Kellogg School of Management at North-western University or as it is more commonly known as Kellogg school management is one of the oldest business schools within the country. Founded in 1851, it has been a pillar of excellence over the last 110 or so years. It is located in Chicago Metropolitan Area, Illinois. We have provided in details about master degree

Throughout its existence, Kellogg school of management has been at the forefront of medical research and advancements. Even today, it stands tied at a respectable 2nd position in the list of best business schools and number 33 for the best executive MBA program. But what makes it such a behemoth in the medical school’s fraternity?

Well, that is what we are here to discuss today. Apart from that, we will also be looking into a few other things such as the school of management cost, Kellogg school management courses, etc. And since we are talking about the colored history of the school, it makes sense to talk about the Kellogg School of Management accreditation as well.

With all of that being said, let us get right to it.

It has several courses on offer. These courses vary from field to field. Plus, each course has many sub-courses with specialization as well. So with that being said, here is an exhaustive list of courses offered:

kellogg school of management
Kellogg school of management

Kellogg School of Management – Courses

Core Courses:

The core courses are intended to outfit students with basic business information, scientific abilities, and social intuition to prevail in the present business scene. 

All students in the Evening and Weekend MBA Program, paying little heed to pace, will take the accompanying two courses. Kellogg School Of Management courses are foundations of the Evening and Weekend MBA Program, and are committed to the study of the executives and the craft of initiative:

The eight courses recorded underneath complete the center prerequisites. These classes will set you up for cutting edge learn at the school and balance your business information across capacities, preparing you for progress:

  • Finance I 
  • Marketing Management 
  • Microeconomic Analysis 
  • Business Analytics I  
  • Business Analytics II 
  • Operations Management 
  • Accounting for Decision Making 
  • Leadership and Crisis Management 

In case you’re seeking after the Accelerated Option, earlier coursework may supplant three to four of these center classes (qualification is resolved preceding being admitted). Individual core classes might be postponed after being admitted to any student. Every division has a waiver methodology for medical center contribution.

Elective Courses:

Built more elevated level information and aptitudes through Kellogg School Of Management elective courses, which spread a wide range and give a profound concentration in an assortment of subjects and businesses. 

Influence these courses to accomplish your own and expert objectives — regardless of whether that implies picking up aptitude in your picked industry, exploiting our experiential learning courses, filling ability holes, or investigating new zones of business. 

As an Evening and Weekend MBA student, you are not needed to choose a significant one. Nonetheless, a large number of students pick a significant or pathway to structure their coursework.

MBA Programs provided by the college

  • One Year Program
  • Two Year Program
  • MMM
  • MBAi
  • JD-MBA

As you can see, Kellogg School Of Management is quite a lot of variation on offer. This is because it is partnered with many other schools within the province which allows it to offer a number of these offbeat courses together. Kellogg offers joint executive MBA degree programs with the following Schools:

  • School of Business and Management at The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology in Hong Kong
  • Recanati Graduate School of Management at Tel Aviv University in Israel
  • WHU-Otto Beisheim School of Management in Germany
  • Schulich School of Business at York University in Toronto, Canada
  • Guanghua School of Management at Peking University in Beijing, China

So as you can see, there are several other side courses that you can apply for and get degrees in while being enrolled with Kellogg school of management. This amount of flexibility and customization is what has made the school such a desirable place to study business and management in.

Apart from these the college also has an option of online classes as well. The college complies with the growing needs of the future and requirements of the present and has adapted the prevailing teaching and learning methods.

The college has created flexible programs for students as you can see. It provides various options such as full time program, part time program, weekend programs, distance programs and online courses for students to have access to education along with their professional lives.

With that being said, we believe we have given you an exhaustive list of the courses on offer. For individual course specialization, you will need to ask the college about it for the availability of the course. However, the more common and popular ones are readily available. So with that in mind, let us talk about the next logical thing one might ask about.

Kellogg School of Management fees

Kellogg School of Management fees
Kellogg School of Management fees

The cost layout is:

One Year MBA

  • Tuition- $103,316
  • Room & Board- $20,900
  • Books & Supplies- $2,196
  • Travel- $1,772
  • Personal- $3,850
  • Health Insurance- $5,219
  • Computer Equipment-$1,200
  • Student Activity and Experience Fee- $1,400
  • Student Association Fee- $440
  • First Year Fee- $1,000
  • Loan Fees- Nil
  • Estimated Expenses- $141,293

Two-Year MBA

  • Tuition- $74,871
  • Room & Board- $17,100
  • Books & Supplies- $1,647
  • Travel- $1,329
  • Personal- $3,150
  • Health Insurance- $4,170
  • Computer Equipment- $1,200
  • Student Activity and Experience Fee- $1,400
  • Student Association Fee- $330
  • First Year Fee- $2,000
  • Loan Fees- Nil
  • Estimated Expenses- $107,197


  • Tuition- $99,828
  • Room & Board- $20,900
  • Books & Supplies- $2,196
  • Travel- $1,772
  • Personal- $3,850
  • Health Insurance- $5,219
  • Computer Equipment- $1,200
  • Student Activity and Experience Fee- $1,400
  • Student Association Fee- $440
  • First Year Fee- $2,000
  • Loan Fees- Nil
  • Estimated Expenses- $138,305


  • Tuition- $96,992
  • Room & Board- $22,981
  • Books & Supplies- $1,818
  • Travel- $1,848
  • Personal- $3,960
  • Health Insurance- $4,363
  • Computer Equipment- Nil
  • Student Activity and Experience Fee- $300
  • Student Association Fee- Nil
  • First Year Fee- Nil
  • Loan Fees- $3,810
  • Estimated Expenses- $135,442

There are many other miscellaneous fees involved as well. The total cost of education comes at around 150,000 USD per year. However, there are a few caveats to this total amount.

However, it is also worth mentioning that the costs can skyrocket due to increased demand. On the other hand, the costs can nosedive as well due to little demand. So to cut it short, ask the college administration about the Kellogg School of Management fees before applying. The costs can change at the last minute.

Financial Aid

From the above-mentioned costs, it is fairly obvious that the cost of education at Kellogg School is pretty steep. As a result, it stands to reason that not everyone can afford it outright. However, there are several provisions in place through which several less fortunate pupils can find means to educate themselves at the college.

To begin, Kellogg School Of Management in itself offers several institutional scholarships and loans to its students. The eligibility criterion for these funds is structured solely around the economic condition of the student in question. The loan fund in question is generated through the college’s General Fund, alumni contributions, and several philanthropic foundations affiliated with the college.

In order to avail of these loans and scholarships, the student in question must be a citizen of the United States of America. Plus, they shouldn’t have missed their previous loan’s repayment dates amongst other things. Apart from this, the student will also have to provide the authorities with a complete history of the family’s finances. The key thing to note here is that students can apply for it free of cost.

Austin Scholars and Finance Fellows

Austin Scholarships are granted to an accomplice of students to the Two-Year Program or MMM Program. Austin Scholars are chosen dependent on the authority they have exhibited scholastically and expertly. They show a particular guarantee of future administration at Kellogg. 

The Austin Scholarship is probably the biggest grant that Kellogg offers. It additionally gives a progression of Austin-just touchpoints with business pioneers and connection with Faculty Advisor, Professor Harry Kraemer. Candidates are considered for the Austin Scholarship dependent on their Kellogg application.

Merit Based Scholarship

The school grants merit grants to excellent students who have shown greatness in at least one zones of their applications. Admitted students are consequently considered for all legitimacy grants for which they are qualified, except for the Finance Fellows, which has a supplemental paper housed inside your Kellogg application. Students are educated regarding merit grants at the time they are conceded.

The Scholarships Provided are:

  • Africa Scholars 
  • Charles J. Schaniel Scholarship
  • David Himmelblau Schoalarship
  • David F. and Margaret T. Grohne Family Foundation Scholarship 
  • Diversity Scholarship 
  • Donald P. Jacobs International Scholarships 
  • Finance Fellows 
  • Forté Foundation Scholarship .
  • Frederick C. Austin Scholarships
  • Glen W. Fawcett Scholarship Fund 
  • George Terry Trust Award 
  • Healthcare at Kellogg Scholarship 
  • James P. Gorter Scholarship
  • John R. Flanagan Excellence Grant 
  • Kellogg Finance Network (KFN) Scholarship
  • Kellogg Scholarship 
  • Peter L. Frechette Endowed Scholarship 
  • PepsiCo Scholarship 
  • Posse Scholarship 
  • Reaching Out MBA Fellowship 
  • Robert A. & Helen E. Gottschal Scholarship 

There are a number of other ways through which the students can reduce their financial burden. However, these loans and scholarships are subject to the availability of funds. So chances of it falling through and ruining your plans are there. Another thing to note about these programs is that these are subject to revision.

So if you are availing a loan or a scholarship through one of these means, then do be sure to check the conditions being set up on you. For more information about these, it is advisable that you look them up that the school website itself. It will give you a clearer picture of everything there is to know about these terms and conditions.

Kellogg School of Management accreditation
Kellogg School of Management accreditation

Kellogg School of Management accreditation

Apart from having excellent accreditations, the college was the founding member of the prestigious Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business, which is responsible for setting standards for other business schools.

So, as you can see, the school has all the relevant accreditation required to function. Kellogg School of Management accreditation mean that the school is at the pinnacle of both its course material and research. So, if you are looking for the best possible education, then this school has the organizational backing to show for it.

Kellogg School of Management Admissions

Kellogg School of Management Admissions
Kellogg School of Management Admissions

In order to apply with the school, there are a number of ways through which one can apply. However, due to the current global pandemic, the school is only accepting online applications. Based on the criterion set for eligibility, students will be selected and called up for interviews. The interviews, similar to the online application process, will be conducted online,

While some particular prerequisites differ from program to program, a bachelor‘s or comparable degree from a certified school or college is needed to apply. Past investigation in business or financial matters isn’t needed, except for the One-Year Program. 

Since a great part of the MBA educational program uses quantitative aptitudes, the understudies are urged to finish initial courses in analytics and measurements before enlisting.

Evaluation and Assessment

When assessing candidates, a couple of characteristics truly stand apart, including the capacity to push past safe places and question the standard. Kellogg School Of Management characteristics help comprehend if a candidate is prepared to take advantage of the entirety of the lucky breaks that accompany joining Kellogg. 

The board of trustees evaluates: 

  • Application responses
  • Essays
  • Transcripts
  • GMAT or GRE score
  • Letters of recommendation
  • Resume
  • Interview report
  • Video essays

For worldwide competitors, the panel additionally surveys: 

  • TOEFL 

Professional Experience

The council likewise values the proficient experience that shows development and mindfulness, including military help and extracurricular exercises. Kellogg school of management admissions searches for individuals who are not hesitant to scrutinize business, as usual, can inspire a group to drive sway, and are anxious to make a plunge and team up with a drew in, the aggressive network of companions.

Management cost

The application expense is $250. Present your installment through a credit card with the application. Try not to send installments legitimately to Kellogg. 

Expense waivers are allowed to: 

  • Well-trained U.S. military candidates or U.S. military veterans who have been ready for deployment inside three years of applying 
  • Competitors utilized by Teach For America or the Peace Corps inside the previous three years.

Recommendation Letter

You should submit two letters of recommendation through the online application for application at Kellogg school of management

Preferably, one letter should originate from a current administrator or director. The second should originate from somebody who can assess your expert exhibition and your administrative/initiative potential (e.g., previous chief, past business, customer). 

The application isn’t viewed as complete until the college has gotten two proposals. please choose your recommenders cautiously as extra letters of help are neither required nor supported. 

Have your recommenders react to the accompanying prompts: 

Kellogg School Of Management has a diverse student body and qualities students who are comprehensive and empowering of others with varying points of view and foundations. Kindly enlighten the college concerning when you saw the applicant living these qualities. (300 words) 

How does the competitor’s exhibition contrast with those of other very much qualified people in comparable jobs? Kindly give explicit models. (300 words) 

Depict the most significant bit of valuable criticism you have given the candidate. Detail the conditions and the candidate’s reaction. (250 words)

Kellogg School of Management Reviews

Kellogg School of Management Reviews
Kellogg School of Management Reviews

The overwhelming reviews for the business school are positive in nature. This is also reflected in the aforementioned standing of the school in the fields of management and a never-ending list of Alumni. Apart from being academically excellent, the school also has a state-of-the-art facility available for its students. 

This allows the students to have the best equipment available to them during the duration of their course.

The only alleged drawback of the college is the high costs incurred during the course of your degree. These costs can be mitigated with the aforementioned scholarship and loans however even then, the costs won’t be completely covered and the student will have to provide for about the school of management reviews. So there is that to consider as well before applying.

Kellogg School of Management Campus

The school also draws heavy praise for its sprawling campus and impeccable faculties. The faculty in particular is quite important as it means that the students are provided with the best possible education and guidance during their formative years. And when you couple this with the brilliant campus and its electric atmosphere, you have the ideal studying environment.

Finally, to sum it all up, the medical school in question has built itself quite a name over the last 110 or so years. The school has garnered quite a good reputation due to its amazing faculty, kellogg school of management campus, and lab facilities. However, do keep in mind that in case you want to avail these tops of the line facilities, you will have to have top-notch grades and pay the top dollar as well.

So, in case you want to study at Kellogg school of management, then by all means you should go for it. It is one of the best business schools out there. However, do keep in mind if you can or cannot afford it. And in case you have any more questions regarding the same, feel free to ask us. After all, we are here for you! Kindly visit our homepage online school.