Memphis Virtual School has been creating a lot of buzz in recent days, as many people are now taking interest in virtual schools. Especially the Memphis virtual high school has been a matter of keen interest and if you want to know its admission procedures and fee structures, you are at the right place. We have provided in depth analysis about all the available high school near me as well.

Memphis virtual school
Memphis virtual school

Memphis virtual school– Choice of the Champions

The Memphis Virtual School is an online, public school physically headquartered in Memphis, Tennessee. The school currently has 93 students enrolled between the grades of 6 and 12. As per the latest data, the current teacher-student ratio at this particular institution is 1:93. The school boasts a massive graduation rate with none of its students failing in their exams. This shows how strong an educational structure and curriculum the school follows.

Another impressive feat achieved by Memphis is the extraordinary academic progress that its students have showcased over the years. Other impressive record that this particular virtual school boasts of is its above 90% attendance stats, which is way higher than any other virtual school across the United States of America

The another feat that makes the school stand apart from the others in Tennessee is its 80% minority enrollment rate. This shows that the school is committed to offering an empowerment platform for minority students and that helps these students to get educated similarly as the rest of the American kids do. This shows the school’s strictness in terms of the elimination of in-school discrimination.

Virtual High School Memphis- Instructional Models

If we speak about the online education scenario in the whole of America, then the instruction models that are largely implemented are bound to vary in terms of popularity. Some of the most popular instruction models used by American virtual schools are as follows:

  • Distance learning: In this type of online learning, study materials are provided to the students for independent self-paced study.
  • Interactive classes: Then comes the live classes that conduct interactive sessions where students can communicate with their teacher during a class lesson. This is the format adopted by the authorities at Memphis online school where one teacher takes the class of nearly a hundred (read 93) pupils.
  • Hybrid: This is another format of online education, which is also often referred to as “blended system”, given the fact that in this kind of structure, students can use both distance learning techniques like learning on their own using the course materials available to them and simultaneously, they could attend the live, interactive classes. At Memphis, you would get access to a blended system, where your kid can attend the classes, take notes, and later during leisure, he can go through the online study material and prepare himself further
All about Memphis virtual school
All about Memphis virtual school

All about Memphis virtual school

These days, more and more people are inclining towards virtual schools. Before you too follow the trend, you must be sure what exactly is an online school. As you can understand from the name; virtual school itself, it is more like a cyber educational institution that teaches students primarily over the Internet. In this phase of pandemic disease like Covid-19,one may search for substitute teacher Memphis, for their own convenience.

Therefore, it is not hard to imagine that in an e-school like the Memphis virtual school, students are being taught online and then the teachers or instructors provide them with homework and assignments, which the students need to complete at home and then submit through the designated online submission links.

Virtual schools are the need of the post-pandemic world

According to the established educational authorities, virtual schools have opened up an entirely new course of education. In fact, with the novel coronavirus pandemic hitting the US so hard, parents are now deeply worried about sending their kids to schools where they would meet with others, which in turn would increase their chances of contracting the disease. Now a days online education is becoming priority because of this pandemic of Covid-19 so for your own convenience one may also search for online secondary education degree.

But that doesn’t necessarily mean that people should avoid child education just for the sake of saving the children from the drastic effects of a virus. That’s simply impossible! And this is where Memphis virtual high school comes into play.

Memphis Virtual School Reviews– Reasons to Select

The true essence of the educational structure implemented in virtual schools is that they use technology to help students cope up with the demands of their school system.  

  • Although the students are kept detached physically from their instructors, that necessarily doesn’t mean that they can’t initiate contact with the teachers. Whenever a student is in doubt, instructors at Memphis ensure that those individuals are taken proper care of and more importantly, their doubts are cleared.
  • Student and teacher interaction is always at its peak, irrespective of the location of either the instructor or the student, given that both the stakeholders of the system have constant access to the required technological tool.
  • Throughout the world, with the rising popularity of online educational infrastructure, more numbers of educational institutions are coming up that specialize in serving online education through their customized curriculum. You may also search for Memphis virtual school courses
  • One of the advantages of such virtual schooling platforms is that they offer all levels of education, including K-12, college, or graduate programs. This type of learning, therefore, certainly opens up a new wider array of possibilities. The structure is more like a video game, where the player must overcome certain obstacles to advance through to the next levels. The same rule applies to Memphis virtual high school, as they inspire the students to understand their subjects in such a manner that they can pass their examinations and level up their standards.

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Memphis virtual school
Memphis virtual school

Memphis virtual school – cost and fees

Let’s be clear that the study material in the form of textbooks and other resources are available for students free of cost online, as these are available in the virtual library. And when it comes to virtual school cost and fees, families of the state don’t need to pay anything.

We believe that now you have all the necessary information regarding the virtual education scene of America. Additionally, we have also listed every detail you need to know about Memphis Virtual School you may also look for Memphis virtual school reviews. So now, you can simply go ahead and get your kid admitted to the school. In case you need any further information or assistance from our end, please leave a comment below so that we can get back to you.

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