Medical Assistant Salary nyc– New York is often considered to be the coastal capital of the country and so it comes as little to no surprise to find it bustling with people. However, all of these millions of people living there have millions of different medical needs. These needs need to be and are catered to by the medical professionals there. However, what is the doctors’, and in particular the clinical medical assistant salary nyc. To know more, one may visit online medical school for further details.

Medical Assistant Salary nyc
Medical Assistant Salary nyc

Medical Assistant Salary nyc – Description

Well, that is the question we will be trying to answer today in particular. Also, while we are at it, we will be taking a look at other important aspects as well. These include finding out the medical assistant salary per hour in NYC. And since medical assistant jobs are at the entry level, it will be worthwhile to take a quick peek at medical assistant scope in NYC.

So, with all of this now out of the way, let us get cracking. 

Medical Assistant Salary In NYC
Medical Assistant Salary In NYC

Medical Assistant Salary In NYC– Details

As per the different data available to us, the salaries of medical assistants can vary by quite a bit across the various districts within NYC itself. This is largely down to the differences in the socio-economic backgrounds of the population in play. Another key factor is the population density in itself. The more densely packed the area, the greater it’s medical needs. 

So, keeping all of this in mind, it shouldn’t come as any surprise to anyone that there is a great deal of variation between the earnings across the districts. With that being said, the average medical assistant salary in NYC is around 35,000 USD a year. Which, all things accounted for is a decent sum of money to take home every year. 

Medical Assistant Salary nyc per hour 2020
Medical Assistant Salary nyc per hour 2020

Medical Assistant Salary nyc per hour 2020- Yearly plans

However, this amount is not guaranteed to everyone working as a medical assistant. This because the salaries tend to go up or down based on the experience of the person applying. So, to further break down the average salary of a medical assistant in New York City, let us take a look at the hourly rates based on experience alone –

  1. 1 to 2 years of experience – 17.53 USD per hour
  2. 3 to 5 years of experience – 18.61 USD per hour
  3. 6 to 9 years of experience – 19.66 USD per hour
  4. More than 10 years of experience – 20.56 USD per hour

Keep in mind that this is once again the average salary. If you find yourself to be in a district that pays well, then you can make around 40,000 USD right from the get go. To put it in hourly terms, it will come around 19.23 USD per hour. So, all in all, a decent wage all things considered. 

With that being said, let us take a lot at the other aspects of being a medical assistant. such as they need medical assistant training.

Medical Assistant Jobs nyc
Medical Assistant Jobs nyc

Medical Assistant Jobs nyc- Career options and scope

Straight off the bat, a job as a Medical Assistant Salary nyc is usually the starting point for anyone associated with the medical industry, so the scope within the job is quite immense. However, apart from that, there is a great amount of space to branch out into as well. This is mainly because of the different roles that a medical assistant is required to perform medical assistant jobs

These roles can be of any type and often encompass a wide variety of different skills. To give you a taste, here are some of the responsibilities that fall on the shoulders of medical assistants –

  1. Maintain correspondence
  2. Bookkeeping
  3. Answering telephones
  4. Pre checkup interviews
  5. Data entries
  6. Coding and filing insurance forms

These are just a few of the responsibilities that one has to undertake once they become a medical assistant. And since there is such a great deal of variation within them, it should come as no surprise to anyone that if you choose to ace one aspect of it, then you can quickly climb that ladder. In order to further illustrate this point, take the example of coding and filing insurance forms. 

If you decide to go down that path, then you can easily become a professional medical coder and biller and more than double your earnings in no time at all. So, in case you want to treat the job as a stepping stone and later branch out into a full blow professional, using the skills that you picked up on the job, then you can very well do that. 

Apart from that, the medical industry is usually very insulated from the market. So there is little to no fluctuations in it because of a market collapse or something like that. This means that despite the job itself not requiring too many qualifications, it has a level of job security to it that is seldom seen in any other industry. 

Also, speaking of job qualifications, there are little to no demands placed on medical assistants. A simple high school diploma will do the trick for the most part. On a rare occasion, specific qualifications will be asked for but those instances are far too few and in between. Just make it a point to check them beforehand and save yourself some time. 

Apart from all of this, the job of a Medical Assistant Salary nyc is usually the starting point. So, there is immense upward mobility in it. If you choose to apply yourself and work with dedication, then you will move up the medical jobs ladder in little to no time at all. Plus, a lot of medical students actually moonlight as medical assistants to gain that valuable experience which will come in handy later on. 

Final Thoughts

So, with everything said, the medical assistant salary in NYC is quite a decent amount. And in case you too are interested in a career as a medical assistant in NYC, then you should totally go for it. It has great scope for growth and financial security after all. And in case you have any more queries, feel free to ask us down below through online school!