Illinois Virtual School is the most renowned and well known virtual school in Illinois. It was established in 2001. Over the years, IVS has built up a reputation of being the number one in providing quality and affordable virtual school learning. 

Illinois school has a partnership with a lot of public and private schools. In IVS you are getting excellent faculty who have expertise in their respective domain. It has courses for home-school students as well. It is administered through the Peoria County Regional Office of education. You can get all your desire information about high school by visiting our page.

illinois virtual school
Illinois Virtual School

Illinois Virtual School – Advantages

  • Opportunities for students to enrich their skill set by offering courses such as Advanced Placement, variety of languages, and many more. 
  • Credit recovery scheme which will allow students to improve their grades.
  • Scheduling is very flexible making sure that the student does not feel any burden due to rigidity of schedules. The timings are very flexible.
  • Excellent communication and technical support team.
  • The Virtual School Programs are designed in a way so that the child not only enhances his skills but also learns to work in collaborative and team projects.

Illinois Virtual School Program also has a demo session. It gives a demo about how the classes will be conducted, the classroom environment, and student-teacher interaction methods. There will be a one hour webinar that explains the working of the whole system.

Benefits of Virtual Classroom 

  • There are many positives for you if you apply for an online course. In addition to being very affordable, they give you independence and flexibility for your education. All things considered, here are a couple of important points and advantages of enrolling in online courses:
  • 1. You can remain enrolled in your current high school education while taking Benefits of Virtual Classroom advantage of these classes. These courses will help you get conventional education, upgrade your skills and enhance the chances of you getting admission into top colleges. One Can also search Florida virtual school to know more about virtual schools.
  • 2. Flexible and independent learning is one of the key goals behind the establishment of virtual schools. So if you are someone who moves around very frequently and would not want to waste your education, these courses are the perfect thing for you. You can gain access to an Illinois Virtual School online course from any place in the world. You can study on the move.
  • 3. Practical and regularly free courses are available here. So if by chance you urgently need that midyear school endorsement or recover some lost credits, this is a great option for you.
  • 4. Technically complex courses can only be understood by the students if only there is the right method of teaching. The complex topics can be accessed through virtual classroom courses.  The advanced technologies of The Virtual School are available and its can help you learn very complex operations. The courses are designed in such a way that they are interesting and informative.
  • 5. Online courses of Illinois Virtual School allow flexibility and make sure that it does not hinder your other plans with rigid time schedules. Whenever you are in the best mood and environment you can access the classes. 
  • 6.  Virtual classrooms allow you to get high-quality education from the comfort of your home. They save you from travel costs and save a lot of time. One can also check san diego virtual school for further details.

Illinois Virtual School Course Catalog 

Illinois Virtual School Course Catalog
Illinois Virtual School Course Catalog

The School offers a wide range of courses. The courses are categorized in the following way-

  1. Summer School- There are many interesting summer courses provided by Illinois Virtual High School and Illinois Virtual Middle school. There are over 100 courses in virtual school course catalog. The summer learning environment is great and ensures the enrichment of a child’s knowledge and skills.


 The summer school offers the following subjects-

  • Environmental Science 
  • Macroeconomics
  • Psychology
  • The US. Government and politics
  1. Full-service Courses– These courses are long term courses. They are mostly offered by Illinois Virtual High School but some are also provided by middle school. The subjects taught under it are- 
  • Agriculture- Agro science, Veterinary science
  • Business and Economics- Accounting, Consumer Economics, Career Planning.
  • Fine Arts- Art history, Digital Photography, Music Appreciation 
  • Health Education
  • Information Technology- Beginning Programming, Intermediate Programming, Computer Soft wares
  • Languages- English, French, Spanish, German, World Literature
  • Mathematics- Algebra, Calculus, Geometry, Personal Finance, Probability, statistics
  • Science- Anatomy and Physiology, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Earth science, Oceanology
  • Social Studies- U.S history, Civics, Sociology, Psychology. One can also search St johns virtual school for further clarification.
  1. Credit Recovery Courses- These types of courses give students an option in case they have performed poorly in any of the subjects. It is a teacher-less program and in this, there is heavy use of web-based services and animation to explain complex concepts.
    A student can take this option if he wants to improve his grades. This is an excellent backup option.
  2. Test Prep– Students are prepared for the SAT examination. SAT allows the students to get admission into top universities all over the world. Weekly mock tests are given so that the students can practice their efficiency and speed. 

Advanced Placement courses also come under the purview of Full-service courses. The advanced placement courses are college-level courses that are taught in high schools. They have a very advanced level.

Overall, the subjects are divided into core, electives, and languages. All of them will help you acquire knowledge in different domains. The focus of the curriculum is not only on the academic side but also on the communication side. You may also checkout chicago virtual charter school.

Illinois Virtual School Cost

Illinois Virtual School Cost
Illinois Virtual School Cost

Illinois Virtual School cost are low and affordable. The following courses are charged as following

  • Full-service courses are $240 per semester
  • Credit Recovery courses are $95 per semester
  • Middle School learning and bridge courses are $150 per course.

Payment method

There are two types of payment method in Illinois Virtual School one is school-based and the other is student-based. In the school-based responsibility payment method, all IVS student enrollments are invoiced to the school. Full Services Courses and Credit Recovery Courses are invoiced together by calendar month.

In student based payment methods, students will have two weeks from the start, of course, to submit payment to virtual school.  Once the student logins into his account, the amount he/she has to pay will be shown on the dashboard. Payment can be done through PayPal. Visa card and mastercard payments are accepted.

If you wish to drop from the course within the grace period, the Illinois Virtual School school will refund the money. The money to be refunded will be calculated by subtracting the online processing fee from the cost of the class.

How long do Illinois Virtual School Classes take?

Different courses have different time frames. Every course varies depending upon the syllabus it contains and the timeframe it requires.

The full-service courses are divided into three semesters-

  • Winter Semester
  • Summer Semester
  • Fall semester

The credit recovery courses last for about 12 weeks. The summer schools last for two months. The bridge courses have a period of 6 months.  One can also explore free online college degree for more information.

How to Sign Up for Illinois Virtual School?

Enrollment procedure into the virtual school is very simple and user friendly. If you want to know how to sign up for the virtual school than the following steps should be followed

  1. Create a Student’s account-The students or their parents/guardians must have an Email account to create a student’s account. Fill in the basic details. Create a username and password. Once, the account is created you will receive an application on your Email. The application will contain all your credentials.
  2. Student Registrar Approval or Direct enrollment into the course- Students can directly take the course or the designated school registrar can enroll them. The student or parents will directly receive an application from the school’s registrar confirming their enrollment. 
  3. Preparing the Device- Read the instructions and guidelines provided by Illinois virtual school accreditation regarding the preparation of the device for taking web-based services. Please follow them so there are no hiccups in the way of receiving hassle-free content
  4. Accessing the course-Students won’t get access immediately after enrollment. It takes a bit of time to sync up the courses. For credit recovery courses, there is a 12-20 hours delay between the period of registration and enrollment. 

For full-time courses, the students will gain access to courses in just a few hours provided that their enrollment was complete before the scheduled start. If the enrollment is approved after the scheduled start then it will take 12-24 hours to gain access to the courses. 

Illinois Virtual School Accreditation

Illinois Virtual School Accreditation
Illinois Virtual School Accreditation

So as you can see, the school has all the necessary certifications required. As a result, the courses offered are recognized worldwide. So rest assured, you will not be wasting either your money or your time.

The virtual school is a legitimate one unlike a lot of others operating out there. Some of which often end up being an elaborate scam.

All the courses enlisted by the school are properly Illinois virtual school accreditation. The school has the following accredited –

  • NCAA approved
  • All courses are approved by the College Board
  • Certified teachers

Online Courses for educators

In addition to training students, the school has specialized courses for educators as well. So that they can cope up with changing teaching methods based on the curriculum. Teaching someone digitally requires a good knowledge of software and devices. The courses for the educators’ are-

  • Assessment in 21st-century classrooms – In this training about the management of assessments and learning standards are taught. The educators learn strategies for the dynamic role of students in the assessment.
  • Collaboration in the Digital Classroom – Planning collaborative exercises and activities are important. These activities integrate digital tools from an essential component of our digital world.
  • Designing Blended Learning– This course helps teachers in easing the transition from teaching to blended learning experiences. In blended learning, there is a transition between the  online and outside classroom environments. 
  • Mobile Classroom creativity – This will help educators in understanding the role creativity plays in a mobile classroom.
  • Teaching in a blended learning model- This course trains the educators on expanding skills by showcasing and explaining strategies that lead to the optimization of instructions. 
  • Advanced Strategy based course- This course represents best practices that are required in advanced online teaching. It addresses academic integrity as well. 

Home school experience

Home-schooling is a form of private education. Parents who want their child to get home schooled must follow the legal guidelines that are present under Illinois Compulsory Attendance Law. Illinois Virtual School has a lot of exciting courses that will take the home school experience full of fun. 

IVS does not award a high school diploma but students who complete these courses will be issued a completion report that will include their grades and percentage earned. 

Faculty Members:

All teaching professionals are well qualified. They are certified and have expertise in their subject. The policies ensure that there is parent-teacher communication and the students can easily communicate their doubts to the teachers. We have a list of instructors on the IVS website. You can easily know about them and their qualifications through the website.

There is a focus on accountability as well. There is a Student Information System through which parents or guardians can check up on the progress and performance of their child.

Benefits for Instructors in Teaching at Illinois Virtual School

Benefits for instructors in teaching at Illinois Virtual School
Benefits for instructors in teaching at Illinois Virtual School
  • Convenience– The teachers can schedule their classes at any time they want. So there is guaranteed flexibility and no burden of rigid scheduling.
  • Professional development- The school provides a lot of free online courses to the instructors so that they can adapt to the changing class environment. This also helps them to cater to students’ needs because every student deserves close attention. We have also elaborated on michigan virtual school.
  • Widen your reach- Virtual teaching allows the instructions to interact with students across the world who come from different cultures and environments. 
  • Growth- Virtual teaching allows instructors to try new lessons and new technologies. This helps the instructors to present a different approach to different topics.  

 So, we have discussed Illinois Virtual School cost, its courses, facilities, faculty, curriculum, etc. The school takes pride in being one of the best in delivering top quality virtual education, providing affordable education right at your homes, and providing competence in every field. 

In the age of digital technology, virtual education is the way to go. The future for this field is very bright and there are a lot of opportunities that can bring a revolution in teaching. The best part about this is that there is a perfect blend of theoretical and practical knowledge. The focus is on attaining the top skills, preparing students for the future, and nurturing them in the right direction.

Illinois Virtual School has a lot of great courses for both students and instructors. The school focuses on not only nurturing students but also developing the skills of the instructors in this dynamic environment. If you have made your mind in sending your student here, do not think the second time and get your child enrolled.

So with all that being said, we believe that the school is coming true to its words to provide quality and affordable education to all. So in case you are someone with time or financial or other constraints, then we believe that Illinois Virtual School is just the place for you. In case you need any further assistance in applying for their courses, be sure to hit us up! For further information in details, Kindly visit our online school website and also contact us.