Georgia Virtual School: If you are someone who is limited by illnesses or doesn’t want to step out or don’t have the time, yet want to get educated, then we have just the thing for you. The School has opened its doors for one and all out there. We have provided in details about high school as well.

For those who do not know, The school is a program created by the Georgia Department of Education’s Office of Teaching and Learning. If the Georgia Virtual school reviews are anything to go by, then joining it is an absolute no brainier.

It provides a virtual studying environment, led by high qualified, Georgia-certified teachers. Georgia Virtual learning offers mainly two learning tracks.

admission process of virtual school

admission process of virtual school

Georgia Virtual School : Benefits

This is a remote learning program for students already enrolled in Georgia public schools, and has limited state-funded seats for home-schooled students. It offers a variety of accredited courses, advanced placement opportunities and even college preparation courses. Furthermore, they provide a virtual classroom environment and are synced with the school semester dates.

There are an entire host of advantages for you if you decide to apply for an virtual school course. Aside from being very very affordable, they give you independence and flexibility for your education. All things considered, here are a couple of focal points and advantages of taking online courses:

1. You can remain enrolled in your current high school while taking these classes. Not exclusively will you get conventional education, these courses will boost your education.

2. Flexible learning is one of the key reasons that georgia virtual school were established. So if you are someone who moves around a great deal and would prefer not to pass up your education, these courses are the ideal thing for you. You can access your online course from any place in the world.

3. Practical and regularly free courses are additionally accessible here. So on the off chance that you urgently need that midyear school endorsement or recover some lost credits, this is a great option for you.

4. Technically complex courses that a vast majority of the schools might not have, can be availed through virtual school courses.  

5. Georgia virtual online school courses permit you to make your own schedule. So if there are any clashing courses or times, you can essentially reschedule. 

Since we have spoken about the advantages of online courses on offer, cost of the courses, and the benefits of deciding on them, there is only one more thing left. Let us get to it.

Georgia Virtual School Credit Recovery

Georgia Virtual School Credit Recovery is a teacher-less virtual studying program. They consist of flash-animation based learning, assignment the reviews and web-based learning. It is a self-paced option available to students enrolled in Georgia Public schools. CR also gives opportunities to students for retaking a course in which they were previously not successful.

The virtual school has a large number of programs on offer. All of these programs can be customized and focused on the individual needs of the student. The more than 100 courses on offer will cover all your middle school and high school needs. There are even college prep courses available, along with advanced placement programs. You can also explore Indiana virtual school to know more than basic.

The courses are spread across three parts –

  1. Fall semester 
  2. Spring semester  
  3. Summer semester

Georgia virtual learning courses can be customized by the students. However, the maximum time frames of them are predetermined. We will get more in detail about this later on.

myths and facts of virtual school

Myths and facts of virtual school

Georgia Virtual Online Schools – Highlights

  1. 135 core courses and many electives to choose from, including Advanced Placement and World Languages
  2. Free resources to GAVS enrolled students
  3. Flexible schedule suited to your timings.
  4. Can be accessed from anywhere in the world
  5. Free of cost for Georgia public school students
  6. Summer school available
  7. Credit Recovery system to catch up in a course you are lagging behind
  8. Support from Online Media Center and Guidance Center. One can also checkout michigan virtual school for further knowledge.

These are just a few of the advantages you have in enrolling at the virtual school. First off, you receive your education from the solace of your home. Plus you can take extra courses as per your interest, at affordable tuition rates. Looking at the big picture, you won’t have to worry about missing classes and can study as per your convenience!

What’s more, The school is also conducts live webinars on Georgia Virtual School course content. During these times of remote learning, the webinars provide information on all the available courses, as well as have shared resources that can be accessed by students and teachers.


  1. The School accredited through SACS Advance.
  2. NCAA approved courses and eligibility center
  3. College-board approved courses
  4. First official state virtual schools

Georgia Virtual School Courses

Georgia Virtual School Courses
Georgia Virtual School Courses


Georgia Virtual School Courses have more than 50 variants under the following categories: 

  1. Health/PE
  2. Career, Technical and Agricultural Education (CTAE) courses
  3. Fine Arts

Core Courses:

  1. Language Arts
  2. Mathematics
  3. Science
  4. Social Studies

World Language:

World Languages courses are available in all semesters. Course Variants can be found for the following: 

  1. American Sign Language
  2. Chinese
  3. French
  4. German
  5. Japanese
  6. Spanish 
  7. Latin

Test Prep 

The Virtual School offers courses for SAT preparation that are available for Spring and Fall semesters.

Advanced Placement Courses

AP courses are college-level courses offered in high school. These are generally introductory college level courses. Students who obtain qualifying scores in the College Board AP exam are eligible to receive college credit and/or placement into advanced college courses.

An extensive collection of Advanced Placement Courses is made available by virtual school courses, key subject areas being:

  1. Art History
  2. Biology
  3. Calculus
  4. Chemistry
  5. Computer Science
  6. English Language and Composition
  7. Environmental Science
  8. European History
  9. Government and Politics
  10. Human Geography
  11. Macroeconomics
  12. Microeconomics
  13. Music Theory
  14. Psychology
  15. Physics
  16. World History
  17. French
  18. US History

So suffice to say, almost all the courses taught in a regular high school are more than covered by our program. Plus, there are a few extra courses here all things considered. 

Middle School Courses

Variants of middle school courses are available for the following subjects:

  1. Language Arts
  2. Mathematics
  3. Science
  4. Social Studies

Course Scheduling

Georgia Virtual School understands that students seek online courses for a variety of reasons. Thus, it offers flexibility in its semester schedules. Students are given a range of time during which they can start their course, and can also choose the duration of their courses.

  • For fall and spring, students can opt for an 18, 16, 14, or 12 week schedule.
  • Advanced Placement courses are only offered on the 18, 16, or 14 week schedule due to their rigorous coursework. These courses can be availed only during fall and spring semesters.
  • For summer, students can select either a 6 or 5 week schedule.

Georgia Virtual Online School : Admission Cost

Georgia Virtual Online School
Georgia Virtual Online School

Georgia Virtual School admission costs are affordable for non public school students and mostly free for public school students. 

For Public School Students: 

Their schools will pay for the courses in which they are enrolled in, as part of their regular school semester. Any extra courses can be taken additionally by paying the course fee.

For private and home-schooled students:

Limited state-funded seats are allotted on a first come first serve basis. Once the allotments are full, students are required to pay the GaVS course fee.

Outstation Students:

They are required to pay all the required tuition and fee for GaVS courses. There are no seats reserved for them. All admissions are on a first come first serve basis. 

  • Tuition Schedule and fee

High school A or B course: $250

High school AB course: $ 500

Middle School Course: $250

Other Fee

Out of state fee: $150 per course

Advance Placement fee: $35 per course

  • Dropping out of course

Any student can drop out of a course before the last 5 days of the fall and spring semester. For the summer semester, one can drop out until one week before the examinations. However, approval from the georgia virtual school is a must prior to dropping out. 

  • Refund policy

For fall and spring semesters, one is eligible for a refund only if they have dropped out within 13 days of the semester. In case of more, they will not be eligible for a refund. 

For summer semesters, a student will be eligible for a result only if they apply for it within 72 hours of joining the course

Do keep in mind though, a $25 refund fee will be charged on all refund applications. Also, if a student moves from one course to another, then there shall be no refund. One can also checkout hillsborough virtual school for more information.

Georgia Online Schools

Create a student account

  • Access the Student Registration Portal on the GaVS website on School Login page and fill in the relevant information. Please keep in mind to do this provided that you don’t already have an account with the school. 
  • If you are someone who is an existing student of the school and wants to apply for a new course, then you can still use your older account on Georgia Virtual School Login page . 
  • Set up your security questions and confirm the information you have added. Select Next to generate your GAVS account.

Apply for courses

  • Log in with your student account
  • Note, that you can submit applications only through a student account.
  • Select the course catalog, look for the courses you want to take, and add them to your backpack. 
  • Submit a backpack once you have selected all your preferred courses.


  • Once your facilitator approves your selected courses, you can proceed to payment.
  • You would be required to upload a digital signature for a software release if any of your selected courses need it. This would happen only after the payment is done.
  • Go to Payments and Refunds tab 
  • Select the courses you want to make the payment for, by clicking the check boxes
  • Enter your billing address and Credit Card information on the payment getaway.
  • Once your payment is complete, your receipt will be displayed on the screen. Print a copy for your records.


  • After the payment is complete, wait for the GAVS facilitator to move the application to enrollment.
  • Once you’ve been enrolled, it guarantees your seat in the course. You and your parents will receive an automated email notifying you that the application process is complete
  • You would also receive a Welcome to GAVS email, as well as an email from your teacher before the course starts.

Time required for an Online Course

The time it takes to complete a Georgia Virtual School course will vary depending on the course schedule that the enrolled student selects. For an 18 week semester, a half unit class generally requires 1.5 to 2 hours of work per day. Assignments are due weekly throughout the fall and spring semesters. During the summer session, the same half unit class would require about 20 hours per week of work with assignments due every weekday.

Course limit

  • Students can take up to six segments of state funded courses at one time. 
  • Any additional courses will require tuition. 
  • One segment of a state funded course is either an A or B section of the course. One AB course is two state funded segments.

Georgia Virtual School Reviews :

Georgia Virtual School Reviews
Georgia Virtual School Reviews

Nowadays reviews decide the reputation or worthiness of a school or college .So far the school reviews very good. According to a website where people sharing their experience , thoughts about the school is very positive. Like someone appreciated the professionalism of the teachers and said the learning process was good. Another one has said that to have a ready schedule for tests or exam is a plus point to be prepared always. Another one has shared her thought and said that the learning resources are very engaging and innovative.

More About Georgia Virtual School

The school offers a wide-assortment of courses to Georgia secondary school understudies. It has extended its course catalog to more than 125 exceptional main subjects, AP, and elective courses, including SAT Preparation, with 281 course varieties, each gathering GPS or College Board guidelines. 
From affordable education, flexible schedules to provisions for special education, the school has it all. Plus, it allows for accelerated learning and The school credit recovery across the semesters so that you do not miss out on your regular education. So what are you waiting for? Georgia Virtual School awaits you! In case you need more help, contact us! To know more in details about virtual school, Kindly visit our online school website and contact us.