Greater Ohio Virtual School is a community school with all the required certifications. It is organized under and recognized by Ohio state laws. The school is currently being sponsored by St. Aloysius & Charter School Specialists. You can get all your desire information about online high school.

The Ohio virtual school aims to provide education to these people who are unable to avail of conventional education. Ohio Virtual high school also aims to provide a cheaper alternative to those looking to expand their horizons with their vast array of courses and programs.

greater ohio virtual school
Greater Ohio virtual school

Greater Ohio Virtual School – Accreditation

Everyone fears to enter a bogus virtual school, where they put in time and money and to have nothing to show for at the end of it. However, if you are enrolling in this virtual school, then this is something that you need not worry about. The Ohio virtual school has the following accreditations –

  1. Advanced accreditation
  2. NCA CASI approved
  3. College Credit Plus eligible
  4. NCAA approved

So needless to say, the virtual school is the real deal and there is no scam going on here!

Advantages Of Online Schooling

Online schooling has a lot of advantages over its traditional counterparts. While we can’t be expected to list all of them, here are the more important ones –

  1. Each student can move at their own pace. 
  2. Allows students to avail extra credits in order to graduate on time
  3. Provides educational opportunities to those with health, time and other constraints
  4. Greater accessibility than traditional schools. 
  5. Is usually a whole lot cheaper than the conventional schooling methods. You may also search st johns virtual school.

Greater Ohio Virtual School CoursesOffered

Greater Ohio Virtual School Courses
Greater Ohio Virtual School Courses

The virtual school has a whole host of courses on offer. While it is impossible to cover all of them, here is a list of their more popular offerings. So without further ado, let us get started –

  1. English (4 credits)
  2. Math (4 credits)
  3. Science (3 credits)
  4. Social Studies (3 credits)

Please keep in mind that the entire syllabus is built upon the guidelines issued by Ohio’s Academic Content Standards. The academic sessions are further divided into the following parts –

  1. Spring semester
  2. Fall semester
  3. Summer semester/Summer school

The spring and fall semesters are the regular, 5 month long semesters. The summer school is a 2 months or a few weeks long semester for accelerated learning and credit recovery this virtual school courses.

The school also allows for early graduations if the students meet all the requirements set by the school. However, they will get their diplomas with the rest of their class at the end of the semester only. However, students can get a letter of completion and a transcript of their endeavors upon request from the Greater virtual school authorities. One can also explore florida virtual school.

Cost Of Attending Greater Ohio Virtual School

Since the school is a public school, the school doesn’t charge any tuition fee and is absolutely free of cost. And in case someone comes from financially limited means, the school will loan them a system and devices for internet connectivity free of charge as well. 

The school shall not be providing any stationery etc incurred by the student. Also, do keep in mind that other fees like administrative fees, etc. will be charged. Also, in case of any abuse or damage to the equipment provided by the school, the student shall be charged accordingly.

Greater Ohio Virtual School employment – Opportunity

The school offers the opportunity to its students to attain a diploma with honors for their career. In order to do so, they will have to go beyond the requirements set by the virtual school. They will have to challenge themselves with high level coursework and other real life tasks. 

Currently, the school offers diploma with honors in the following career fields – 

  1. Academic Honors Diploma
  2. International Baccalaureate Honors Diploma
  3. Career Tech Honors Diploma
  4. Stem Honors Diploma
  5. Arts Honors Diploma
  6. Social Science Honors Diploma
  7. Civic Engagement Honors Diploma

These courses are often quite a lot more challenging than regular courses. So, student discretion is advised prior to applying for them. However, the end reward is also greater than what is possible through regular courses.

Another Greater ohio virtual school employment opportunity present for the students is the availability of the College Credit Plus system. Under this system, students are eligible to earn college credits from their high schools only without any extra charges. In order to avail this facility, you will need to fill out an intent form and submit it at the start of the spring semester. 

Ohio Virtual Academy Reviews

Greater Ohio Virtual School reviews
Greater Ohio Virtual School reviews

Now that we have told you everything that there is to know about this virtual school, let us now get to the crux of the matter. There are a whole lot of USPs for the school. Some of the more important ones are listed below –

  1. No tuition fee
  2. Availability of technical components free of charge
  3. Flexible and customizable education plan
  4. Credit flexibility
  5. Early graduation and accelerated courses available
  6. College Credit Plus system available
  7. Diploma Honors courses available
  8. Credit recovery courses available

So with this being said, it comes as no surprise that they are head and shoulders above their competition. And even though they are providing the students with an almost free of cost education, the standard and quality of education are impressive.

All in all, the question that arises at the end of the day isn’t, Why to choose them?. It is why look anywhere else! It is not every day that you get to avail of these kinds of facilities at such an impressive price point. So, if you are someone who is unable to pursue a traditional ohio virtual academy education due to health or time or other constraints, then you needn’t worry anymore.

Greater ohio virtual school reviews is here to provide you with the best possible education from the comfort of your home for free. We know that this sounds too good to be true, but it is. So without wasting another second, go and apply for their Ohio virtual academy online courses now. And in case you need any assistance with that, reach out to our website online schools near me for details.