Medical Billing And Coding Salary in New York, With a determination to work in the healthcare sector, a medical billing and coding profession is very promising. According to a survey by LinkedIn, about 70% of the job aspirants look for the salary in the first go, before getting any other details of the job. In these terms, too, medical billing and coding salary in NY are very promising.

Here, we have collated various relevant information about medical billing and coding online and other specifications that you should know before considering a medical billing job. Moreover, the medical billing and coding salary by state will give you an idea of how the geographical locations affect the salary. Make an informed choice by understanding each aspect of medical billing aspect and coding in New York as of 2020.

What are the different job titles in medical billing and coding?

When you start working in the medical billing and coding industry, you get many opportunities to try your skills in. There are many job posts entitled to the task of a medical coder and biller. After getting your degree, you can start from a higher rank as well. The most common job titles are:

  1. Medical Billing Specialist
  2. Medical Billing Clerk
  3. Medical Records Coding Manager
  4. Medical Records Coding Technician
  5. Medical Billing Supervisor
  6. Billing Manager
  7. Billing Analyst I
  8. Billing Analyst II
  9. Billing Analyst III
  10. Billing Clerk II

Salaries of different post holders in medical billing and coding in New York

The average medical billing and coding salary in New York are $89,308. But different job titles in the same profession bring a significant difference in the salary. There are other factors like location and years of experience that further define the salary. As per the discussed categories, the salary in 2020 are as follows:

Job Title Salary (in $) Hourly Rate (in $)
Medical Billing Specialist 50424 24.24
Medical Billing Clerk 47353 22.77
Medical Records Coding Manager 85951 41.32
Medical Records Coding Technician 65467 31.47
Medical Billing Supervisor 73596 35.38
Billing Manager 115105 55.34
Billing Analyst I 56114 26.98
Billing Analyst II 66997 32.21
Billing Analyst III 81651 39.26
Billing Clerk II 54848 26.37

Salary division by state

As said earlier, the geographical location defines the salary distinction of medical coders and billers. Your employment location can cause a massive difference in the salary, and thus, it is better to try and get a job in a place that pays more. Based on the data survey by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the United States, the ideal way of noting the salaries is by grouping them as follows:

  1. Pacific
  2. Mountain
  3. West North Central
  4. West South Central
  5. East North Central
  6. East South Central
  7. Mid Atlantic
  8. New England
  9. South Atlantic

AAPC has also calculated the average income in all these regions. The Pacific region has the highest paying states for a medical coder with the salary being around $59,936. The main reason for a higher salary here is the cost of living in this area, which is comparatively higher. For a broader idea of the differences in salary, check the list here:

  1. Pacific- $59,936
  2. Mountain- $53,076
  3. West North Central- $50,824
  4. West South Central- $53,403
  5. East North Central- $51,145
  6. East South Central- $49,235
  7. Mid Atlantic- $57,071
  8. New England- $56,708
  9. South Atlantic- $52,250

Online medical billing and coding certificates

With a certificate in medical billing and coding, you can greatly advance your career towards the different job titles and aspire for great success. You can also consider administrative and managerial positions after getting a proper certificate and/or degree. Here are some of the good universities and institutes offering a course in medical billing and coding:

  1. University of Alaska- Fairbanks
  2. Charter Oak State College
  3. Northwest Technical College
  4. Community Care College
  5. Wisconsin Indianhead Technical College
  6. Georgia Northwestern Technical College
  7. University of Utah
  8. Lakeshore Technical College
  9. Kennesaw State University
  10. Ogeechee Technical College

Benefits of getting an online medical billing and coding certificate

Apart from the maximum benefits in your career objectives, here are some other advantages:

  1. You are absolutely ready to get started in a work field once you clear all your class tasks.
  2. Course fees are not very high, and you get a good return on investment.
  3. The AAPC-certification can add credibility to your proficient working knowledge.
  4. Your course’s test modules will rigorously train you to face real-life challenges as a medical biller and coder.
  5. If you opt for an online certification program, you also get the flexibility of class timings and convenience of studying from home.