Students and their timing is a theme for many jokes all over the world. There is something about young people and deadlines that just doesn’t go together very well. Yet, keeping up with the set deadlines is an important part of academia. Hence, all students have to eventually learn about time management, planning, and setting priorities. Yet, these lessons don’t come to youth without a fight.

Overall, submitting essays on time is one of the major obstacle between students and good grades. For this, buy essay papers could be one of the option to opt out of this obstacle.

However, complying with deadlines can be easy as long as you are willing to learn a few tricks on how to always send essays on time.

So here are a few life hacks you can use with your next writing assignment.

Plan ahead

Often, students start thinking about their deadlines when they are right about the corner. That’s a common but dangerous mistake. If you want to always be on time with your assignments, you should start early. Yet, we don’t mean you have to start your work, although that too. However, first, you should have a work plan. Indeed, many students struggle with deadlines since they don’t understand the full scale of work it takes to complete one.

Essays are not something you can easily complete in a day. Of course, such writing marathons are also nothing new among young people. Unfortunately, though, they rarely lead to any good results. Also, there is no way a student can write a ten-page essay or longer in one day. Hence, you need to strategize. First, note when your deadline is due. Put it in a calendar. See how much time is left. Now, analyze the scale of your task. It’s best if you know how long it takes you to write a page. This way, you will be more precise with your planning.

Break down all the steps you need to make to complete this assignment. Start with choosing a topic to write about and confirming it with your instructor. Then think about the research stage of your work. For example, are you any good with academic libraries? Are you a fast reader? Do you study in your native language? All of these questions matter in your time evolution for the research stage. However, we will talk in greater detail about it later on.

Your last stage of the process is writing and editing. The former is individual for everyone. Some people are fast typers, and they write with confidence. Others re-write every sentence at least twice while also struggling with structuring and formatting. Overall, you should know your abilities and skills here and plan your time accordingly. Yet, when it comes to editing, do dedicate at least a day or two to the task. Careful proofreading takes time, and you don’t want to rush it.

Start your research early

Surprisingly, writing is rarely the most difficult or time-consuming part of essay work. Often, research is the most challenging task here. Finding reliable sources and data can take hours, if not days. So, starting with research late is a common reason students delay with essay submission. You should have all your data ready before starting writing. It’s worse to have half an essay written when realizing that you lack important data or evidence. It will be even worse if you can’t find this piece of information at all. It means all your work was for nothing. In such cases, you are forced to use a writing service once again, wondering, “is my math genius legit or not?”

Don’t second-guess yourself

Sometimes students delay with their essays only because of self-doubt. In fact, such a thing happens more often than it’s possible to imagine. A student already has ready work. Yet, they start overthinking it, fearing they could have done more. Second-guessing is a real issue with many students. These young people may even be late on their deadline only because they keep rewriting their work again and again. Hence, one tip we can give you here is to trust yourself more.

One thing you can do to avoid this vicious circle is to end your essay early and send it to your teacher for proofreading, not grading. If your instructor is okay with it, they can give you a few tips on the work. Hence, you will grow in confidence after such an evaluation. Another solution here is to give your essays to family or friends. Let them be the critics of your work and stop being one for yourself. Trust their opinions if you can’t believe in yours.

Be ready for Unexpected

Finally, don’t rush yourself if you have enough time available for work. In fact, better give yourself a safety cushion at each step of the process. You should be flexible as something can always come up that you haven’t planned. For example, you can get sick. Another class can have a test coming up with short notice. You may forget about another assignment or else. Overall, this is why you should never postpone your work till the last moment. If you have a chance to start early, take it. No one has ever earned good grades by procrastination.