Masters in criminology jobs consists of many progressive jobs available for qualified and skilled candidates. This is a concept that is concerned to control criminal activities both on social and individual levels. There are various available jobs for masters in criminology. For a clear analysis one can check on criminal justice masters programs for pursuing this degree. We have also provided a detailed information on law school so that you can have a clear understanding.

Masters in criminology jobs
Masters in criminology jobs

Masters in criminology jobs : Introduction

Criminology is a scientific study that is concerned with nature, causes, extent, consequences, control, and prevention of criminal activities. This is an interdisciplinary field that is a part of both behavioral and social sciences in masters in criminology jobs. It primarily relies on the research of psychologists, sociologists, philosophers, and other scholars of the law. Although criminology falls under the stream of sociology its principals also rely on the research and teachings of economics, anthropology, biology, and statistics. 

Jobs for masters in criminology

Apart from this, there are various subgroups of criminology like feminist, bio social, and so on. If you have a bachelor’s degree and you are drawn to this field, check out for criminal justice bachelor degree jobs. Now let’s have a look at the promising career options available to masters in criminology graduates. 

Crime Analyst Salary – Scale: $34,000 to $50,000

Crime analysts are involved in offering statistical analysis and intelligence gathering services to various law enforcement agencies. They are also responsible to identify trends and the latest emerging issues that might require immediate police intervention. 

They assist the police commanders in the allocation of personnel and resources in the best possible manner. Their prime motive is to prevent criminal activities, review various data sources, and analyze police reports. The inferences are drawn from this exercise to help investigate and solve crimes. 

Sociology and Criminology jobs – Salary Range: $40,000 to $70,000

Just like crime analysts, they are also involved in the study of the latest trends and data. But the primary difference between sociology and criminology jobs profiles is that the criminologists apply their principles and knowledge to understand the implication of crime on society. These professionals are likely to work in universities or colleges. 

They are involved in conducting research or formulating public policy proposals. Most likely one should opt this profession from masters in criminology jobs as they are also involved in studying crime, its primary causes, and its consequences. They advise the criminal justice agencies and lawmakers on the best way to develop strategies to curb criminal activities on a societal level. 

Corrections Officer Salary – Range: $26,000 to $39,000

Masters in criminology jobs also provide Corrections officers who often have a difficult job profile. Although this profile earns a lesser salary package as compared to the above two professions, that doesn’t take away the relevance of this service. These professionals work in prisons, jails, and other correctional facilities. They are meant to protect the prison inmates from each other and the outside public as well. 

Criminal Investigators and Detectives – Salary Range: $36,000 to $60,000

It is one of the most popular bachelor’s degree jobs in criminal justice so far. If you are inclined towards solving complicated cases and crime, then working in the capacity of a criminal investigator or detective can be a great option for you. Detectives are involved in solving several critical and specialized criminal cases. 

This is a fascinating and challenging job profile. You see, this is not an entry-level profile. This is a profile that is given only when a candidate has earned some relevant experience in this field. If you aspire to build a career in law enforcement, you can choose this job profile among other masters in criminology jobs. 

Forensic Science Technician Salary -Range: $33,000 to $50,000

These professionals can serve as laboratory technicians or the civilian crime scene investigators. They are involved in collecting and analyzing evidence and ensuring that the authoritative chain of custody is duly maintained. 

It is mandatory for such professionals to have a solid natural science background. They should also have a keen interest and knowledge of the criminal justice system. Forensic science technicians offer vital support to the investigators in solving complicated crimes. 

Forensic Psychologist Salary – Range: $57,000 to $80,000

Forensic psychologists work with almost every department of the criminal justice system. They can counsel the prison inmates, evaluate their records, and serve as an expert witness. They are also involved in determining the suitability of a suspect to stand trial procedures and their level of liability in criminal activity. 

These professionals work directly with the inmates and try to understand their mental status and thinking process. Apart from this, some forensic psychologists also work in the capacity of jury consultants with attorneys or as criminal profilers with law enforcement. If you wish to succeed in this profession, you must have a combination of advanced degrees in criminology, psychology, criminal justice, and sociology. this is one of the most demanding masters in criminology jobs.

Loss Prevention Specialist Salary – Range: $11 to $16 per hour

A loss prevention specialist is a great entry-level profile in criminology. This job opportunity can provide the much needed relevant experience of working with probation officers and police officers. 

These professionals work for various retail companies to mitigate and prevent theft by both employees and customers. Although the starting salary might be lesser than other profiles, the salary range can go up to $50,000 per year for the experienced candidates. 

Special Agents Salary – Range: $47,000 to $80,000

Masters in criminology jobs also includes Special agents who work for the various state investigation bodies and federal law enforcement agencies. These agents generally specialize in areas like fraud, financial crimes, major robberies, terrorist task forces, and other violent crimes. They handle complex cases and work closely with the local and state law enforcement teams. This profile includes extensive traveling and detailed investigation sessions. 

Police Officer Salary – Range: $31,000 to $50,000

Police officers are the front line security service providers of a society. They are involved in patrolling communities, make arrests, help disabled motorists, and resolve disputes. In other words, the primary function of a police officer is to enforce ordinance and law in society. Working in this profile can prepare a candidate for investigative or detective positions. They might also get hired in the capacity of a special agent in the future. 

Criminology careers list
Criminology careers list

Criminology careers list : conclusion

These were some of the top masters in criminology jobs. Apart from these, graduates can also apply for positions like polygraph examiner, community control officer, and probation officer from criminology careers list. Make sure you select an online master’s course that offers you maximum exposure and knowledge about this sector. Hope this was information was useful to you.

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