A free online paralegal course is basically a distance learning program that helps students to acquire adequate knowledge with the help of essential study materials and detailed topic notes. So, do you know where to search for the top-rated free online paralegal courses Certainly, the internet is the right place to start the research. We have also provided depth analysis about all the available law school for your suitable online education.

Free Online Paralegal Courses
Free Online Paralegal Courses

Free Online Paralegal Courses – Programs & Curriculum

Paralegal classes online free are a great source of information, as they help students to learn the application of various techniques that are correlated to the legal profession. Most of these online courses are offered free, and students are required to opt from among the
best online paralegal degree courses in order to expand their knowledge.

There are many free online paralegal courses that offer simpler information about the course topics, and hence, such courses are best for paralegal aspirants who want to learn quickly.

Paralegal courses online free are also available, an apt stepping stone for all those individuals who want to earn a paralegal certificate online free. Such paralegal training free are an ideal source for offering a brief insight about the paralegal profession to the interested students.

Online Paralegal Course Near Me

Online Paralegal Course Near Me

Free Paralegal Certification Courses Online : Free paralegal certificate

Students can make the best use of free online paralegal certificate programs
 to learn about law terminology and concepts. So, if you’re hunting for a credit-granting course without huge expenses linked to it, then you can go for comparatively low-cost online paralegal courses.

Free online legal assistant courses –

Massachusetts Institute of Technology: MIT offers three different free online paralegal courses, named Law on the Electronic Frontier and Ethics, Philosophy of Law, and Law and Society, through its Open Course Ware system. These course programs include online classes at graduate levels and facilitate student’s learning through a perfect amalgamation of essential study materials, lecture notes, and additional readings.

University of California, Irvine: This renowned educational university offers Theory and Method in Legal History, one of the best free paralegal training, to help students explore law in various dimensions like art, economy, science, peace, and war. This non-credit online course program contains lectures of different speakers on several related topics like the conceptions of law, the interdependence of law, and laws of war. 

University of Michigan: This educational institution offers an online paralegal graduate course named Intellectual Property and Information law. This paralegal courses free focuses on exploring the creation and sharing of new ideas in the modern age. It includes topics like patent fundamentals, the first amendment, copyright law, and cybercrime. This online paralegal course includes essential readings, lectures, and exercises.

The Open University: This institution offers numerous free online courses on different legal subjects. Company Law in Context, Privacy Rights and the Laws, Judges, and Law, etc. are some of the most popular online paralegal courses offered by the Open University.   

University of California, Berkeley: Most of the free paralegal courses online that are offered by the California University are either in the audio format or the video format. Paralegal online courses free do not offer any academic credits to the candidates. Some of its major courses include Environmental Policy Perspectives, Law and Economics, International Environmental Law, and Limits of the Criminal Law.

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