How to get into law school?

Law is considered as one of the most respectable professions around the globe, and the United States of America has a rich history that considers lawyers as an integral part of the nation-building process. Today, with the availability of so many online law school programs, one doesn’t need to go through the complex process of application, analysis, and evaluation before being able to step into the legal profession as a practitioner.


Yes, we understand that during the post-pandemic period, the demand for online education would experience an unprecedented spike, something that has already started coming to the notice of the largest educational institutions of the world. In fact, most online portals are bombarded with questions like, “can you do law school online”, etc.


Today, more people are interested in getting a suitable online education in order to go one step further towards their professional or academic dreams. And significantly, law; being one of the most popular career choices in the US, has also seen a large spike in the number of online applications across various universities and colleges. Make sure that you, too, ride the growth!

Law School

Law School

Lawyers and Presidents

Eminent personalities like none other than the former president of the United States, Abraham Lincoln himself was a law practitioner. In fact, Lincoln is not the only American president to have attended the law school, like Bill Clinton, Richard Nixon, and many others too had achieved the rare feat.

No, we are not telling that you would strengthen your chances of becoming the country’s president if you choose law as your career, but we can guarantee you one thing and that is, you would earn the respect of a lot of people.

The demand for lawyers and advocates in America is higher these days than at any time in the past. With the strengthening of the economy and the boom in industrialization, more demand for qualified law practitioners are about to be witnessed. Therefore, you decide, if you wish to tap in the demand and gain a lot in terms of your career.

Prospect of studying law in the USA

You would probably understand that studying law can open up a wide array of career opportunities. Not only do you have the chance to pursue as a law practitioner but there are other streams of the profession that you may wish to try your hands on.

  • For instance, you may offer your legal knowledge and expertise as a consultant to heavyweight corporate entities.
  • Or else, you may practice law independently, and hire some more advocates and eventually build your company. Now, this is one of the most common avenues that people with an entrepreneurial spirit tend to do.
  • Studying in the best online law school will help you build contacts with some of the highly influential people of your industry as well as others, which in turn, will open up numerous doors for you.
  • Law education enhances not only the necessary skills required to practice as an attorney but also helps you to develop a career in other fields like diplomacy, politics, business, economics, etc.

Are you ready to study law?

law school

law school

Of course, there are huge rewards when it comes to studying law, and even more rewards if you choose the best online law school programs in the country. However, you must not think that the process would be easy. Law as an education stream is probably one of the toughest streams you would ever come across.

It is an intimating, solitary, and difficult process overall, and therefore, we advise you to analyze your actual wish and figure whether you really wish to take up law as a career. There are numerous cases when people start studying law, but after a while, their dreams of becoming a lawyer start falling apart. Finally, they may have found their calling but until then, they had already lost too much time.

So, choose law as a career only if you are committed to complete the entire grueling process. Nothing comes easy, especially when you are dealing with the law as an educational stream. Therefore, you must be mentally strong enough to withstand the enormous pressure

Things to know for international students

Are you an international student who has come to the US to study law or are any of your friends from a different country wishing to study law in the USA? In case of any of such conditions, make sure that you understand something clearly.

The online law school programs in the USA generally offer its students with a Juris Doctor (JD) degree, which is commonly based on the British law system. Therefore, depending on the country where you’re from, it might not be the best choice for you to study such a program in the US, as it might not make you qualified enough to practice law in your native country once you pass out from the American online law school.

However, there are certainly numerous employability options around the globe that prefer a candidate with a JD degree. In this case, we would also like to enlighten you about the fact that law schools in Louisiana teach the Civil Code, which is applicable in many countries

According to the data, more number of foreign students have shown greater interests in the following kinds of degrees available in the American law schools:

  • LLM
  • MCL
  • MCJ

If you are interested in coming to the USA to pursue a law career and kickstart your legal education, you can be certain that back at home, multiple job opportunities are waiting eagerly to hire you as soon as you return home after completion of your education program. But for that, you should consider enrolling in a graduate program. The best online law school programs offer you such an opportunity, which would ensure that you need not leave your country and come to the United States to pursue your goal.

Requirements for Application

Now that you have decided to apply for a law school in the USA, here are the basic requirements you must keep a track of:

  • Bachelor’s degree in any subject or an equivalent 4-year university degree.
  • Generally, all ABA-approved law schools, as well as some of the non-ABA-approved schools, require their applicants to register and complete their applications through CAS.
  • Satisfactory LSAT scores
  • Relevant professional or teacher recommendations
  • TOEFL score in case English isn’t your native language
  • Financial documents that show the proof of the availability of adequate funds required to help you survive the academic year. Well, this rule is applicable only if you are about to apply for an F1 visa.

What you should expect while studying law?

It’s natural that during your first year as a law student, you are bound to be bombarded with anxiety and surprised elements, given that not every one of you has a clear idea of what a typical law school curriculum looks like.

More importantly, it is easy to think that you’re lost when you are buried under loads of thick hardcover books unless you have already started studying law at your home as a part of your school preparation.

But in most cases, people are not aware of what to expect from their law school. To help you out, here are some of the magic bullets that you must consider paying attention to in case you wish your first year at the online law school to be a smooth ride.

Your First year

During your first-year (1L) as a law student in the US, you would require taking courses in the following aspects:

  • legal writing,
  • contracts,
  • torts,
  • criminal law,
  • constitutional law, etc.

Second Year

During your second-year (2L) you would be likely to focus on other activities like Law Review, Moot Court, and certain other extra-curricular activities that demand you to practice a lot of legal lessons.

Most 2L students are required to start looking for legal internships during the break between their second and third years. Therefore, it is important that you start practicing early and get accustomed to the demands of the profession before getting challenged by real professional cases.

Often, these internships during the school lead to lucrative full-time job opportunities for the students in the near future, depending upon how well they can grab their chances to flourish and utilize them. Here, the key is to learn quickly and apply practical knowledge to the scene.

Third Year

During your third-year (3L), you are likely to take up elective subjects like international law, antitrust law, immigration law, or intellectual Property Law. During most of their time in the third year, students are generally engaged in finding employment opportunities and preparing for the bar exam.

Prepare for the Bar Exam

If you don’t know already, the bar examination is a test that is conducted to determine whether someone is qualified enough to practice law in their respective jurisdictions. This test is generally required for the US-based students, however, any foreign candidate can also appear for the bar exam.

Well, just in case you decide to practice law in a different country other than the US, you might be required to appear for a second bar exam in order to be considered a dual-qualified lawyer. If you are unsure about how to prepare in the best possible manner for the bar exam, you can rest assured about the contribution of the online law school programs in the US.

Your chosen online law school will help you prepare in the best possible manner, no matter which country you choose to practice law after you complete your law education in the USA.

law school near me (1)

law school near me

How to choose the best online law school?

We believe you’re eager to know how you can do law school online. In that case, the best way to get started is to research all the available options in and around your area. In case, you are an international student, a simple Google search would be effective enough to find out the right law school. Or else, if you have any of your friends or relatives living in the US, ask them for suggestions.

Remember that not all the online law school programs available in the country are best suited for you. What suits the others might not be perfect for you to start with. Therefore, it is important to choose the right one, considering that you wouldn’t want to quit your education after spending some months or a year at the school.

Here are some of the ways you can determine if that particular school is the best one for you.

  • Verify the school rankings
  • If possible, visit the university campuses.
  • Speak to the current students and the graduates of the institution of your choice

Law School Fees

According to a report published by the U.S. News and World Report annual survey that took into consideration over 197 law programs across the country, the average cost of a private law school program is approximately $43,020. On the other hand, attending a public law school can cost you somewhere around $26,264 on average for in-state residents. This figure is $39,612 on average for out-of-state students.

Stay Confident and Start Preparing

We believe that all your doubts regarding law school entrance (as well as the overall perspective of what a career in law looks like) are clear. Now, you should start preparing for your academic journey ahead. If you are an off-shore student, you better start honing your TOEFL scores and also improve your legal knowledge.

We recommend that you start studying way before you appear for the bar examination. This will help you prepare ahead and generate a lot of confidence in your mind. Now, if you are not sure how to get started and where to start your academic journey, there are numerous state-of-the-art online law school programs available in the country.

For instance, we are a leading online law school with a strong student base and an even stronger faculty. Our top-notch online curriculum ensures that none of our students are left out of the immense opportunities of the legal profession. If you are interested to join our program, leave a comment below, and we will get back to you.