How much does it cost for online college? At the same time, you would also like to compare the rates charged by an online college with that of a traditional brick-and-mortar institution. In this matter, you need to know that the amount of money you require paying the school authorities for a bachelor program depends entirely on a few factors.

One of those factors is which type of program are you willing to pursue. In this regard, you may want to know how much does it cost for online college in masters. Interestingly, it is well understood that the cost of online master’s courses would be different than that of a bachelor’s program.

Before we discuss the matter elaborately, let’s understand why exactly there has been such a massive demand for online courses, especially during the modern era.

How much does it cost for online college
How much does it cost for online college

How much does it cost for online college – The new trend

The field of online learning has grown rapidly over the past two decades, creating an alternative route for many students to college. Besides being versatile and easy, studying online can also be more cost-effective than a conventional college program.

Students can determine which type of program makes the most financial sense to them by examining some of the most common expenses associated with traditional and online programs. A recent study reported that the most important decision-making factor was affordable tuition and fees, with nearly half of the students selecting the least expensive school.

Online class tuition and fees can be significantly lower when discussed on how much does it cost for online college than those offered by traditional institutions. Online students can also avoid the expenses related to boarding that is associated with living on-campus. On the other hand, they could also avoid the transportation costs they would otherwise have paid to live off-campus while attending traditional classes. This is mainly because these students can study from home. There are many such benefits of online education.

Additionally, some online students may benefit from in-state university tuition costs, even if they reside outside of the state. Online college pricing may seem like a chore, but in reality, advanced education can be more affordable than you think. The most common answer for you and your family is how much does it cost for online college. Use this guide to understand college prices online, and make the right educational and career choice.

Average cost of online college per credit hour

According to your question on how much does it cost for online college, average cost of online college per credit hour for a degree can vary wildly from school to school, and can greatly depend on the situation of the student. This article will examine some of the factors affecting tuition, explore some typical fees, and offer some tips to save on a college education.

The tuition for on-campus activities fluctuates from school to school, much like the tuition for online programs. Many of the online programs charge per credit. Some of the least expensive can be in the range of $100 to $150 per credit, causing tuition to fall into the incredibly affordable range of $11,000 to $16,000 total for a 120-credit hour bachelor’s degree program.

Average cost of online college per credit hour for more expensive schools could be charging anywhere around $300 to $400 per credit.

Is online college cheaper?

Again in some cases the question arises that how much does it cost for online college or is online college cheaper? In-state tuition can be drastically cheaper for on-campus students than out-of-state tuition. Does that also make a difference for the students online? It hinges on the short answer. Some schools give online in-state students at the same rate as on-campus in-state students.

Others have special online course rates for all students online, regardless of the student’s residency status.

How much does it cost to sign up for an online course at a community college
How much does it cost to sign up for an online course at a community college

How much does it cost to sign up for an online course at a community college?

Online students are often not responsible for common on-campus fees (like a parking fee), but on-line courses may involve special fees.

When we think of how much does it cost to sign up for an online course at a community college, many schools charge a distance learning fee or technology fee in addition to the per-credit cost-covering ‘online course development’ or the additional costs of online training and support services. Application fees can add additional costs when you apply to the school, although this fee is typically charged only once.

Besides exploring how much does it cost to sign up for an online course at a community college, assessment exams could also be required for course placement, and some schools have a graduation fee that covers the cost of the degree’s conferment. Commonly estimated amounts are mentioned below:

  • Distance learning fee: Approximately $20 (per credit)
  • Tech fees: $40-$120 (per class)
  • Application fee: $30-50 (one time)
  • Assessment exams: $25 (per exam)
  • Graduation fee: Around $100 (one time)

How to Calculate Costs for a Program? 

How much does it cost for online college and how to calculate the program costs? These days, almost every college will have a link with a cost calculator on its website to help prospective students understand how much their bill will be. Many will also mention the cost of tuition per credit and any related fees on either the program page or the financial aid page. Students will even contact the financial aid office at the school to find out how much they’re going to pay.

Ways to save money on education online 

Some savings are incorporated into online programs. Traditional students have to pay the room and board bill (and that can be quite heavy), while online students may live at home or have accommodation already.

Furthermore, full-time on-campus students pay for a buffet system’s educational equivalent, while online students can take a la carte approach, paying only for the number of courses they have taken and at a frequency that aligns with their schedule and comfort.

A student who requires more than four years to complete an undergraduate degree because of certain obligations like work or family commitments could make significant savings by using the options for distance learning as opposed to paying for additional semesters or years.

How much does it cost for online college ? Hopefully you have got a basic idea on this. Now here are some tips to save even more on online schooling:

  • Online students are not only often eligible for the same scholarships as their counterparts on campus, but normally online-specific scholarships are also available.
  • Students employed can be liable for reimbursement of their employer’s tuition.
  • Some online schools will be awarding life experience credits.
  • Online students might be allowed to demonstrate their ability by taking exams from some courses and testing them out.
online college vs traditional college

online college vs traditional college

Online college vs Traditional college cost

Because fees vary from school to school, it is important to carry out a budget review, taking into account all the different facts associated with online college vs traditional college cost.

Once prospective students know of all the online program costs and fees, they will determine whether distance learning is the best option. To demonstrate, Eastern Kentucky University’s picture below breaks down the cost to on-campus and online students. 

However, they will also need to find housing and buy the food, irrespective of whether they are studying online or on campus, although online students usually have more budget-friendly choices.

As we we were discussing on how much does it cost for online college , let’s have a quick analysis on online college vs traditional college cost: Is it cheaper to college online? Whether online or on-campus students attend college, they must plan to pay tuition fees. Some fees are compulsory and others are optional, therefore students should carefully review the complete fee list. But the cost of tuition and fees for online programs is typically less because their operating expenses are not as high.

As with any course or program, online costs vary greatly depending on the school, circumstances of the student, and the program. Our search tool makes comparing schools and programs easy for the students. Check for cheapest and accredited online colleges for more information.

Online Degree Costs

When attending an online university versus a traditional college campus there are not many personal expenses. Everything is typically included in an online university bill, and some colleges often provide a laptop for the student to use.

The cost of tuition varies between online institutions but usually costs less than conventional on-campus programs. Online schools also offer an array of payment options for tuition. For example, students can make regular, interest-free tuition payments at some colleges.

Certain universities offer a direct billing option for students attending college through an employer-sponsored program, which delays the due date until mid-semester. Several online schools also offer a tiered tuition option where the per-credit rate decreases if students enroll in more hours of credit.

For example, students who take more than six hours of credit per term pay a lower cost per credit at some places. This financial incentive is intended to encourage students to graduate faster, rather than take classes one at a time.

Technology Fees

Most of the online courses include a technology fee, either per hour of credit or per term. The fee covers costs such as improvements to technology, 24/7 tech support, and online learning management systems. Some schools offer technology fees at tiered rates. For example, at Penn State, students who take more credits save money over the long term on technology fees:

  • Less than 5 credits: $865 to 8 credits: $189
  • 9 or more credits: $252

Other Fees

Many online colleges are paying extra fees, such as official transcripts or graduations. Students will also test whether an internship or other program requirement requires travel, which they would be responsible for paying for. Other fees which may arise include fees for:

  • Assessment for course-level placement
  • Labs
  • Criminal background checks
  • Clinical courses
  • Exam proctoring

Apart from how much does it cost for online college tuition, it is necessary to consider personal expenses incurred by the students. Students need, for example, a reliable, high-speed Internet connection. On the other hand, students shouldn’t have to think about parking fees, the cost of petrol and meals on the go.

advantages of online college

advantages of online college

Fees for Brick and Mortar College 

This refers to the amount that a student pays per credit to enroll and attend classes. The total will thus vary depending not only on the academic program but also on the number of hours a student takes. Out-of-state students typically pay more for tuition than public university residents’ in-state, but that is not the case at private colleges.

College fees are usually included as part of the overall tuition. Students do not know that conventional campus programs often charge more fees than online programs because the fees are bundled up in the tuition. Fees may include:

  • Technology
  • Campus security
  • Campus recreation
  • Student health
  • Athletics
  • Renewable energy
  • Student legal services
  • Student organizations
  • Accommodation 

Room and board will cover accommodation costs plus meal plans for students living on campus. Although as we were discussing on how much does it cost for online college, off-campus students pay separately for tuition, housing (rent), and meals, it is essential for all students to budget for those expenses.

Textbooks and Utilities 

The average four-year student at a public university spends about $1,100 a semester on books and other course materials, which amounts to around $8,800 for a bachelor’s degree program, according to the College Board. If interested one can also look for free online college degree.

Personnel Expenditures 

Students should consider non-academic costs as personal expenses, such as laundry, cell phone bills, and taking food.


Some colleges provide a local bus pass. They may, for example, offer an annual college-sponsored pass that allows unlimited bus and light rail trips for users at a nominal cost included in the tuition.

But if the expense is not included, students have to assess how much does it cost for online college and how and at what cost they will be traveling to and from the campus. Online College Prices vs. On-Campus Prices College attendance costs vary depending on whether students are attending in person or online. So, looking side-by-side at the figures is a good way to determine whether one route is cheaper than the other.

Below, we have illustrated the estimated annual expenses for an actual brick-and-mortar school in Florida that offers both online and traditional educational programs. Also you can search for fully accredited online colleges for more convenience.

How much does online school cost high school
How much does online school cost high school

How much does online school cost high school ?

We have analyzed the basic idea of how much does it cost for online college, Now let’s check how much does online school cost high school .

Expenses for Undergraduate On-Campus Program

  • Tuition and fees: $28,588 (Includes fees such as $52.62 per credit hour)
  • Books and supplies: $1,200
  • Computer/Cellphone: $1,200
  • Housing: $5,420
  • Food: $4,2300
  • Transportation: $1,100
  • Clothing: $700
  • Personal: $270
  • TOTAL  $42,768

Expenses for the Undergraduate Online Program

  • $16,580 (Includes fees such as $52.62 per credit hour)
  • Books and supplies: $1,200
  • Computer/Cellphone: $1,260
  • Housing: N/A (Considering that a student stays at his own home, he wouldn’t need to bear external renting costs)
  • Food: $960 (An online education student is highly likely to dine at his own home, which further minimizes his costs in the form of food expenses)
  • Transportation: $130 (Due to lesser needs for commuting to college, the online program’s students’ transportation expenses are way lower than the traditional students)
  • Clothing: $700
  • Personal: $270
  • TOTAL: $21,100 ( As you can see, the total expenses that a student of an online program requires to bear is almost half of that of what a traditional student bears)

The above-mentioned fee structure also includes the following:

  • $5.25 financial aid fee, 
  • $5.25 technology fee, 
  • $6.76 capital improvement fee, 
  • $35.36 non-Florida resident financial aid fee per credit hour

Therefore, as the question was on how much does it cost for online college, it can be clearly seen that students can save an impressive amount of money by switching to online education.

The main difference between the expenses that students have to bear

Students are generally responsible bear many of the same costs whether they attend college online or on campus. For example, costs related to books and supplies, personal expenses, and clothing are equal for both types of students. What we found that the three types of costs that are the most different are housing, food, and college tuition and fees.

Here is a quick analysis on how much does it cost for online college:

  • Tuition and fees: In almost every case, the tuition and fees at a brick-and-mortar school or college tend to be much higher than the online institutions.
  • Housing: Additionally, traditional campus programs generally require students to pay money for housing, whereas students of online schools can save money living at home.
  • Food: Students living on campus must pay for their food with an upfront meal plan. On the other hand, off-campus students get the opportunity to save a significant amount of money by cooking cheaper meals at home.

Online college cost comparison – Last verdict

So you could see for yourself that the costs of an online course are always lower than what you are expected to pay for a brick-and-mortar college. And the question on how much does it cost for online college and online college cost comparison is nearly cleared. Now, it all depends on your passion to gain knowledge and not the school you attend, which dictates how much success you shall achieve. In this regard, we must mention a famous quote by the founder of SpaceX and Tesla, Mr. Elon Musk.

Musk once said that there’s a difference between education and intelligence. Anyone can go to a college and spend years sitting inside a brick-and-mortar classroom. But what it takes to become intelligent is your inner drive. So, as long as you are determined to succeed, there’s nothing that can hold you back.

And if you are eager to learn and earn at the same time, there’s no better alternative than online education. Once you enroll in your favorite online institution, you won’t bother on how much does it cost for online college as they would not only help you to study at your own pace but would also eventually offer you the freedom to pursue whatever that interests you. One can also look out for best and cheap online colleges for more information.

You can work during the day and study at night, unlike the traditional schools that demand certain timetables from you. And as far as understanding your curriculum is concerned, remember that if a student isn’t interested to level up his knowledge and skills, even the greatest teachers in the world could do very little to motivate him and make him study for hours.

Therefore, we could conclude by saying that online education is the next big thing and its trend is becoming extremely popular across the globe. Today, anyone can learn anything, and you should take proper advantage of that. We believe that you have already understood how much does it cost for online college. If you have any questions, let us know in the comment section below. For further information find us on our homepage at online schools near me.