McCombs School of Business has been igniting a spark of curiosity among its students over the years. Curiosity is extremely necessary to be successful in the business world. And that can be felt by the fact that a majority of the students passing from the McCombs Business School have landed some great job opportunities in the biggest corporations around the globe. We have also provided more acquired details through master degree program for your benefits and convenience.

So, let’s not wait any more, and jump into our topic of discussion right away. Get a taste of the history and heritage of McCombs, and be ready to be a part of the college’s legacy. You may also search for masters in education technology online , as per your interests and demands towards studies please visit here.

McCombs School of Business
McCombs School of Business

McCombs School of Business – Location and Featured Details.

The McCombs School of Business is located in Texas. The institution is also often referred to as the McCombs School or McCombs business school. It falls under the authorities of the University of Texas at Austin.

McCombs provides classes outside Central Texas in Dallas, Houston, and internationally in Mexico City, in addition to the main campus in Downtown Austin. For its total of 13,000 students per year, the McCombs School of Business delivers undergraduate, master’s, and doctoral degrees, contributing to its 98,648 member alumni base from a range of business sectors.

McCombs is home to 14 joint study centers, apart from the international business strategy competition, in addition to conventional classroom degree programs: the Venture Laboratories Investment Competition (formerly known as ‘MOOT Corp’), and executive education programs. McCombs is also Texas’ oldest public business school.

Mccombs School of Business Ranking – Meritorious History

The University of Texas at Austin (UT Austin) was established in 1883, and a few generations later, in 1922, the University School of Business Administration was established. The school expanded exponentially, setting up a Master’s in Technical Accounting program in 1948 and launching its first programs for executive education in 1955.

  • In Austin, the impact of the 1990s technical revolution and dot-com bubble was tangible, leaving the area with the moniker “Silicon Hills.”
  • The Venture Labs Investment Competition, one of the McCombs School of Business programs that have capitalized on this, is the world’s oldest operating new-venture competition between business schools.
  • Beginning in 1984, it was named the “Super Bowl of World Business Strategy Tournaments.” The development of the school’s first degree in Management Information Systems in 1990 was also opportunistic.
  • The MBA Investment Fund, LLC, became the first legally constituted investment fund that was managed by the students of the Master of Business Administration (MBA) program of the college. The fund, founded in 1984, became very popular. Historically, it had recorded an annual return of 17.5 percent till date. 
  • In addition, the college became the first to require an e-mail address for students in 1995. On May 11, 2000, Red McCombs, a car dealership owner, announced a 50 million dollar donation to UT Austin.
  • In his name, under the newly formed Red McCombs School of Business, the College of Business Administration and the Graduate School of Business were united. AT&T promised $25 million to the McCombs School to develop the Executive Education and Conference Center in June 2007.
  • The center, which opened in August 2008, will be called the AT&T Executive Education and Conference Center for the next 25 years as part of a financial donation.
How to transfer into McCombs Business School
How to transfer into McCombs Business School

How to transfer into McCombs Business School – Detailed Analysis

In the heart of the University of Texas at Austin campus, the McCombs Business School is located. A major portion of the McCombs School is bound inside a three-building complex at the intersection of 21st and Speedway Streets. 

Here, you must be eager to know more about the McCombs School of Business Admission process of this particular school and the thought and doubts also How to transfer into McCombs Business School also have solutions below. After all, if you want to get admitted to a top educational institution, you must start preparing from day one. And here we are with all the vital information about the college that will help you step-up your game.

This section is known as the George Kozmetsky Center for Business Education. The center has been named after the philanthropist and former dean of the College of Business Administration, Dr. George Kozmetsky.

  • Waggener Hall (the old home of the College of Business Administration) is bordered by McCombs School to the North, Gregory Gymnasium, and E. P. Schoch Building to the east and is adjacent to Perry-Castañeda Library to the south (supervised by one of the last campus master planners, Mr. Paul Cret).
  • In January 1962, the Business-Economics Building opened (now the College of Business Administration Building). When it was built, it was the largest classroom building on campus and housed the first escalator on campus. Today, it is home to the McCombs School undergraduate programs and the Bureau of Market Research.
  • The building faces Speedway Lane, and much of the building is faced with brick, unlike much of the nearby Mediterranean Revival Style architectural structures. In March 1976, next to the present building facing 21st Street, the Graduate School of Business Building opened.
  • The extension to the College of Business Administration Building since its inception houses the independent graduate MBA program. To protect a grove of trees on the north side of the building, the addition was constructed in a rhombus shape.

The AT&T Executive Education and Convention Center is a multi-function facility and hotel on the southwest corner of the UT campus. For more better infrastructure and facilities regarding you may also visit top 10 accredited online colleges.

What about the classroom structure? More infrastructure news

There are many large classrooms and breakout areas, a 300-seat amphitheater, a ballroom, three bars, and 297 hotel rooms in the facility. This particular center hosts all the executive education services, which includes the MBA evening services.

This is the first building to be constructed in the U.S. LEED Silver certification standards on the campus by the Green Building Council.

A statue named “The Family Party” created by the sculptor and former UT College of Fine Arts professor, Charles Umlauf is situated at the center of McCombs Plaza at the GSB Building’s southern entrance. 

A plan for a new $155 million, 458,000-square-foot Graduate Business Education Center to support MBA, M.S, and upper-level undergraduate courses was approved by the University of Texas System Board of Regents in August 2012. There are also more options for master’s degree, please check the details here.

The new state-of-the-art building opened in March 2018, just across from the AT&T Executive Education and Conference Center. Robert B. Rowling Hall is the name of this facility.

Academic Profile of McCombs School of Business

As far as the total number of students studying in McCombs is concerned, there were 6,548 of them, as per the data released in 2018. Out of them, 4,752 were undergraduates, while 1,702 students were studying postgraduate programs. Apart from that, 94 students belonged to doctoral programs. 

Also, an additional 6,450 undergraduate students pursue courses through the TBF Program, which stands for Texas Business Foundations

All classes of the undergraduate programs are held at the main campus located in Austin.  While pursuing an undergraduate program at the University of Texas at Austin, the Texas ccc offers non-business majors the opportunity to understand the fundamentals of business operations and minor companies. For more opinions on undergraduate programs , please visit accelerated bachelors degree programs for adults.

McCombs School of Business Fees
McCombs School of Business Fees

McCombs School of Business Fees

An MBA at Texas McCombs can give you a fantastic return on your money, which is why our program has been repeatedly called “Best Value.” With the potential to receive six-figure starting salaries plus signing bonuses, the best investment you can make for your career is a Texas McCombs MBA degree.

For the 2020-2021 school year, tuition and fees are below and are subject to adjustment by a statutory intervention.

Estimated McCombs School of Business Fees and Tuition for One Year

Below we have provided an estimated expense charge as far as the McCombs School of Business Fees

 is concerned:

  • Texas Resident: $51,020
  • Non-Texas Resident & International: $56,572

Once you approve their offer of entry, a non-refundable $2,000 deposit is required and is counted against your first-semester program costs. Every academic year, tuition fees are projected to grow 3-5 percent. For cheapest and accredited online colleges, please have click and visit here.

Current estimated expenses for the academic year: 

The following expenses you may have to bear during an academic year at this particular college:

  • Living expenses – $19,598 (The expenses include local travel, room & board, and personal/ miscellaneous expenses)
  • Books – $1,020
  • Student fees – $1,000
  • Laptop – $2,500 (Additional documentation might be required in case financial aid is needed by the student for this expense)

In addition to their current undergraduate work, students in the Business Foundations Program take seven business classes (two lower-division and five upper-division). Students who finish the curriculum will incorporate their minor into their profession in the future.

McCombs School of Business Admission
McCombs School of Business Admission 

McCombs School of Business Admission 

Out of the 8,034 freshman applicants, 1,835 were admitted into the undergraduate program in Fall 2018. Texas state law categorizes each person seeking admission to a public college or university in Texas as:

  • Inhabitant of Texas;
  • A non-resident;  
  • An international (foreign) student.

Students who are classified as residents of Texas pay lower tuition rates and qualify to apply for state-awarded financial aid.

The McCombs School of Business Admission follows a unique structure. McCombs doesn’t allow spring or summer submissions, unlike other colleges & schools at the University of Texas at Austin and the university itself. Only during the fall semester must prospective students apply for admission. For 6 month’s courses, please visit 6 month masters degree online

With classes beginning in August, the Full-Time MBA program seeks student admission registrations once a year. The selection period consists of three rounds, and rounds 1 & 2 are preference rounds for grants and fellowships.

Different admissions criteria apply to all undergraduate and postgraduate candidates. Based on letters of reference, essays, transcripts, and a resume, candidates are judged holistically.

However, MBA candidates are encouraged to have full-time job experience for at least two years and are required to take the Graduate Management Admission Exam (GMAT). For Fall 2018, for the Full-Time MBA program with a class size of 284, the McCombs school earned just over 2,000 applications.

More about the educational aspect of the college

Here are some of the major courses provided by the McCombs School of Business:

  • Bachelor in Business Administration (BBA),
  • Master in Business Administration ( MBA),
  • Master in Technical Accounting (MPA),
  • Masters in Science in Marketing (MSM),
  • Master of Science in Business Analytics (MSBA),
  • Master of Science in Finance (MSF),
  • Master in Science in Information Technology and Management (MSITM),
  • Master of Science in Technology (MSITM),
  • Master of Science in Technology (MSBA),
  • Master of Science in Finance (MSF)

Upon completion of non-degreed Executive Leadership classes, they also offer certificates for those programs. Five academic departments are existing in the business school, and they are:

  • Accounting,
  • Finance,
  • Intelligence, Risk, and Operations Administration (IROM),
  • Management, and
  • Marketing.

These departments are further split into programs awarding doctoral degrees at the McCombs Business School. In 2010, a sixth department was created, Industry, Government, and Society, and does not grant a doctoral degree. Finance students are broken into six separate “lines” or specializations.

Corporate Finance, Investment Banking, and Real Estate Tracks

The Corporate Finance and Investment Banking curriculum trains students for positions as corporate treasury department associates, as corporate or investment bank financial analysts, and as management consultants. The Energy Finance Track prepares students for positions in the energy sector in project finance, valuation, and risk management.

The Investment Management curriculum provides students with a background appropriate for starting positions with investment funds, investment banks, or other financial institutions as financial analysts. The Capital Markets / Banking Track trains students, such as lending officers and financial analysts, for different occupations related to financial institutions.

The Real Estate Track educates and trains the students for positions in commercial brokerage and appraisal of real estate, mortgage banking, loan signing, development and investment of real estate, and property management. Lastly, for students who do not wish to specialize in any field, the General Finance Trail.

Canfield BHP (Canfield Business Honors Program) 

Admission is dependent on the rank of the high school class combined with extracurricular activities and is normally only open to students in the top 2% of their class.

Some of the most seasoned teachers of the McCombs School teach Canfield BHP courses. Focus is put on class discourse and lectures, review of case studies, and the study of real business decisions. Enrollment in BHP classes in Canfield is limited to program students and has restricted class sizes (usually 30-45 students). 

Canfield BHP already has a sophomore transition application for first-year students who wish to transition to the Canfield Business Honors Program next year.

McCombs School of Business Requirements
McCombs School of Business Requirements

McCombs School of Business Requirements – Admission Tips

Obtain copies of your official transcripts and have official test scores sent to UT Austin to prepare to apply for your MBA. Get to know the details and culture of the MBA program by meeting with employees, students, and alumni. Connect with who has gone through the admission process successfully in order to get some extra key insights about the procedure.

Be sure that you stick to the deadline for submissions for the round in which you submit. This includes all applicable components of the application: essays, transcripts, self-reported test scores, recommendation letters, resume, etc.

Once you’ve sent your application, now you set yourself up to receive regular alerts from the McCombs Business School. Remember that interviews are issued on a rolling basis, by invitation only.

Pay the fee for your application process. Your invoice for application fees will be available 1-2 business days after submission of the application. Remember to complete your GIAC file. The duty of GIAC is to check the authenticity of your test results, transcripts, and degrees. Upload copies of official transcripts 1-2 business days after application submission and confirm receipt of official test scores.

Both requests are evaluated in rounds. By the date published during the round in which you submit your application, the McCombs School of Business Admission Committee will make a decision. You will receive an automated email to view your admissions decision once a decision has been released on your application. All admissions decisions for the admissions period are final.

Research ventures of the College 

Over a dozen joint research centers focused on diverse market and finance fields are based in McCombs. Research centers are part of the university divisions and, according to the center’s specialization, research details within that department.

Career Prospects for a Full-Time MBA Student at McCombs

Your McCombs Business School MBA degree will automatically start paying dividends. The Full-Time MBA was named U.S. Best Value News & Report on the World. With the ability to collect six-figure starting wages and healthy signing incentives, receiving an MBA degree from McCombs is the best choice you’ll ever make for your future. The McCombs School of Business Ranking also depends for the uprising of students career and scope for better future.

Throughout the year, the career advisors at McCombs are willing to offer technical advice and insight. You will also team up with a Peer Counselor, a second-year Texas MBA student who only a year ago was at the job preparation point, just like you.

What Makes McCombs Business School a Great Deal?

The five qualities that we believe make a great college of business are:

  • A well-defined task that allows professors to establish future leaders;
  • The breadth of the program;
  • Faculty study efficiency and impact;
  • Extraordinarily talented students; and finally,
  • Industry involvement.

The School’s Mission 

The goal of McCombs is to advance knowledge and change lives. The McCombs Business School builds on three core, interwoven values of quality, inclusion, and connectivity as the critical requirements for creating a vibrant, intellectual community in order to achieve this mission.

They incorporate these principles by aligning their assets so that they improve and empower one another. They aim to create relationships organically such that each aspect of our organization can synergistically strengthen and benefit from the others.

Breadth of Curriculum 

In all major business disciplines, including (but not limited to!) accounting, finance, management, and supply chain, a great business school must offer classes. Broad offers the range of academic topics required for an outstanding education in business.

They offer a complete academic package that caters to any applicant with multiple departments teaching at higher levels. Their many highly ranked programs are recognized worldwide across a variety of subject areas. You may also visit quickest masters degree online for further details.

Innovation at its core

Universities are attempting to adapt rapidly to the marketplace, but bringing a new curriculum from idea to practice is a thoughtful method for business colleges working within a broader university system. 

To ensure that the new program fits with the university strategies and vision, does not duplicate efforts somewhere else, and still satisfy the requirements of students planning to join the industry or continue further studies, considerable review at all stages is required.

The McCombs Business School is doing this exact thing seamlessly. McCombs has developed strategies for presenting timely subject matter through workshops and speaker series within the often limiting structure.

Quality and Impact of Faculty Research 

In research partnership and distribution, a great business college must lead from the front. McCombs sponsors a range of centers and institutes that collaborate with businesses and the government on academic and other ventures. These centers fulfill the college’s mission of connecting across the university to help its students achieve quality, inclusion, and connectivity goals.

In all stages, a great business college works with industry in order to enable its students to get accustomed to the industry norms. In science and training, McCombs Business School associates with several businesses and companies. The college is proud that its students take positions in industries around the country and the world.

Forging industrial collaborations is key to success for aspiring business professionals. The corporate world is introduced into the college atmosphere by the utilization of talent so kindly provided by businesses in the classroom, during company tours, and in recruitment activities. The talents of both academics and professionals for the student’s advancement will be synergistically used by a great college.

McCombs School of Business Requirements: Where Opportunities Meet Talent

So, as you can see, the McCombs Business School has all the facilities that an aspiring business student can wish for. Also, its infrastructure is developing every day, and its board of directors is extremely futuristic when it comes to deciding the course of the students’ careers.

You would probably agree that with greater opportunities, comes greater obstacles. If there’s light at the end of a tunnel, then everyone inside the tunnel will dream to reach the end. But the irony of success is that very few of those dreamers can actually realize their true potential.

If you have in yourself what’s needed to succeed in life and career, McCombs School of Business should be your preferred destination. For more information doubts and queries, please visit online schools for solutions of your queries, and please leave a comment below.