Highest paying plasma donation center near me – Many people keep looking for the highest paying plasma donation center near me, while some are genuinely having good intentions some do it for earning extra money. Before finding the highest paying plasma donation center consider your purpose of donating plasma. If you are planning to donate only once choose a center that pays more to new donors.

If you are willing to donate regularly, choose a center that incentives or promotions to returning donors. This approach will help you earn most each month. You can earn up to 400$ per month if you donate every time you qualify and if you donate only once, you earn up to $ 50. One can also get details at medical school near me.

highest paying plasma donation center near me

highest paying plasma donation center near me

Highest paying plasma donation center near me –  Factors that consider the amount

How much a donor is paid for plasma donation depends on certain factors such as the location of donation center, donor’s weight and whether the donor is new or returning. As the process of donation takes a long time for a new donor, they are paid more. 

Donors with higher body weight get higher rates because they are able to donate more plasma per visit and donating more plasma also requires more time. One can also be interested to know about how much to donate plasma.

Donate Plasma for Money Near Me – List of Centers

There are more than 400 licensed plasma donation centers across the USA, and they have a continuing need for donors. Following is a list of Plasma center near me that pay well with details of the average compensation and the method of payment. 

  1. BioLife Plasma Services: It has multiple centers located in most of the states. A donor can earn in a range of $20 and $50 per visit; up to $400 a month. Donors are paid in the form of a debit card. The BioLife Card is a prepaid debit card. Each time a donor donates plasma at a BioLife Plasma Service center, compensation is added to the BioLife Card. Donors can use funds available on their account. They can make purchases with BioLife card and use it in ATMs. 
  2. Biotest Plasma Center: It has centers in many states. Donation payments depend on how many donations you make per month, ranging from $30 to $45 per donation. A new donor receives $50 each for the first five donations and can earn up to $400 or more in the first month and up to $350 or more in each subsequent month. Compensation is paid through a Prepaid MasterCard which can be used for online transactions, at ATM’s, at restaurants, for gas and anywhere a credit or debit card is accepted. Keep reading on this article for highest paying plasma donation center near me.
  3. BPL Plasma LLC: It also has multiple centers across many states. It pays $50 per donation and up to $400 per month. BPL offers regular bonuses and incentives. Payment is made through a prepaid debit card.
  4. CSL Plasma: Located in many states, it is one of the best plasma donation centers. It pays up to $400 a month through a prepaid debit card. It also has a loyalty program for its donors called iGive rewards where points are collected after every donation. These points can be redeemed for special deals or for cash.
  5. KED Plasma, Inc.: It has its centers mostly in the South East. First-time donors get $50 for the first donation; $75 for the second donation and $50 for the next three donations. Then for subsequent donations payment is $25 for the first donation of the week and $45 for the second Plasma donation of the week and up to $400 per month or more. Compensation may vary by location and donor weight. Payment is made through a prepaid card.

Getting in touch with the highest paying plasma donation center near me is an excellent option if you need some extra cash. For more information one can visit at Online schools and fill the form below.