Tuition – Admissions and Recruitments Process

Milwaukee school of engineering has a cumulative enrolment of 2,675 undergraduates, with a gender breakdown of 74 percent male students and 26 percent female students.

Acquiring full institutional accreditation from the North Central Colleges and Secondary Schools Association (NCA) started in 1950, and accreditation approval was given in 1971.

By 1953, as the school was celebrating its 50th anniversary, enrollment reached 2,300 students from 48 states and 30 countries. With the start of the Space Race as well as the focus on technical education, several classes at MSOE have been updating their technology and programs. For learning technology and programs , one may also look for information technology online schools

The school partnered with WISN-TV and WISN (AM) to create science-centric programming and to promote their school.

MSOE’s courses focus on engineering, industry, math, nursing, and cardiovascular perfusion. MSOE focuses mainly on undergraduate education, where it has eight academic departments and offers 16 undergraduate majors. MSOE primarily provides undergraduate students with an ABET-accredited bachelor’s degree in chemistry, as well as a bachelor’s degree in user experience. There are more accredited colleges, to explore the top 10 please visit top 10 accredited online colleges

Milwaukee School of Engineering Ranking
Milwaukee School of Engineering Ranking

Milwaukee School of Engineering Ranking – Master’s degree and other academic data

MSOE currently has nine Master’s Degree programs. MSOE had 157 full-time faculty members as of 2019, 82 percent of whom held a doctoral degree. For online doctoral degrees , one may also visit online doctoral programs in education without dissertation Each course is taught by professors; teaching assistants are not included. The faculty-to-student ratio is 15:1.

MSOE has a full-time Bachelor of Science in Engineering programs and two-year transition programs. This also confers the degrees of Master. MSOE had a 44 percent graduation rate in 2016.

Admission in the college

Admission to the Undergraduate is represented by the U.S. News & World Report as “more focused.” Princeton Review gave the university a selectivity ranking of 86 for admissions. The university received 3,294 applications for the 2018-19 academic year; 63 percent were admitted.

The academic profile of the enrolled students showed 75 percent in the top 50 percent of their high school class, 670 SAT scores in evidence-based reading and writing, 700 in math. The average score for composite ACT was around 28.

Study programs abroad 

MSOE has agreements with five universities on a study-abroad exchange:

  • Czech Technical University (CTU) Prague, Czech Republic;
  • Lille Catholic University in Lille, France;
  • The Technische Hochschule Lübeck in Lubeck, Germany; 
  • Florence University of the Arts, Italy; and
  • Victoria University of Wellington in New Zealand.
  • Big sandy community and technical college


The Higher Education Commission accredits MSOE. The persons who have queries for lists of accredited, may visit list of nationally accredited colleges The ABET (Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology) accredits the college for the following degrees:

  • architectural engineering,
  • biomolecular engineering,
  • biomedical engineering,
  • computational engineering,
  • electrical engineering,
  • electrical engineering,
  • industrial engineering,
  • mechanical engineering,
  • software engineering programs

The Commission on College Nursing Education (CCNE) accredits the nursing program. The American Council for Building Education (ACCE) accredits the building management. The master’s degree in perfusion science is accredited by the Allied Health Education Programs Accreditation Commission (CAAHEP).One who were searching of the best nursing training of their own choice in US may look for best nursing schools in the usa.

Milwaukee School of Engineering Ranking

Under the U.S. News & World Report 2020 “Best Midwest Rankings for Regional Universities,” MSOE ranks 8th overall, 6th in “Best Veterans Colleges,” 8th in “Most Creative Schools,” 88th in “Top Performers on Social Mobility”, and 9th in “Highest Value Schools”.

U.S. News & World Report also rated MSOE 9th among nationally non-doctoral undergraduate engineering courses with program scores of 5th in mechanical engineering, 6th in computer engineering, 8th (tie) in electrical engineering, and 9th (tie) in civil engineering.

In 2016 MSOE was classified among the 159 best Midwestern colleges in Princeton Review. To go through the reviews or logo of the school related, please visit through Milwaukee School of Engineering logo.

Governing Commission 

Milwaukee School of Engineering is governed, along with the chancellor, by a Board of Regents consisting of a chairman and 50 members from corporations, industries, education, and government.

The Board of Regents, by many standing committees, such as the Executive Committee and the Advisory Committee, rules and takes important decisions.

The MSOE academia

The milwaukee school of engineering works year-round on a four-quarter schedule, with academic phases lasting ten weeks apiece.

Most programs use a track system that specifies what courses students will take and pass to graduate within four years for each term. Freshmen typically take four courses per term, and five of the upper classes.

The MSOE Guarantee states that all classes needed for graduation will be available for a student starting and staying on track when they need them so that they can graduate in four years.

MSOE’s teaching facilities are mostly practicality based. Their classrooms and labs are supervised by experienced professors. They help the students of the institution to understand even the most difficult subjects with ease. The main aim of the institution is to fuel academic excellence, which in turn would eventually lead to professional excellence.

And that’s why the organization believes in the strength of practical learning and implementation of each and every lesson learned in classrooms. to accelerate the level of learning among students, the college ensures that each classroom never exceeds the attendance of 21 students.

This way, they could teach a small number of students with high productivity. Also, during each lab session, only 11 students are allowed to attend.

Campus Facilities 

The campus of MSOE, which occupies 22 acres (0.089 km2) in downtown Milwaukee, Wisconsin’s East Town neighborhood, is spread over several blocks. MSOE has one of Wisconsin’s smallest campuses; only the Milwaukee Institute for Art and Design (MIAD) has a bigger campus (2 acres (0.0081 km2)).

Campus buildings vary with age, with most being designed in the mid-20th century.

The oldest campus building is the Alumni Collaboration Center (formerly the Office Building of the Valentin Blatz Brewing Company), built in 1890, and the newest is the Diercks Tower, completed in 2019; Several of the campus buildings use the classic brick of Cream City which is used in many other Milwaukee buildings.

Ice Arena at the Kern Centre 

Allen Bradley Hall of Science, originally a parking garage, was purchased and renovated in 1958. Allen-Bradley provided much of the building’s financing and facilities, and so the naming rights were secured. This houses the departments of electrical engineering, biomedical engineering, and mechanical engineering as well as physics and chemistry. One may also search for similar but different courses , please check the details for professional course

The Fred Loock Technology Center opened in 1967, and Fitzhugh Scott designed it. The Allen Bradley Hall of Science is an extension. The building houses several laboratories and classrooms to be used by many departments in engineering.

The Walter Schroeder Library is the main library on campus. Dedicated to the Wisconsin magnate Walter Schroeder by Gerald Ford in 1980, the library has offices in mathematics as well as the faculty of electrical engineering and informatics.

Academic Establishments 

All of the administration buildings are in the Student Life and Campus Center, which was bought from Blatz Brewery in 1987. The Civil and Architectural Engineering and Construction Management Department (CAECM) also have its Faculty Offices here.

The Ruehlow Nursing Center, a multimillion-dollar addition to the School of Nursing, has recently been added. There are also plenty of student services, such as the bookstore, a supermarket, and the student union called the “Great House.”

In 2003 Rosenberg Hall was dedicated to Milwaukee School of Engineering’s Rader School of Business. Alumnus Kenneth Rosenberg and his wife Doris had provided funding for the project. To know about what can i do with a degree in project management for clarifying your doubts.

The hall includes classrooms, laboratories, and faculty offices, and the U.S. Export Assistance Center in Milwaukee.

In 2006, Milwaukee School of Engineering bought the former Chicago Federal Reserve Bank and renovated it to house the Man at Work as The Grohmann Museum: The Eckhart G. Grohmann Collection, Classrooms and Humanities, and Psychology Departments Faculty departments.

The 210,000-square-foot (20,000 m2) Kern Center of Milwaukee School of Engineering was opened in 2004, adding to its campus a hockey rink, basketball arena, fitness center, running track, and field house. MSOE’s Kern Center houses many of the facilities of the sports teams and provides entertainment spaces for students, faculty, and alumni. It also has classrooms and houses the centers of physical and mental health.

In 2013, Milwaukee School of Engineering completed work on the Pamela and Hermann Viets Site, a new athletic site, and parking complex. The athletic field was built immediately north of the Kern Center on top of an in-ground car park.

The Halls of Residence 

Undergraduates may live in one of the four halls of residence, but incoming freshmen may only stay in Roy W. Johnson Hall (RWJ) or Margaret Loock Residence Hall (ML)

The Roy W. Johnson Hall and the Margaret Loock Residence Hall were built respectively in 1965 and 1967. 

Both are traditional halls of residence; while apartment-style is arranged in Regents Hall and Grohmann Tower. They provide meals, running three dining facilities in the dormitories and the campus center.

Milwaukee School of Engineering Athletics – Gymnastics and sports

The 21 athletic teams in MSOE are participating in NCAA Division III. MSOE goes head to head for most sports at the Northern Athletics Collegiate Conference (NACC), including seven women’s sports. You may also look for milwaukee school of engineering division.

Men’s ice hockey competes in the Northern Collegiate Hockey Association (NCHA), men’s lacrosse at the Midwest Lacrosse Conference (MLC), men’s volleyball in the Midwest Collegiate Volleyball League (MCVL), and wrestling in the Northern Wrestling Association (NWA).

The NCAA does not sponsor men’s rowing so MSOE competes against all collegiate teams. MSOE has club sports and intramural sports too. The team colors are red and white, and a raider named “Roscoe” is the mascot.

Construction of the computational science hall Dwight and Dian Diercks started in early 2018. The building started construction in September 2019.

Lessons learned By Doing 

There is a reason they have many more laps than that of the classrooms. They have always assumed that by having their hands dirty and putting theory into practice, students learn better (and have more fun). Students from MSOE spend hundreds of hours in the industry-standard labs, and that realistic, hands-on experience can give them a definite edge in the job. For no doubts the milwaukee school of engineering athletics has one of the best results in better in comparison to another schools.

Profound communications between students and professors 

There will be 20 students in the average class and only 11 students in the average lab. That intimate learning atmosphere will really encourage the teachers to get to know the students extensively. Expect to become friends and even build lifetime relationships with more than a few professors.

Immersion into your Major instantly 

You’re not going to have to wait to discover your passion. You’re plunging into the first year of your major-specific courses, giving you a head start on internships and careers.

Entry into industry 

Milwaukee School of Engineering is a committed advisor to leading companies in Wisconsin including Harley-Davidson, Kohler, Snap-on, and more.

They work closely on the new research and developments in the industry and at MSOE’s annual Career Fair 260 + top companies come to hire their students for internships and jobs.

Understanding the Real World 

At Milwaukee School of Engineering ,on day one they challenge their students with a high-touch learning experience that offers great value. Growth comes with a challenge.

Students work side by side with teachers, who are the established experts in their respective fields, through real-world problems. Graduates are prepared on their first day of work to solve complicated problems since they have been solving them at MSOE since their first day.

Milwaukee School of Engineering Acceptance Rate
Milwaukee School of Engineering Acceptance Rate

Milwaukee School of Engineering Acceptance Rate –Honors among university scholars 

MSOE’s honors program encourages independent and competitive learning for students who want more of a challenge through project activity, professional presentations, and engagement with community leaders.

Prerequisites for milwaukee school of engineering admission 

Figure out what it needs to become accepted to undergraduate programs at MSOE. Here we have mentioned the recommended courses for First-Year Students.

Subjects at High School level:

  • Math: 4 Years  
  • Science: 4 years (including physics and chemistry)
  • English: 4 Years   

The MSOE requires a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0.

milwaukee school of engineering fees

The MSOE’s 2020 undergraduate tuition & fees are $42,162 for its graduates and the 2020 graduate school tuition & fees are $23,475. 93 students (about 3.58% of enrolled undergraduate students) received grants or scholarships and an average of $24,301.It is only preferable when one consider to co-ordinate and tolerate for fee structure and for this one may also search for milwaukee school of engineering division.

Since receiving financial assistance, the net price for MSOE is $30,829 including tuition, fees, books & supply costs, and living costs. Undergraduate milwaukee school of engineering fees for the undergraduate programs are far higher than the average amount of tuition for comparable schools ($27,244 — Private (not-for-profit) Master’s College and University).

Milwaukee School of Engineering Division
Milwaukee School of Engineering Division

Milwaukee School of Engineering Division – Student financing options 

To assess a more accurate assessment of what it would cost you to go over to Milwaukee School of Engineering, we modeled a ten-year college loan with an original main value of $98,184. $98,184 in loan balance is a four-year multiple of the current net price of $24,546.

It is an estimation of what you would owe on graduation if you were to qualify for average financial aid and what a degree would actually cost. When you are not eligible for financial assistance, you will owe even more when you graduate. Based on these assumptions, to satisfy your student loan, a monthly repayment of $1,019 may be expected.

Last but Not Least: The MSOE Mindset  

The particular institution talks a lot about the MSOE Mindset. As the college representative repeatedly say, this special mindset is based on a special and impactful way of building on its long business relationship history.

At Milwaukee School of Engineering they have a new way to perceive, behave, and live. It is a way of life that their teachers, students, staff, and alumni display every day that encourages everyone to make a difference within their communities-it ‘s MSOE Mindset.

What exactly is the MSOE Mindset or how hard is it to get accepted at Milwaukee School of Engineering?

This is an assimilation of the Mindset Servant-Leader, the Entrepreneurial Mindset, and the current strategic strategy, task, vision, principles, and commitments for Milwaukee School of Engineering. The MSOE Mindset denotes those Graduates who are character leaders and responsible professionals. They are also committed learners; and the creators of meaningful work.

The Faculty will concentrate on helping students build the MSOE Mindset on their journey through education. Through leveraging its business partnerships, integrating high-impact educational activities around the campus, and expanding educational initiatives to enhance experiential learning, MSOE ensures that all its students excel in their respective fields.

If you want to know any more details about the milwaukee school of engineering and its admission details, consider leaving your remarks in the comments section below.