In recent years, Korea is quickly cementing itself as a global powerhouse. Aside from a steady incline in its economy due to physical exports, the country is also gaining traction from its digital products. Korean movies, TV series, and music are gaining global recognition. All of which can easily translate into tourism and business opportunities, thereby feeding the country’s steady growth loop.

Additionally, this has also sparked international interest in learning the country’s language. In fact, a recent survey now shows that Korean now ranks 14th on a global list of most languages learned. Whether it stems from a passion for Korea’s products, preparing for future business opportunities, or the desire to learn, people of all ages have found reasons to learn and speak Korean.

Learning a foreign language is a noble endeavor but it can also be filled with many pitfalls. Choosing the right online course will be just the key to avoiding feelings of disappointment and burnout while learning. Furthermore, a little self-reflection before committing to an online class can help direct your energy and passion in the best way possible.

Continue reading to get a better understanding of what to consider when choosing the best online Korean language course for you.

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Know Your Goals

As with most endeavors, learning the Korean language will need commitment and perseverance to see results. But beyond that, a truly effective online course should help you internalize and keep the knowledge for life.

The best way to start will be through the proper review of learning goals and the realistic setting of expectations. Starting can be fun and exciting, but remaining motivated throughout the process is where most people tend to falter on their learning journey. Reviewing these ideas will make spotting a virtual school that matches them a cinch.

Additionally, it’s important to remember that people from all walks of life enroll in Korean language classes. While you may have different reasons for enrolling, each and every one is a valid reason for doing so. As the old saying goes, any reason is a good reason when starting something new.

Moreover, whether your goal is watching your favorite Korean movies or series without subtitles, vacationing to the country one day, or starting a business with the country, understanding what really drives you will be a great starting point when comparing online courses.

Find Your Availability

The next factor to keep in mind will be your availability. The course that fits seamlessly into your schedule will most likely be the one you actually finish.

It’s understandable to feel pulled in all directions in a world as fast-paced as this one. The unspoken need to constantly be on the move can sometimes make your personal efforts feel like a chore.

And yet, balancing your professional and personal needs doesn’t have to mean sacrificing one or the other. Understanding your motivations will get you past the starting line, clever time management will keep you at a steady and maintainable pace.

This is where an online course comes into the picture. Its flexibility means that it’s actually harder to find a schedule that doesn’t fit with yours. Meanwhile, its accessibility means that classes can be reached from home, a café, or shared study spaces. Coming to class can be as easy as logging into your phone, laptop, or personal computer.

In short, time is a valuable asset. One that isn’t easily replaced. Finding a course that matches your schedule is just as crucial when considering a successful end to your language learning journey. Furthermore, a great online course should feel like it passes in the blink of an eye.

Find Your Style Of Online Learning

Finally, the last variable to factor in will be your style of online learning. While most people should have experience with a physical classroom setting, the online medium presents new and different challenges as well.

Additionally, this creates an excellent opportunity for self-discovery in an online setting. Being comfortable with online education will be an important skill as not only schools but businesses transition to online development as well.

As stated previously, online courses offer a degree of flexibility and accessibility that is difficult to match. Another advantage which the medium offers is its ability to fit various students’ learning needs as well. Some examples of different course styles can include:

  • 1-on-1 Classes: Teachers provide a deeply personalized teaching course for the student.
  • Paired Classes: This still provides personal learning while having the added benefit of a fellow student to create situations for better speaking practice.
  • Group Classes: Class batches that can range from five to more students. These can be more rigid in structure
  • Module Classes: A type of class where students perform all of the learning themselves while passing daily or weekly assignments to a teacher for checking and feedback.

Furthermore, finding your style of learning can greatly increase the chances of completing and enjoying Korean language courses. Whether you like the silence of self-learning or long to be surrounded by like-minded individuals, this factor will be the final step towards making a good investment in yourself.


Learning the Korean language is more accessible and relevant than ever before through the use of online platforms. The international demand for employees who know the language grows with each passing day. Meanwhile, Korean influences have garnered top spots in mainstream media all around the world. Whatever your reason for learning the language, a quick meditation on these three points can help guide you towards the online course that fits your needs perfectly.