Information Technology Masters Online degree combines IT curriculum with business related subjects. Students learn about business intelligence and project management along with information systems management, information security, network technologies and database systems. Online masters information technology is a versatile branch of study integrating technical knowledge with communication and business management.We have provided in depth analysis about all the available master degree program as well

IT emphasizes on solving business problems through technical support, systems analysis, and network engineering. An IT professional’s job is to provide such technology-based solutions. With the growing dependence of organizations on data analytics, cyber security, etc. there is a huge demand for IT professionals. Many IT occupations require masters with these specializations. You may search for information technology online schools

Information Technology Masters Online
Information Technology Masters Online

Information Technology Masters Online- Specializations and Certifications

Masters in information technology offer many specializations which require students to complete additional courses to meet industry demands. Some specializations are

  • IT Management – It focuses on telecommunications management, IT project management and database management.
  • Business Analytics – It focuses on the use of data in decision making and predicting trends.
  • Information Security and Assurance – Also known as cyber security, it focuses on risk management, data privacy, network security and strategies to preserve confidential information.
  • Web design and Application development – It focuses on open-source programming, algorithms, design concepts, web systems integration, innovation, and social commerce.
  • Data Management – It focuses on designing and developing business databases. It uses data as a resource and develops database administration skills. One can also find information technology schools near me .
  • Networking Technologies – It focuses on hosting, cloud services and virtualization with respect to the present and growing industrial standards.

According to the specialization earned by a student, these online programs also prepare students for professional certifications. Two such certifications are Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) and Certified Information Systems Auditor (CISA).

Masters in Information Technology Online- Job Profiles

Masters in Information Technology Online
Masters in Information Technology Online

Application Systems Analyst
• Database Administrator
• CIS Manager
• Network Administrator
• IT Support Engineer

List of universities in USA for Masters in Information Technology Online

  • Virginia Tech: It offers an Master in Information Technology Online which is available for both full time and part-time students. Program length is 2 to 5 years according to the student’s pace. One year work experience and proficiency in programming is a requirement for admission. You can also get a degree in master of information technology by visiting masters in education technology online .
  • Florida State University: It offers a Master of Science in Management Information Systems which is one of the best Information Technology Masters Online Programs. Program length is two years, work experience is preferred. You can get a degree in  masters in information systems in USA
  • Penn State University: It offers an online Master of Professional Studies (MPS) in Information Sciences providing training in cyber security and information assurance. A bachelors degree or equivalent work experience in networks or web services is asked.
  • New York University: It offers an online Master of Science in Management and Systems. It is thesis-based with the compulsory submission of a final project. Program length is 2 to 5 years.
  • North Carolina State University: It offers an online Masters of Computer Science. A bachelors degree in computer science or an equivalent undergraduate computer course is the admission requirement.
  • Johns Hopkins University: It offers a Masters of Science in Information Systems Engineering degree. Program length is 16 months and is concluded with a final project.

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