Free online college degree or free online associate’s degree available in plenty across the Country and get into either a bachelor’s or master’s degree of your choice. Just because you don’t have enough money to make both ends meet, it doesn’t mean that you have to give up on your dreams. If your financial limitations are restricting you from acquiring higher education, then here’s a word of hope. One can also check bachelor’s degree for more information.

These online colleges offer various degrees with little to almost no tuition fee for students who cannot afford to pay heavy dollars to the Universities. So keep aside your worries and read on to know more about a free online college degree. You can also get free online masters degree courses with certificates.

With this said, let us first get to the list of free online college courses:

Free Online College Degree
Free Online College Degree

Free Online College Degree : Best Results

  • University of the People: This university offers free online associate’s degree in business administration, health science, computer science and MBA programs. It does not charge thousands of dollars for enrollment but requires the students to pay a $60 application fee. In addition to this, students will have to pay the examination fee ranging between 100$ and $200 for each exam conducted.
  • Massachusetts Information of Technology: It is one of the best online schools near me. Providing full flexibility and financial freedom to the students, MIT offers free of cost education to students from across the Globe. They supply their course materials in the form of audio/video lectures through Open Course Ware.
  • College of The Ozarks: Students who wish to get a tuition-free education at this University are required to work on the campus for 15 hours per week. They will have to work in different positions and gain credits to enjoy free education. Students may work as assistant administrators, custodians, library assistants, etc.
  • PMDF University: PMDF offers tuition-free education, but asks the students for donations if they wish to have a hard copy of their results or grades. These donations can cost between $200 and $800.

Get a College Degree Online for Free

In such costly times, you might wonder that how it is possible to get an education for free. Well, this wonder is happening and had been happening for years together, thereby facilitating students to fulfil their dreams.

Free Online College CoursesProviding Education

  •   Some of these online colleges offer ‘Pell grant’, an effort of the American Government that grants students, a completely free of cost education.
  •   Charities and donations are other ways through which online colleges carry on their functions. Hence, such it schools near me either charge nothing or just a minimal fee for students to enroll in various courses.
  •   Certain online colleges offer scholarships to deserving students and reduce the tuition fee to a negligible amount.

In addition to these, there are more methods through which tuition free online universities run and give support to those who are passionate about their future goals. If you ever need guidance on how to proceed further for free online college degree? Contact us to get complete information about these .

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