Medical Assistant vs LPN has become the most discussed or debate topic nowadays. But lots of students may not be aware of the distinctions between a medical assistant and a licensed practical nurse (LPN) before embarking on a nursing career. Going to a good medical school helps you to explore this field in a better way.

Although these disciplines share many of the same job duties, there are a few key differences between a career as a medical assistant and an LPN career in terms of education requirements, job description, and average salary.

Why choose the healthcare industry?

Before we discuss in detail the various aspects of the professions: medical assistant vs LPN, we must have a clear understanding of the pros and cons of the healthcare profession as a whole. The questions we would address in this section would be as follows:

  • Is healthcare the right option for you? 
  • Will you be able to sustain yourself in this dynamic and demanding industry? 
  • Why is it a lucrative field?

There are a variety of reasons why individuals chose a medical degree to study, ranging from personal calling to measured financial benefit. Studying anything related to healthcare is a long-term undertaking and a move that shouldn’t be taken lightly, whether it’s your first choice or the backup degree alternative.

We will debate the prospects of medical assistant vs LPN. But before that, here are some of the best reasons why you should choose healthcare as a career.

You’re going to have multiple medical career choices 

This explanation, frequently ignored, is perhaps one of the most persuasive ones. You have a wide variety of options for a potential career in the area of medicine following graduation. You can pick from multiple specialties. Here are some of the available career options for you:

  • Nurse
  • Medical assistant
  • CNA
  • LNP

Depending on your preferred specialization, you can opt to serve in hospitals or other healthcare institutions, research laboratories, or be part of the medical staff. You may even choose to train future healthcare professionals.

Medical employment is available everywhere in the world 

There is a tremendous uniformity in medical knowledge everywhere in the world. This suggests that you can get a career and work in every hospital anywhere in the world by graduating from a medical school or college in the USA.

One thing to bear in mind is that you’ll need to learn the local language if English isn’t commonly spoken in that region. When you talk with people and attempt to explain their symptoms and what is affecting them, being able to speak his/her language is important.

Medical assistant vs LPN: Both helps to alleviate the pain and misery of individuals 

If you have either been hospitalized or visited friends who have been hospitalized, you know that those are some of the worst times in someone’s life. And if the condition can be healed, or they only have to go through a mild medical operation, it is very easy for people to become desperate and struggle.

This is where a fantastic healthcare professional can make a difference using their empathy and individual talents. Being frank with patients is really important, but supporting and giving them confidence is just as important.

Most physicians and medical personnel agree that they are profoundly touched by experiences with patients and family members and sometimes change the way they see their career or even their goals in life.

In those times, you recall why in the first place you wanted to work in medicine. And that makes you feel happy.

There’s nothing more than seeing safe and joyful people. Perhaps the best and most relevant explanation that so many people want to research and function in medicine is to realize that you play a major role in preserving their wellbeing and relieving their suffering. Medical assistant vs LPN; irrespective of the designation, you have the opportunity to touch the lives of hundreds of people.

Medical Assistant vs LPN
Medical Assistant vs LPN

Medical assistant vs LPN

Sum up, an LPN focuses on delivering direct patient care under the direction of a registered nurse (RN) and/or doctor, whereas a medical assistant conducts several administrative tasks such as arranging appointments or planning insurance documents, in addition to specific clinical tasks such as obtaining vital signs from a patient.

A further difference among medical assistants and LPNs is job hours. Numerous medical assistants operate during traditional daytime hours in doctor’s offices or outpatient clinics, whereas LPNs find positions more often in hospitals, nursing homes, and even patient’s homes that work a range of hours and shifts. you can also choose CNA in order to determine if you want to continue to the next step in their healthcare journey. If interested look out for medical assistant vs cna.

It’s important to be mindful of the variations in educational requirements for each job when deciding between a career as a medical assistant or an LPN. Individuals may in some cases start a career as a medical assistant only with a high school diploma and also no additional education or training is required.

Medical Assistant vs LPN programs

Numerous community colleges and technical schools offer training programs for medical assistants, which usually take one to years to finish. Students may be able to earn a diploma in as little as nine months depending on the school, or an associate’s degree in a matter of 18-24 months.

Often students can choose between online Medical Assistant vs LPN programs, traditional in-person classroom programs, or a combination of the two. Because licensing is not required in order to work as a medical assistant. Any aspiring medical assistant may start immediately as soon as their training program is completed. You can also look out for medical assistant classes online for free.

On the other hand, aspiring LPNs must start their careers through a structured training program, which typically takes about 12 months to complete. In many community colleges and technical schools, LPN programs are offered, similar to most medical assistant programs; however, LPN programs require students to complete much of their training in person.

While in addition to Medical assistant vs LPN clinical tasks, a medical assistant program includes courses related to administrative tasks such as medical insurance and bookkeeping, an LPN model is designed around learning the necessary clinical skills to take care of patients.

LPN’s are required to pass the National Council Licensure Examination (NCLEX-PN) in contrast to medical assistants. Candidates will be able to start work as an LPN upon passing the exam.

Similarities between Medical Assistants and LPN

There are many similar tasks that both LPNs and medical assistants are required to conduct daily. They often include basic patient care under the guidance of a physician. Here are similar job responsibilities:

  • Checking a patient’s vital signs
  • Collect patient’s symptoms and relevant medical information
  • Administration of vaccinations and medication
  • Collecting blood and urine samples
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Medical Assistant vs Nurse
Medical Assistant vs Nurse

What is the Difference Between Medical Assistant and LPN

You must already know that LPNs provide more extensive patient care. In most scenarios, they are appointed for taking care of patients who are in need of long term care like those who are admitted to nursing homes. Here are the basic functions of LPNs that they may perform under the supervision of senior doctors:

  • Assisting with wound care
  • Assisting patients with daily living activities, including bathing, dressing, visiting the bathroom, among many others.
  • Inserting urinary catheters
  • Taking care of patients with ventilators or tracheostomy tubes
  • Feeding the patients using gastrostomy or nasogastric tubes
  • Monitoring patients’ progress 
  • Alerting appropriate physicians regarding patients’ conditions as and when needed
  • Performing emergency CPR
  • Executing the nursing care plan under an RN’s direction 

In addition to MA vs LPN , on the other hand, the typical job responsibilities of a medical assistant generally include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Collecting information regarding a patient’s insurance, 
  • Completing patients’ insurance paperwork,
  • Making patient appointments, 
  • answering phones, 
  • greeting patients, 
  • filing medical records,
  • Other office work,
  • Performing bookkeeping,
  • Performing medical billing tasks,
  • Sterilizing equipment required for examining patients

These were the basic job differences in Medical assistant vs LPN job profiles. Both performs important job responsibilities in their respected fields. Here you got an idea on LPN vs Medical Assistant which is better ? Hope you make a good choice.

Going from a Medical Assistant to a LPN

In the debate on MA vs LPN , both are highly respected members of the medical care team, providing vital support to ensure good quality and effective treatment is given to patients. While the positions share some of the same basic job functions, a physician or clinic is given additional administrative support by the medical assistant, while the LPN provides more in-depth patient care.

If you are already qualified and working as a medical assistant, you can also become an LPN to have a more challenging career with greater responsibilities. You must complete an approved LPN program and pass the National Council Licensure Examination-Practical Nurse (NCLEX-PN) exam.

LPN vs Medical Assistant salary
LPN vs Medical Assistant salary

LPN vs Medical Assistant salary

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median annual salary for medical assistants in May 2016 was $32,850, compared with an average annual salary for LPNs of $44,840.

For both of these Medical assistant vs LPN professions, factors that may influence salary levels include geographic location, type of employer, and years of experience and level of education.

For example, if a medical assistant or LPN works in a location with a higher cost of living and/or has several years’ work experience, he or she may earn a higher than average salary. But in comparison to LPN vs MA salary , LPNs tend to have a better salary options due to their higher job responsibilities.

LPN vs MA– Conclusion

We believe that you have understood the key differences between the professions of LPN and a medical assistant. You can now decide better on which profession would suit you the most. Now, in this regard, it is important for you to consider whether you are ready to take up the responsibilities of each of these professions.

During medical emergencies like the coronavirus pandemic, you would need to know what do medical assistant do and spend hours in your medical facility, looking after critically sick patients. If you don’t have the passion to work unmanly hours and take care of the unfortunate and sick people, we feel that this particular career choice might not be the right option for you.

However, if you are eager to join the healthcare industry and are committed to helping the sick, these professions might suit you the most. If you have any other questions regarding medical assistant vs lpn, feel free to contact us. Also visit us on for more information.