What is a master’s degree?

Education is the cornerstone of society’s success and the advancements of civilization. The availability of an online master degree has truly changed the education game around the world. What used to be a daunting task even a decade ago, has become more of an accessible form of education.

Not everyone could have got into prestigious institutions to pursue a master’s degree. But today, with the best online master degree accepting applications from across the globe, any person, irrespective of his location, can complete their master degree years. All they need the right intent and a bulletproof plan.

Today, more numbers of online institutions have come forward with their customized online master degree programs, which in turn, have only empowered all the classes of the society. So what exactly is a master’s degree and how can you access one of those, that too in a prestigious college or university? Well, we are about to clarify everything that you needed to know to get ahead in your career race. Let’s get started!

Masters Degree

Masters Degree

Everything about a master’s degree

In the USA, a master’s degree is the first level of your graduate study. To be marked eligible for pursuing a master’s degree, you must have already completed your bachelor’s degree or an equivalent education milestone.

  • Some of the universities want their applicants to have secured some minimum marks to be considered eligible for the master’s program. Here are some of the fundamentals of the master’s program:
  • You need a bachelor’s degree or an undergraduate degree to apply for an online master’s degree.
  • You would require at least a year and a half to two years of full-time study to successfully complete your master’s education program. There aren’t any shortcuts.
  • Of course, there are certain postgraduate diplomas and other such kinds of courses that require less time to be spent at school. But those are not equivalent to a master’s degree. Therefore, you must have at least a year and half of the time if you wish to complete your master’s degree education program.
  • To earn your master’s degree, you must complete somewhere around 36 to 54 semester credits, which is equivalent to 60 to 90 quarter-credits. Well, if you compare this with college courses, they would be similar to 12 to 18 college courses.
  • In this regard, it is important to know who is going to award you the master’s degree. Whether you are seeking the best online master degree or a traditional one that needs you to attend school, most of these degrees are awarded either by the state university under which your college belongs to any public university.

Master’s Degrees: Some Quick Facts

If you don’t know already, the master degree abbreviation depends on the stream you choose to study. For instance, if you are willing to pursue a master’s degree in arts, then you would require applying to a Master of Arts program. In that case, the master degree abbreviation would be MA. In contrast, when you choose a science topic such as Physics, or Chemistry, or Astrophysics, etc. as your preferred form of education, your master degree abbreviation would be an M.Sc or Master of Science. Therefore, you must have a clear vision of what exactly you’re exacting in the application form. You wouldn’t want to commit a mistake during your master’s degree application.

Different types of master’s degrees

Just like any other spheres of life, higher education, too, has many options to choose from. You can simply get lost and feel overwhelmed if you are unsure of the direction you’re headed towards. To help you decide in a better and more dynamic manner, here we have listed below some of the most common best online masters degree programs that you can apply for right away. All you need is a strong intent and a determination to complete the course, no matter how hard the going gets. The moment you complete your master’s program, you can rest assured about the immense possibilities that lie ahead in your career path. Before we talk more about that, let’s quickly talk about the different types of master programs available in the United States:

  • MA: Those of you who are interested in an art career, an MA degree would be the best way to get started. In this regard, it is important that we mention, not all MA degrees require you to be a prolific painter or writer. There are other streams of MA that you can pursue without needing to learn how to paint. For instance, there are degrees such as philosophy, Journalism, Philanthropy, etc. which doesn’t require their candidates to possess a strong arts background. However, for pursuing a MA course, you are required to mandatorily have completed your undergraduate or bachelor’s degree in a relevant subject.
  • MSc: Master of Science, or MA, is one of the most common streams of education for those who have a keen interest in science and related subjects. Well, you might be thinking what if you’re an engineer and wish to study in such a course. In that case, let us tell you that anyone who has completed their undergraduate or bachelor’s degree in a science or related program, are eligible to apply for an MSc or an equivalent program. Among the different subjects you could take up for your MSc program are the traditional science topics such as Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Mathematics, as well as other subjects like Media Studies, Psychology, etc.
  • MBA: Master of Business Administration or MBA has been one of the hottest streams that people choose, irrespective of their past education history. There are examples of people who have completed their engineering and went on to apply for an MBA. Later, they have become successful in their respective careers. The main reason one chooses to undergo an MBA program is because of the immense promises and opportunities that this particular course poses in front of careerist individuals. They have the chance to rule the business world and for that, all they require is an adequate knowledge of commerce. And there’s no course better than the MBA if you wish to become a corporate boss one day. Or else, if you have an entrepreneurial spirit, you may definitely try your luck in MBA.

Your master degree years at a college or university might restrict you from getting involved in any kind of profession. This mainly happens because the colleges demand you to be present for a full-time, whereas, for working professionals, it is not easy to commit their time to a full-time classroom endeavor. Instead, they have this brilliant option of pursuing the best online master degree program. With so many institutions going online these days, you have some of the most brilliant opportunities to flourish in the career of your choice.

Why choose an online degree?

There are too many pros associated with the online education scenario, especially the one that offers you a master degree:

  • As we mentioned above, with an online masters program, you don’t require to spend your entire day at your college or university classroom. You might be a working professional who needs to run a family. But you are equally interested in continuing your higher education. In such a scenario, even a few years ago, it caused a dilemma in the hearts of the education-seekers. They either had to quit their job and get themselves registered in their local university or college. Or else, the other option they had is to abandon their dream of further education. However, with the advent of the new era, a new dawn has arrived. Today, technology allows you to study at the same time while working on your office project.
  • There are many entrepreneurs who wish to hone their skills in a certain aspect of their life but they can’t afford to abandon their businesses. Instead, they simply opt for an online education institution that gives them the flexibility to study in comfort. That way, they can also do their important everyday tasks without compromising their eagerness to learn new things. Online education is the hope for the millennials to stay competitive while being operational at the same time.
  • Besides, one of the other important features of the best online master degree programs is that they are generally cheaper than what you might have to pay from a traditional master’s degree program in a brick and mortar institution.
master degree program

master degree program

Why must you earn a master’s degree? 

In today’s fast life and busy schedules, often people tend to overlook the need for further education. With so many Hollywood entrepreneurship based movies telling you that schools don’t make you successful, it is easy to get lost in the crowd of average people.

  • You would be amazed to know that about 80% of the world’s total educated population doesn’t have a master’s degree. And that opens up a lot of potential for you in the future when it comes to promotion and career advancement opportunities. Moreover, today’s dynamic business world needs educated and well-knowledgeable leaders. Where would you find a leader other than higher education institutions?
  • With the coronavirus pandemic destroying economies around the globe, even more numbers of educated leaders would be required more than ever, who would help resurrect the lost glory of capitalist marketplaces. And if you wish to ride the growth curve and play an important role in the economy, pursuing a master’s degree is the best and only option you have.
  • If you want to establish yourself as an authority and an influential personality in your industry, there are a lot of wonders that an online masters program can offer. A master’s degree is generally the stamp that differentiates you with the rest of the crowd. Therefore, once you undergo a master’s program, you set yourself apart from the general crowd.
  • Now let’s take a real-life example. Suppose you have gone for an interview in a multinational firm, where other candidates just like you, are sitting as well. They all have everything in common, Some of the guys know foreign languages just like you do but one thing that sets you apart from them is that you have a master’s degree while none of them does possess such a blessing. In that scenario, who do you think the employer would prefer hiring? Of course, it is you who would end up being hired. That is how important it is to have a master’s degree in your arsenal.
  • A master’s degree helps you to stay aligned with the changing industry dimensions. While pursuing an MBA or similar master’s degree in business education, you would require to expose yourself to the real-life industry peripherals, which would make you ready for the everyday business challenges. As a result, you will have enough experience by the end of your program, which will ensure that when you get a job promotion or a better opportunity, you could grab it!
  • There are many jobs that require only master’s degree holders. In such a case, no matter how talented you are, unless you have a master’s degree, you wouldn’t be considered eligible to apply for that possible. Now, you wouldn’t want to miss put on such an opportunity, would you?

The time required for completing a master degree

There are two different options for you:

  • Full time: if you choose such a program, it would take you anywhere between 1.5 and 2.5 years to complete the program
  • Part-time: If you choose this format, you have the flexibility to complete the course within up to 5 or 6 years

Average fees for a master degree program

Well, how much fees you are required to pay for a master’s degree program depends on several factors. Generally, most master’s degree programs tend to demand a higher price. It might be as low as $8000, while the highest range might go up to anywhere around $300,000, depending on the university or college you choose. However, if you select an online education portal, you wouldn’t require paying so much. Online master degree programs tend to be cheaper yet effective.

Now we believe you have enough knowledge about the online master degree programs and their potential in your career advancement. If you need any more assistance on the topic, leave a comment below and we’ll get back to you at the earliest.