Hillsborough Virtual School s a highly rated , Public online school located in Tampa, FL. K-12 students in the Hillsborough Country have been helped through their journey through school for the past many years by the exceptional Hillsborough Virtual School.  Highly qualified Hillsborough County Teachers are available online to help mold the children from keeping with the district curriculum. We have provided in depth analysis about all the available high school as well.

Once students log in to the Hillsborough Virtual High School or Elementary Programs, they receive the curriculum and deadlines to complete assignments. Further evaluation and assessment are done through quizzes and online tests. 24/7 access to teachers via mail or text, phone, or virtual classroom truly elevates the standard of teaching available through the virtual school.

Hillsborough virtual school
Hillsborough virtual school

Hillsborough Virtual School-Enrollment Options

1. Full Time
In this Public School option, students will be required to attend the full schedule. They will have to maintain pace with the program whilst the school follows the pupil progression plan as defined for the district. An additional option to benefit the students is the ability to earn a Hillsborough County High School diploma through this program.

  • Full-Time Virtual: Public school rules and norms apply. Therefore, students will have to participate in all assessments as mandated by the state or district.
  • Full-time Elementary: Individualized Learning Paths designed in partnership with Compass Learning puts to use quizzes, animation, games, etc. to reinforce concepts being taught.  The web-based program helps incorporate offline activities (and field trips) and parent involvement (as Learning Coaches) to facilitate the daily schedule further.
  • Full-Time Middle: Highly certified teachers help students master the concept and curriculum requirements online, without physical resources with parents playing a supervisory role. It is a full-time class schedule that students can work at their own pace via an accelerated course load with constant access to only resources anywhere, anytime.
  • Full-Time High: This program is served by individual teachers with an option for the students to earn their High School Diploma. An accelerated course load styled according to the Hillsborough County kids’ needs lets them take Honors, Advanced Placement (AP), and Dual Enrollments (College Classes).

2. Co-enrolled
Students enrolled in their respective schools – public or private – might choose to take advantage of the excellent curriculum at Hillsborough Virtual School. Online classes as part of or in addition to their day school help hone their skills and knowledge base.

Once verification gets complete through the School Counsellor of the student’s physical school, they can come online to request their choice of courses, to earn extra credits, or to brush up on their knowledge.

  • Elementary: Working with the Assistant Principals at the physical school, students can replace an in-class subject with an online one or take all the core subjects plus specials online.
  • Middle & High School: Working with the Guidance Counsellor at their physical school, students can either reduce their day school classes – replacing them with online ones or take even more additional classes above 7 beyond what is required.

3. Home Education
Often families might choose to educate their children from the comfort of their homes. The Hillsborough Virtual School with its excellent reserve of resources and faculty will help you instill a sense of curiosity in the minds of your children while also keeping up with the state/ district level Pupil Progression.

Families willing to opt for the Virtual School program will need to file a “Letter of Intent to Home Educate” first. Thereafter, they can use the Hillsborough Virtual School resources to educate their ward and fulfill the curriculum needs. In case the number of courses needed exceeds six, they will have to contact the district Home Education office.

4. Credit Recovery
For students struggling with their studies and ending up with bad grades, Hillsborough Virtual School can come as a boon as they now have the option to retake classes in which they scored bad grades.

The guidance counselor at the respective physical schools of the student will help them in class selection and through the registration process too. Once that’s done, they can straightaway start learning. The schedule followed will be the regular school schedule – starting from August or January and they won’t be allowed to drop courses mid-semester.

  • Grade Enhancement: High School Credit classes can be retaken by students from Grade 9-12, in case they received an “F” or “D” Grade. The old Grade gets removed from GPA circulation if the New Grade is “C” or higher. But the course remains on the transcript as “flagged”, to indicate the class was repeated.
Hillsborough County Virtual School
Hillsborough County Virtual School

Hillsborough County Virtual School – Cost Details

The Hillsborough Virtual High School is a public school established to facilitate the education of the Hillsborough County Students. As such, it is free of cost for all kids from Hillsborough County. None of the programs offered are available for purchase.


Hillsborough Virtual School is a franchise of Florida Virtual School – FLVS, and as such the curriculum of FLVS is put to use. This is done in sync with the needs of the students in Hillsborough Country by the well-equipped Hillsborough County teachers.

Students will have to work for about 5 hours a week per class – similar to a physical school. A consistent schedule helps full-time students excel as they turn up every week for their classes. The classes are all equal to one semester or two quarters. You can also choose greater ohio virtual school as it aims to provide education to people who are unable to avail of conventional education.

Hillsborough County Public Schools
Hillsborough County Public Schools

Hillsborough County Public Schools – Course Offerings

The options available to choose from are numerous for both High School and Middle School

  • For High School

    1. English
    2. World Language
    3. Fine Arts
    4. Math
    5. Science
    6. Human Services
    7. Social Studies
    8. STEM Computer Science – AP
    9. General Electives
    10. Health
    11. Career / Technical

Many of these classes are available as Regular Or Honors. All major AP Classes are there too. AP means Advanced Placement. Students receive honor points of.08 per semester Grade of C or higher.

  • For Middle School

    1. English
    2. Math
    3. Fine Arts
    4. Science
    5. Social Studies (Both Regular & Advanced)
    6. Health
    7. World Language
    8. Career / Technical
    9. General Electives

Full-Time students can select Core Course from English, Maths, Science & Social Studies whereas Co-Enrolled Students are required to request courses through the virtual account they have, pending approval from the school counselor.

The Hillsborough Virtual School serves as an excellent opportunity for the kids from the county to better their concepts, make up for the lost time, retake exams and make their way into the best colleges in the country.

For further details on the school or courses offered, write to us and we shall get back to you with all the answers. You can visit our homepage Online schools for further information.